Secrets of the Self: A Guide to Living in the Moment

Secrets of the Self: A Guide to Living in the Moment

by Bette Ziegler


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ISBN-13: 9781450217583
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/20/2010
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

First Chapter

Secrets of the Self

A Guide to Living in the Moment
By Bette Ziegler

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Bette Ziegler
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-1758-3

Chapter One

Hello There, I'm Talking to You


When God Speaks to Your Heart, Listen

God believes in you. You are the source of creation-not the other way around. God exists because you exist, for whom else but you can remember him? You are God's ego, God's vanity if you will, and you have been created multifaceted.

God doesn't make demands. It is you who makes demands of God. But what more can God give that you don't already have? God has given everything to everyone equally. The true universe is within.

You cannot outguess or outrace God. This is not ethics but common sense. God does not need to be improved upon, but to be remembered and acknowledged for the connections that are already present. There is always ebb and flow.

When God speaks to your heart, listen. Hear his song. It is a song of love. It is a song of blessing. It is a song you were born to hear. Learn it now. Open your heart and close your mind. This is how supreme joy is attained.


Light Is God

The world is pure energy and light. This light moves through time, and humans are but one species-though they think they have the right of way.

Nature has the right of way. Nature is God. Light is God. This is God's gift to all species, to the animate and the inanimate.

When you disrespect God's gifts, there are consequences. There is no risk/reward ratio. Grace is God's gift, and grace is energy. These gifts cannot be returned, nor can they be exchanged.

The greatest gift a person can offer to another is to listen. No one lacks the capacity to do this.

Don't let others define you. Define yourself. Understand who you are and you will understand others. When you walk alone, you walk on a high wire. Believe that God walks with you and you are protected.

Nothing begins or ends. Everything that happens is a continuation of something that happened before. History is never-ending and ongoing. All personal history has a place in world history. Your mind does not live in a laboratory, your mind lives in experience, just as your heart lives in love. Everything connects, and for this reason "random" is not as it appears.

You have met your present before. You have asked the same questions before, and you have received the answers before. When true knowledge is imparted, when you have truly learned something new and incorporated it into your life, then-and only then-will you discover new questions.


A Play of Opposites

Nature is awesome because God is awesome. Nature can be altered but never destroyed.

Nature is what always was and what will always be. It is what has existed before and what will exist after you and all your descendants.

Everything has a purpose, even that which is hardest to understand. Sometimes this purpose can't be seen for many lifetimes, but a lifetime is a blink in recorded history.

Don't imagine God judges the world every time someone blinks.

Extremists have a role in balancing nature. Yes, they are violent and use destruction as a tool for what they wish to save, but it is a dichotomy, a play of opposites. Extremists force others to take note, and it is because of polarization on the right or on the left that a consciousness takes hold.

The heavens play no favorites; the earth balances its wealth over time. There is no end to beauty, to the marvels of life. The colors of the sunset are harmonious; the moon shines equally for all. Everything is transient. All of time is in motion.

What was once cold will turn warm. Nothing is permanent, not even this.


God Remembers

There is beauty in nature, there is beauty in life. There is terror in nature, there is terror in life.

Nature cannot be struck down. Neither can life. Both change, both are unpredictable. Both rejuvenate, both are everlasting. A tree dies, and a new one is planted in its stead. Generations later, no one knows it wasn't the original tree. A life ends, new life is born. Generations later, no one remembers where that life stood.

God remembers. God watched it all and watches still. And sometimes he reminds those who come after about those who came before. He does this with memory. He does this through myth and legend. He does this through empathy and also through pain, because sometimes the memories conjured up are vengeful and the myths that explode are based on myths that exploded eons ago. These are the tests that humans go through with little understanding. These are the tests to see what has been learned, if progress has been made.

Ancient grudges carry weight because karma is embedded in memory. Not conscious memory, but the unconscious, which is why, though an action may appear illogical, as if taken against will, it is born from past karma.

Grow older, but don't grow old alone. Love your spirit. Ask questions and honor the answers, because then you have done your best, all that it is possible to do.

You will have fulfilled your promise in your present lifetime.


This Is Why

To understand what is happening in the world, you must understand that the land has a history, too. The history of the earth's origins is as deeply embedded in consciousness as an individual's DNA. To the earth, the ancients are like yesterday and the moderns no different from the ancients. Life is not a contest but a series of ups and downs. If you keep your eyes on the compass you will navigate well.

Weapons change but history doesn't, and the land speaks to both history and its progenitors. This is why people are prone to recreate history by reopening ancient scars over and again.

This is why old wars are fought by the young, and why the end is too often the same as the beginning.

Holding on to the past is a means of control. A refusal to let go until you right something and it comes out the way you wish.

You cannot change circumstances once they are over. You can only learn from them. If you reject a teaching you will repeat the same circumstance over and again, albeit in a new form. And one day this too will become the past and since you have repeated what you're expert at repeating, you're encumbered. You have missed out on your life.

An oracle is one who speaks from the heart. A wise person is one who hears.


There Is No Other

Do not seek to be like another. Be like your very own self. There is no other, so honor your own self. In this way, you will be honoring all.

Do not seek separation. Seek wholeness.

Do not want; you have everything.

Do not discriminate between people. Remember who you are, and you know all. Navigation must take place in the heart before traveling to the mind.

Sometimes these words confuse you. Is your mind playing tricks? Is it all wishful thinking, or maybe even non-thinking? The mind likes to throw boomerangs into the heart's message. Your job is to resist and to check the clarity of it all-the truth behind the words, whatever the words may be.

I am spirit and I live in your heart. When you go there, when you travel to the heart, you find me. But if, a few seconds later, you travel back to the mind and question, do you see the dilemma? Nothing convinces. Confirmation is denied.

Put forth this proposition: Let people think about some of these ideas for themselves. Let them contemplate these ideas and be silent and steadfast as they enter into the stillness.

It is from this that movements begin. It is by listening to one's own inner truth that redemption on a global scale can happen.

The earth will sing if people let it. Be brave enough to add your voice.


You See Time as Finite

If you knew all of God's intentions, you would be scared to death. You would instantly start discriminating and objecting, trying to figure out ways to avoid, ways to bypass.

You want to know the future and have little patience for waiting. You want to know that which is not yours to know. You have a short term outlook, you see time as finite.

Think of time as a circle without beginning or end, wrapping around, never breaking. Where do you fit in? Perhaps in the middle, perhaps near the beginning, perhaps near the end. Time will tell.

History changes, time records. History sorts, time records. This is not a mystery. The only mystery is where you stand on the continuum, and that is not yours to know.

Respect what you have been given. When you understand your own time, you own the time you have.

Time is God's power, his walking stick.

Time is God's voice.


Gratitude Becomes Second Nature

When you get up in the morning, ask what special thing you are going to accomplish. Consider each day to be a gift-a gift to enjoy, share, and spend freely in whatever way you choose.

Most people have a routine, and it is fine to have one. It is fine to do exactly the same routine most of your life, but only if you share.

There is a code to life. The code breaks down to this: Giving and receiving. Loving and sharing. Once you decipher this code, you will live a perfect existence, no matter the outer circumstances

Some people are born knowing this. Others learn along the way. Still more never get it at all. They live with a sense of lack..

Lack doesn't have to do with outer accoutrements. Lack is an internal issue present when you don't share. Lack is present when you are stuck, and you are stuck when you don't see each moment as a gift. When you don't feel your day is a treasure, when you don't have gratitude.

Gratitude cannot be manufactured. It lives in the heart and comes from the heart. Indeed, it is the heart.

Gratitude is a gift of time. All of your time on earth, all the days of your life. The ways in which God manifests and all the ways you are part of this manifestation.

Who you are is who God is. God is most obviously present when you live with gratitude. Accept and cherish your life as a gift to be shared with others, just as their lives are gifts to be shared with you. When this happens, gratitude becomes second nature.


When You Are Aware

There are landmarks in life and they are contained in memory. It is only by being fully present in the moment that you can throw away the past.

Roads taken, roads not taken? When you're aware of the life you are living, you're not dwelling on the life you lived.

When the people who matter are the people in your life and not the people who were in your life, you appreciate life much more and treat others with greater kindness and respect.

Do not compare what was to what is. Memory clouds and papers over what was and hasn't yet formed when it comes to what is. This is a lesson for living. Heed it, and you will be happier and living more fully.

Do not stay too long at the fair. It will always be decked out in greater finery than actuality. You will become confused as to how to live your life, for you will be letting your life pass by without noting this day-this moment, which is all there ever is.


Cross Wisely

Look at this picture in your mind: There is a stream, part of a river. You can cross, or you can remain at the shore. Everyone has this choice at a different time in life.

When you look at the river, you worry because you don't know how to swim. But swimming isn't the issue, for the stream is shallow enough to walk upright in.

You look closer and see there are rocks embedded in the water. You worry you'll hurt your feet on these rocks and wonder if there are protective measures to take.

The answer is to cross wisely. Look as you cross and then do it. Step with surety. What's on the other shore? That's for you to find out by living your daily life but by crossing you have moved into new territory and this is what matters.

Think of the word moving and all it implies. The word is important, for it involves action, as in transferring from one space to another. But to truly move, you must dislodge more than worldly goods. You must move in your mind. You must leave prior place behind, go on to another, and see with fresh eyes. If you don't do this, you won't be moving; you'll just be sleeping in a different room.

When there is no shift in consciousness, everything remains the same.

Move with both your mind and body. Discover what the word really means and you will understand what it means to truly go somewhere.

Most people never travel at all, and this includes so-called "world travelers."

-11- This Sounds Like a Paradox

The power of sound is the power of the universe. When you think you know something, you know not, for what you don't know is what you know. This sounds like a paradox, but it isn't because it is in the not-knowing that knowing lies.

The universe doesn't demand, it offers and receives. So between the knowing and the not-knowing, there is a symbiosis. When light falls, day ends. But it is only ending where you are, somewhere else it is just beginning and somewhere else it is a work in progress.

No one is without knowledge. Everyone has the wisdom of knowing and not-knowing. Respect all cultures and denominations, and treat what life offers as a gift. As one knows a lump of clay, all things about clay are known. Differences in size, shape and color but the same basic material. Clay.

From the one sound, all sounds. It is with the one sound that life begins, and it is with the one sound that life ends. It is with all sound that the world dances in joy.

Even a rock has a hum when you move it.

What if everything has consciousness? If you believed a stream has consciousness and is alive in its fullness, would you pollute it as easily? Would you act the same toward it?

Chapter Two

Stepping into the Fire


People Like to Hedge Their Bets

Give God a chance. What do you have to lose? Sounds like a slogan, but look at its merits. If God exists you are way ahead, and if God doesn't you're back where you began.

It is a no-brainer.

Ego is the reason many have trouble with the idea-the sense that one can do it alone, no help needed, wouldn't take it if offered.

Whenever and wherever people negate the possibility of a divine order, they are refusing and negating the possibility of help a priori.

People like to hedge their bets, so let them hedge in their favor. Give God a chance. Give love a chance. Live in light; there is no benefit to darkness.

Eyes that shut see nothing. Eyes that open see possibility, and possibility carries the seeds of revelation. Revelation resides in light. When you hide from others, you hide from yourself. Doubt robs you of essence and breeds negativity. Don't fly with doubt.

The world has many holes and it's easy to drop in one of them. Watch out for these places, they defy the laws of gravity. You will know when you come upon such a place. You will have warning. You have protective armor. The smallest baby cries.

Welcome your own self, and love your own self. Whether you are a believer or not, there are unwritten laws and this is one of them: Like returns to like, and you return to God.

This is what is meant by arriving full circle.


Simplicity Means Facts, Not Wishes

Simplicity is truth. Simplicity does not mean doing without, nor does it mean refraining from adding on to what is there. What it does mean is seeing situations as they are, not as you wish them to be.

Simplicity means facts, not wishes.

Wishes are great, but they are strivings. Simplicity requires dealing with what is-not with a wish list, for every wish list differs, and complication can enter into the most mundane of situations.

Satisfy the essentials. When they are satisfied, the extras will be more appreciated. See what is essential for you. See what qualifies as your bread and water, and what you need to do to acquire it. Remember, there is free water and there is the desert. The water supply isn't equal for all, and neither is simplicity. Make up your mind as to what you want. Discover what you need for contentment. "Seek and you shall find," is predicated on the notion you know what you're searching for. You cannot find something unless you recognize it, unless you know its identity.

Stillness goes with simplicity. Listen to the quiet, it will tell you all you need to know.

-3- There Is a Continuum to Promises

You cannot plan, must not plan, what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Happiness is never guaranteed, because then you would sit back and say, "I know I'm going to be happy, might as well see what comes."

There is a continuum to promises. You can stop anywhere on this continuum, fix a point, and if you should die tomorrow, the point will remain fixed. That point is where you begin again, where you work on your promise.


Excerpted from Secrets of the Self by Bette Ziegler Copyright © 2010 by Bette Ziegler. Excerpted by permission.
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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Hello There, I'm Talking to You....................1
Chapter Two: Stepping into the Fire....................15
Chapter Three: The Seen and the Unseen....................29
Chapter Four: The Heart of Knowledge....................49
Chapter Five: The Self That Is the Self of All....................67
Chapter Six: The Mind and Mindfulness....................83
Chapter Seven: Choices and Decisions....................103
Chapter Eight: The Language of Love....................123
Chapter Nine: Light and Darkness....................139
Chapter Ten: The Art of Letting Go....................155
Chapter Eleven: Living in the Present....................173
Chapter Twelve: Future Time....................189
Secrets of the Self: Workbook Appendix....................205
How to Use This Section....................207
Appendix A: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter One....................208
Appendix B: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Two....................209
Appendix C: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Three....................210
Appendix D: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Four....................211
Appendix E: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Five....................212
Appendix F: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Six....................213
Appendix G: Selected Contemplations from Chapter Seven....................214
Appendix H: Selected Contemplations from Chapter Eight....................215
Appendix I: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Nine....................216
Appendix J: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Ten....................217
Appendix K: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Eleven....................218
Appendix K: Suggested Contemplations from Chapter Twelve....................219
Suggested Reading....................220

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