Secrets, Volume 11: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance

Secrets, Volume 11: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance




MASQUERADE by Jennifer Probst

Hailey Ashton has lived a repressed life for her thirty years on earth but she is determined to change that in the coming weekend. She tells her best friend, Michael, about the weekend masquerade party that she has been invited to attend. They have heard the tales of their boss�s annual wild sex bash and Hailey has decided to let her inhibitions go by the wayside and go after what she wants. She wheedles Michael into finding out what costume her boss will wear little knowing that Michael has been in love with her for the past year and just may attend the party himself. Hailey is in for a little surprise as well as the weekend of her life. Jennifer Probst has chosen the perfect setting for this short erotic tale of sexual fantasy. What better way to lose your inhibitions than at a MASQUERADE party when everyone is in costume and concealed!


In Egypt, 1897, Isabella Winslow and her entourage find the tomb that her late husband discovered and to their surprise, they find the tomb open and two treasure hunters inside. Jake Turner and his partner have been inside checking out the lost treasure as well as the stability of the tomb. When the stones start shaking and falling around them, Jake saves Isabella but in the process, they are separated from the rest of the party. Hearing sexual moans from another room, they discover a string of sexual paintings on the wall as well as Isabella�s maid being pleasured by two men. Isabella finds herself hungry for the handsome Jake. Could the ancient pleasure tomb cause them to partake of any and all sexual rapture and satisfaction?

MANHUNT by Kimberly Dean

He caught her as she was coming out of the shower, the handsome police officer that used to be her friend before he became a dope peddler. Taryn is an assistant district attorney hating all dope dealers and especially Michael Tucker whom she believed to be innocent until she saw all of the evidence against him. Now he has escaped from jail and is determined to prove his innocence with Taryn�s help. The attraction is as strong as ever and in-between lovemaking and more lovemaking, they go through her files and come up with a way to prove his innocence.

WAKE ME by Angela Knight

Chloe is enthralled with the handsome knight depicted in the painting even though she has no idea who sent it to her or where it came from. All she knows is that the huge knight is a welcome diversion after the desertion of her long time boyfriend and that night, she dreamed erotic dreams about the knight Radolf. Night after night more dreams followed giving her the most fantastic sexual experiences of her life and they always followed by Radolf saying "Wake me". The painting was truly magical and the handsome knight was in need of rescuing by a woman who truly loved him.

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ISBN-13: 9780975451618
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/2004
Series: Red Sage Secrets Series , #11
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

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Chapter One
Chloe Hart eyed the newspaper with all the enthusiasm of a woman surveying= a dentist's chair before a root canal. "Don't be a wuss, Chlo'," she muttered to herself, and picked the paper up.

Gripping it like a club, she marched back into the house to the kitchen table, where a bracing cup of coffee and a Danish waited to fortify her for the coming ordeal. She tossed the paper on the table, plopped down in her chair and picked up the mug. An incautious sip scalded the tip of her tongue.

At Chloe's lisped obscenity, Rhett Butler looked up from his Tender Vittles with an inquiring "Meow?"
"Ignore me, Rhett," she managed around her boiled tongue tip as she unfolded the newspaper with a series of grim snaps. "Just having a bad morning."

Happy to comply, the muscular black tom settled back down over his bowl. Like his namesake, he frankly didn't give a damn. But as she'd told her dog-loving buddy, Amanda Rice, there was something to be said for blunt feline honesty.

Chloe paged past a murder, a house fire, and a really spectacular pileup on I-26 to reach the account of her personal Waterloo. She found it on page four in section C.

The bride smiled her familiar grin from a dozen yards of tulle and seed pearls, clutching a bouquet of white roses that cascaded to her silk-covered knees. Chloe could almost hear her mother sniff that a woman with three kids had no business in that much white. From a professional standpoint, she herself thought the composition was a little off; the tilt of the bride's veiled head and the position of her flowers didn't quite lead the eye in the proper flow.

"That's what you get forusing a cheap photographer, you backstabbing bitch," she muttered at the photo. "Then again, if I'd shot you, I wouldn't have used a camera."

Chapter One
It was freezing! Taryn felt the bite in the air the moment she stepped out of the shower. Teeth clattering, she reached for her towel.

"The furnace." She sighed. With the fall air turning from crisp to bitter, she'd meant to turn it on, but with so many other, more important,
things on her mind she'd forgotten. She was tending to do that a lot these days-forgetting things, letting things slide, not caring...
Briskly, she rubbed the terrycloth over her skin, trying to generate some warmth. She felt cold from the inside out. Unfortunately, she knew that had little to do with the lack of heat in her house.

Betrayal could be bitter, too.

Water dripped from her hair, and she shuddered as it ran down her spine. She couldn't remember a worse day in her career. She'd told the Diazes that it wasn't necessary for them to show up at the arraignment, but they'd insisted. They'd wanted to look their son's accused killer in the face as he entered his plea. The entire family had sat in the front row, faces full of pain and fists clenched. Poor little Benny had looked like he could be sick all over his new tennis shoes at any moment.

She'd known how he felt.
Not guilty.

The words were still bouncing around in her head. They sounded right. They rang strong and true. It was what she'd wanted to believe, what she'd been desperate to believe when the accusations had first been made. Not guilty had been the only option . . .

Until the evidence had convinced her otherwise.

Not guilty. Now the words turned her stomach. She rubbed the towel almost viciously over her dripping hair. She hated drug dealers. Hated their cockiness, their power, their sliminess. They were amongthe vilest creatures she faced-especially those that targeted kids.

But this one . . . This one had been a coworker. And a friend.

Or so she'd thought.

Her shoulders slumped. She needed to forget about all that and accept that it was going to be a long, difficult trial. The only way she'd ever get through it was to distance herself emotionally. If she was going to be firm, decisive, and dispassionate, she had to pull back. Way back.

And she would, but tonight . . . Tonight she had to allow herself a little slack.

Dejectedly, she wrapped the towel around her body and opened the bathroom door. First thing, she was going to turn on that heat.
Then she was going to curl up on the couch with a weepy romance novel and a glass of wine.

Maybe a bottle.

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Ancient Pleasures67
Wake Me245

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Secrets, Volume 11: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
itsamekatrina on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Although ridiculous in parts, the hot, sensual, get your rocks off encounters more than made up for it! Whew!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Masquerade by Jennifer Probst. Hailey, tired of living the life of a repressed wallflower, decides to seduce her boss at his annual sexual masquerade orgy. She asks her best friend, Michael, to learn what her supervisor will be garbed in over the weekend. Michael loves Hailey and plans to be the one that she seduces.--- Ancient Pleasures by Jess Michaels. In 1897 Egypt, Isabella arrives at the tomb that her late husband discovered hoping to learn why he came back a different person. Inside the tomb are Jake and another man. Stones fall isolating Jake and Isabella from everyone else. As they give into their desire for one another, they wonder if it is the tomb¿s curse or the love between two people.--- Manhunt by Kimberly Dean. Former detective turned drug dealing fugitive and murder suspect Michael arrives at the home of Assistant district attorney Taryn. He needs her to help prove his innocence. He decides seduction is the best way to get her on his side and under him.--- Wake Me by Angela Knight. Radolf the knight is cursed to remain inside a painting until a woman who loves him comes along to release him. He believes Chloe is the one. Chloe is attracted to the knight in a painting that she received anonymously. Soon afterward she starts having wet fantasies. Radolf realizes he still must persuade her that her dreams are real if she will believe in their love.--- No secret this reviewer is big fan of the annual erotic romances. The eleventh edition contains four hot tales starring wonderful protagonists and plenty of romance.--- Harriet Klausner