Secrets of the White Lake: Wind Shadow Chronicles

Secrets of the White Lake: Wind Shadow Chronicles

by Daniel Chong


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ISBN-13: 9781483980454
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/08/2014
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Daniel Chong was born in Ipoh, Malaysia. At age 16 he moved to England to attend the Medway College of Design and was a freelance graphic designer in London for many years. In 1980, Daniel left England to see the world and settled in the
United States where the seeds of the Wind Shadow Chronicles flourished.

Visit for the interesting story about Daniel's inspiration for writing this first book series.

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Secrets of the White Lake: Wind Shadow Chronicles 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Secrets of White Lake is a fantastical rambling tale for teens and young adults that feels like it was conjured over a span of many evenings around the glow of a campfire. The story begins in catastrophe. A wormhole opens and Earth is invaded. Cities are deserted and people are fleeing. Wanderer, a Native American shaman, encounters a desperate woman and becomes the guardian of her two mysterious children, Miya (Miyawan) and Crow. From the moment they are left in his keeping, Wanderer understands that they have important destinies and that he must help them prepare for what’s ahead. Miya has the gift of prophetic visions and Crow, intelligent and perceptive, will be her protector and steadfast companion. When the time comes to take up their quest, they leave Wanderer’s protection and guidance (traveling with their friend, Vil) and set off to find their mother, a journey that is fraught with danger, new alliances (a group that calls themselves “Outsiders” led by Saul and Yuanjias), and enemies (among them, mysterious creatures called Trackers and Bounty Hunters). The story lurches and surges forward in sequences that reminded me of the careening action of a video game and Mr. Chong’s characters are well developed and distinctive. One small detraction, the character of Miya and her word expressions, especially at the beginning of the novel, are a little too precocious and quirky for my taste, but as the story progresses and she matures, these become less distracting. Mr. Chong has created a finely imagined world. I have no doubt that young enthusiasts of dystopian fiction and high adventure will enjoy this book.
sethlestath More than 1 year ago
Finally, an entertainment! I call Secret of the White Lake is an entertainment because for some reason it stimulated my imagination to the maximum level. I always love when it comes to adventure, discovering hidden places, cultural knowledge, etc. And I must say that this novel has one package full of everything I wish for in a book. I'm not going to repeat what other reviewers said about the content of the book. I am just gonna say that I am fully satisfied.
RosemaryMcNeely More than 1 year ago
My good friend Valerie and I were talking the other day and she told me about this book. She said I just have to read it since both of us were nuts for dystopian books. I hate Amazon so I ordered the paperback from Barnes & Nobles. Well, I just finished the book today and…OMG!! Let me start by saying that there are certain elements I don’t care for in the book, but that’s a discussion for another day. Overall, it is very well written, the scenes are beautifully described and the story moves along quickly but it did leave me hanging at the end. Can’t wait for the next book. How about a discussion post about the book Mr. Chong?
Lido_Wang More than 1 year ago
Secrets of the White Lake, starts off as a young adult novel, but it soon launched the reader into a dark and compelling world of suspense and mystery. The book is engaging enough with fast actions, but it soon got too wrapped up with incredulous debates between science and religion. Saul and Yuanjia were the two adult figures and at times their conversations were too long; I feared some young readers might give up here, but I strongly encourage you not to do so because it will all come together at the end. Trust me, it is a well worth journey.
Michael_Tan More than 1 year ago
The author is a hyperbolic optimist. He successfully described a dystopian world where children must confront fierce predators. His approach to storytelling is visually stunning, but too descriptive at times. The cast of characters and conversations were interesting enough to keep me reading. Good plot too, so far so good, then came the whirlwind. What's with all the questions about morals and intellects? Too preachy in my opinion. Although fictitious, I did find his theory of anthropology in chapter 13: The River's Edge, to be the most compelling chapter. That said, I will recommend this book, but with slight caution.
SusanAshcraft More than 1 year ago
Firstly, I hate Amazon. I strongly encouraged people to support their local bookstore. And yes, my daughter ordered the paperback version from our local Barnes & Noble store. Now for my two cents about this book. For starter, I am usually not into fiction, but my daughter had finished reading this book and had left it on the kitchen table, the cover caught my attention so I started reading, before long I was hooked. Secrets of the White Lake is written with great passion. There are lots of metaphors too, if you are into those sort of things. The characters are believable and the story moves at a brisk pace. Adults and teenagers will enjoy reading this book. Kudos to the author.
ZackSander More than 1 year ago
The book is easy to read and at times poetically phrased by the author, I like the way he writes. The story is unique too, the very ideal of our abilities to control dreams is fascinating, I have experienced many lucid dreams myself... I should stop before I give the story away. I also find the cast of characters very interesting, they captured my attention from beginning to end. Sci-fi and fantasy fans, this one is a winner!! I strongly recommend this book but can't wait for the second book: Battle of the Burnt Ground. The author said it will be out late next year.