Seduce Me at Sunrise (Hathaways Series #2)

Seduce Me at Sunrise (Hathaways Series #2)

by Lisa Kleypas

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Kev Merripen has longed for the beautiful, well-bred Winnifred Hathaway ever since her family rescued him from the brink of death when he was just a boy. But this handsome Gypsy is a man of mysterious origins—and he fears that the darkness of his past could crush delicate, luminous Win. So Kev refuses to submit to temptation…and before long Win is torn from him by a devastating twist of fate.

Then, Win returns to England…only to find that Kev has hardened into a man who will deny love at all costs. Meantime, an attractive, seductive suitor has set his sights on Win. It's now or never for Kev to make his move. But first, he must confront a dangerous secret about his destiny—or risk losing the only woman he has lived for…in Seduce Me at Sunrise, the second book in the Hathaways series by beloved author Lisa Kleypas.

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ISBN-13: 9781429954716
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/30/2008
Series: Hathaways Series , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 28,142
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Lisa Kleypas is the RITA Award-winning author of many contemporary and historical romance novels, including the Hathaways series, A Wallflower Christmas, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, and Love in the Afternoon. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. Kleypas graduated from Wellesley College and published her first novel at the age of 21. In 1985, she was named Miss Massachusetts in the Miss America competition. She lives in Washington with her husband and two children.
Lisa Kleypas is the RITA Award-winning author of many contemporary and historical romance novels, including A Wallflower Christmas, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, and Love in the Afternoon. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. Kleypas graduated from Wellesley College and published her first novel at the age of 21. In 1985, she was named Miss Massachusetts in the Miss America competition. She lives in Washington with her husband and two children.

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Seduce Me at Sunrise

By Lisa Kleypas

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2008 Lisa Kleypas
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-5471-6


London, 1848 Winter

Win had always thought Kev Merripen was beautiful, in the way that an austere landscape or a wintry day could be beautiful. He was a large, striking man, uncompromising in every angle. The exotic boldness of his features was a perfect setting for eyes so dark that the irises were barely distinguishable from the pupil. His hair was thick and as black as a raven's wing, his brows strong and straight. And his wide mouth was set with a perpetually brooding curve that Win found irresistible.

Merripen. Her love, but never her lover. They had known each other since childhood, when he had been taken in by her family. Although the Hathaways had always treated him as one of their own, Merripen had acted in the capacity of a servant. A protector. An outsider.

He came to Win's bedroom and stood at the threshold to watch as she packed a valise with a few personal articles from the top of her dresser. A hairbrush, a rack of pins, a handful of handkerchiefs that her sister Poppy had embroidered for her. As Win tucked the objects into the leather bag, she was intensely aware of Merripen's motionless form. She knew what lurked beneath his stillness, because she felt the same undertow of yearning.

The thought of leaving him was breaking her heart. And yet there was no choice. She had been an invalid ever since she'd had scarlet fever two years earlier. She was thin and frail and given to fainting spells and fatigue. Weak lungs, all the doctors had said. Nothing to do but succumb. A lifetime of bed rest followed by an early death.

Win would not accept such a fate.

She longed to get well, to enjoy the things that most people took for granted. To dance, laugh, walk through the countryside. She wanted the freedom to love ... to marry ... to have her own family someday.

With her health in such a poor state, there was no possibility of doing any of those things. But that was about to change. She was departing this day for a French clinic, where a dynamic young doctor, Julian Harrow, had achieved remarkable results for patients just like herself. His treatments were unorthodox, controversial, but Win didn't care. She would have done anything to be cured. Because until that day came, she could never have Merripen.

"Don't go," he said, so softly that she almost didn't hear him.

Win struggled to remain outwardly calm, even as a hot-and-cold chill went down her spine.

"Please close the door," she managed to say. They needed privacy for the conversation they were about to have.

Merripen didn't move. Color had risen in his swarthy face, and his black eyes glittered with a ferocity that wasn't at all like him. He was all Rom at this moment, his emotions closer to the surface than he ever usually allowed.

She went to close the door herself, while he moved away from her as if any contact between them would result in fatal harm.

"Why don't you want me to go, Kev?" she asked gently.

"You won't be safe there."

"I'll be perfectly safe," she said. "I have faith in Dr. Harrow. His treatments sound sensible to me, and he's had a high success rate —"

"He's had as many failures as successes. There are better doctors here in London. You should try them first."

"I think my best chances lie with Dr. Harrow." Win smiled into Merripen's hard black eyes, understanding the things he couldn't say. "I'll come back to you. I promise."

He ignored that. Any attempt she made to bring their feelings to light was always met with rock-hard resistance. He would never admit he cared for her, or treat her as anything other than a fragile invalid who needed his protection. A butterfly under glass.

While he went on with his private pursuits.

Despite Merripen's discretion in personal matters, Win was certain there had been more than a few women who had given him their bodies, and used him for their own pleasure. Something bleak and angry rose from the depths of her soul at the thought of Merripen lying with someone else. It would shock everyone who knew her, had they understood the power of her desire for him. It would probably shock Merripen most of all.

Seeing his expressionless face, Win thought, Very well, Kev. If this is what you want, I'll be stoic. We'll have a pleasant, bloodless goodbye.

Later she would suffer in private, knowing it would be an eternity until she saw him again. But that was better than living like this, forever together and yet apart, her illness always between them.

"Well," she said briskly, "I'll be off soon. And there's no need to worry, Kev. Leo will take care of me during the trip to France, and —"

"Your brother can't even take care of himself," Merripen said harshly. "You're not going. You'll stay here, where I can —"

He bit off the words.

But Win had heard a note of something like fury, or anguish, buried in his deep voice.

This was getting interesting.

Her heart began to thump. "There ..." She had to pause to catch her breath. "There's only one thing that could stop me from leaving."

He shot her an alert glance. "What is it?"

It took her a long moment to summon the courage to speak. "Tell me you love me. Tell me, and I'll stay."

The black eyes widened. The sound of his indrawn breath cut through the air like the downward arc of an ax stroke. He was silent, frozen.

A curious mixture of amusement and despair surged through Win as she waited for his reply.

"I ... care for everyone in your family...."

"No. You know that's not what I'm asking for." Win moved toward him and lifted her pale hands to his chest, resting her palms on a surface of tough, unyielding muscle. She felt the response that jolted through him. "Please," she said, hating the desperate edge in her own voice, "I wouldn't care if I died tomorrow, if I could just hear it once —"

"Don't," he growled, backing away.

Casting aside all caution, Win followed. She reached out to grasp the loose folds of his shirt. "Tell me. Let's finally bring the truth out into the open —"

"Hush; you'll make yourself ill."

It infuriated Win that he was right. She could feel the familiar weakness, the dizziness that came along with her pounding heart and laboring lungs. She cursed her failing body. "I love you," she said wretchedly. "And if I were well, no power on earth could keep me away from you. If I were well, I would take you into my bed, and I would show you as much passion as any woman could —"

"No." His hand lifted to her mouth as if to muffle her, then snatched back as he felt the warmth of her lips.

"If I'm not afraid to admit it, why should you be?" Her pleasure at being near him, touching him, was a kind of madness. Recklessly she molded herself against him. He tried to push her away without hurting her, but she clung with all her remaining strength. "What if this were the last moment you ever had with me? Wouldn't you have been sorry not to tell me how you felt? Wouldn't you —"

Merripen covered her mouth with his, desperate for a way to make her quiet. They both gasped and went still, absorbing the feel of it. Each strike of his breath on her cheek was a shock of heat. His arms went around her, wrapping her in his vast strength, holding her against the hardness of his body. And then everything ignited, and they were both lost in a furor of need.

She could taste the sweetness of apples on his breath, the bitter hint of coffee, but most of all the rich essence of him. Wanting more, craving him, she pressed upward. He took the innocent offering with a low, savage sound.

She felt the touch of his tongue. Opening to him, she drew him deeper, hesitantly using her own tongue in a slide of silk-on-silk, and he shivered and gasped and held her more tightly. A new weakness flooded her, her senses starving for his hands and mouth and body ... his powerful weight over and between and inside her.... Oh, she wanted him, wanted ...

Merripen kissed her with savage hunger, his mouth moving over hers with rough, luscious strokes. Her nerves blazed with pleasure, and she squirmed and clutched at him, wanting him closer.

Even through the layers of her skirts, she felt the way he urged his hips against hers, the tight subtle rhythm. Instinctively she reached down to feel him, to soothe him, and her trembling fingers encountered the hard shape of his arousal.

He buried an agonized groan in her mouth. For one scalding moment he reached down and gripped her hand tightly over himself. Her eyes flew open as she felt the pulsing charge, the heat and tension that seemed ready to explode. "Kev ... the bed ...," she whispered, going crimson from head to toe. She had wanted him so desperately, for so long, and now it was finally going to happen. "Take me —" Merripen cursed and shoved her away from him, turning to the side. He was gasping uncontrollably.

Win moved toward him. "Kev —"

"Stay back," he said with such force that she jumped in fright.

For at least a minute, there was no sound or movement save the angry friction of their breaths.

Merripen was the first to speak. His voice was weighted with rage and disgust, though whether it was directed against her or himself was impossible to fathom. "That will never happen again."

"Because you're afraid you might hurt me?"

"Because I don't want you that way."

She stiffened with indignation, and gave a disbelieving laugh. "You responded to me just now. I felt it."

His color deepened. "That would have happened with any woman."

"You ... you're trying to make me believe that you have no particular feeling for me?"

"Nothing other than a desire to protect one of your family."

She knew it was a lie; she knew it. But his callous rejection made leaving a bit easier. "I ..." It was difficult to speak. "How noble of you." Her attempt at an ironic tone was ruined by her breathlessness. Stupid weak lungs.

"You're overwrought," Merripen said, moving toward her. "You need to rest —"

"I'm fine," Win said fiercely, going to the washstand, gripping it to steady herself. When her balance was secured, she poured a splash of water onto a linen cloth, and applied it to her flushed cheeks. Glancing into the looking glass, she made her face into its usual serene mask. Somehow she made her voice calm. "I will have all of you or nothing," she said. "You know the words that will make me stay. If you won't say them, then leave."

The air in the room was heavy with emotion. Win's nerves screamed in protest as the silence drew out. She stared into the looking glass, able to see only the broad shape of his shoulder and arm. And then he moved, and the door opened and closed.

Win continued to dab at her face with the cool cloth, using it to blot a few stray teardrops. Setting the cloth aside, she noticed that her palm, the one she had used to grip the intimate shape of him, still retained the memory of his flesh. And her lips still tingled from the sweet, hard kisses, and her chest was filled with the ache of desperate love.

"Well," she said to her flushed reflection, "now you're motivated." And she laughed shakily until she had to wipe away more tears.

As Cam Rohan supervised the loading of the carriage that would soon depart for the London docks, he couldn't help wondering if he was making a mistake. He had promised his new wife that he would take care of her family. But less than two months after he'd married Amelia, he was sending one of her sisters to France.

"We can wait," he had told Amelia only last night, holding her against his shoulder, stroking her rich brown hair as it lay in a river over his chest. "If you wish to keep Win with you a little longer, we can send her to the clinic in the spring."

"No, she must go as soon as possible. Dr. Harrow made it clear that too much time has already been wasted. Win's best hope of improvement is to start the course of treatment at once."

Cam had smiled at Amelia's pragmatic tone. His wife excelled at hiding her emotions, maintaining such a sturdy facade that few people perceived how vulnerable she was underneath. Cam was the only one with whom she would let down her guard.

"We must be sensible," Amelia had added.

Cam had rolled her to her back and stared down at her small, lovely face in the lamplight. Such round blue eyes, dark as the heart of midnight. "Yes," he allowed softly. "But it's not always easy to be sensible, is it?"

She shook her head, her eyes turning liquid.

He stroked her cheek with his fingertips. "Poor hummingbird," he whispered. "You've gone through so many changes in the past months — not the least of which was marrying me. And now I'm sending your sister away."

"To a clinic, to make her well," Amelia had said. "I know it's best for her. It's only that ... I'll miss her. Win is the dearest, gentlest one in the family. The peacemaker. We'll all probably murder each other in her absence." She gave him a little scowl. "Don't tell anyone I was crying, or I shall be very cross with you."

"No, monisha," he had soothed, cuddling her closer as she sniffled. "All your secrets are safe with me. You know that."

And he had kissed away her tears and removed her nightgown slowly, and made love to her even more slowly. "Little love," he had whispered as she trembled beneath him. "Let me make you feel better...." And as he took careful possession of her body, he told her in the old language that she pleased him in all ways, that he loved to be inside her, that he would never leave her. Although Amelia hadn't understood the foreign words, the sound of them had excited her, her hands working on his back like cat paws, her hips pressing upward into his weight. He had pleasured her, and taken his own pleasure, until his wife had fallen into a sated sleep.

For a long while afterward Cam had held her nestled against him, with the trusting weight of her head on his shoulder. He was responsible for Amelia now, and for her entire family.

The Hathaways were a group of misfits that included four sisters, a brother, and Merripen, who was a Rom like Cam. No one seemed to know much about Merripen aside from the fact that he had been taken in by the Hathaway family as a boy, after being wounded and left for dead in a Gypsy hunt. He was something more than a servant, but not quite part of the family.

There was no predicting how Merripen would fare in Win's absence, but Cam had a feeling it wasn't going to be pleasant. They couldn't have been more opposite, the pale blond invalid and the huge Rom. One so refined and otherworldly, the other brown and rough-hewn and barely civilized. But the connection was there, like the path of a hawk that always returned to the same forest, following the invisible map that was etched in its very nature.

When the carriage was properly loaded and the luggage was secured with leather straps, Cam went into the hotel suite where the family was staying. They had gathered in the receiving room to say their good-byes.

Merripen was conspicuously absent.

They crowded the small room, the sisters and their brother, Leo, who was going to France as Win's companion and escort.

"There, now," Leo said gruffly, patting the back of the youngest, Beatrix, who had just turned sixteen. "No need to make a scene."

She hugged him tightly. "You'll be lonely, so far from home. Won't you take one of my pets to keep you company?"

"No, darling. I'll have to content myself with whatever human companionship I can find on board." He turned to Poppy, a ruddy-haired beauty of eighteen. "Good-bye, Sis. Enjoy your first season in London. Try not to accept the first fellow who proposes to you."

Poppy moved forward to embrace him. "Dear Leo," she said, her voice muffled against his shoulder, "do try to behave while you're in France."

"No one behaves in France," Leo told her. "That's why everyone likes it so much." He turned to Amelia. It was only then that his self-assured facade began to disintegrate. He drew an unsteady breath. Of all the Hathaway siblings, Leo and Amelia had argued the most frequently, and the most bitterly. And yet she was undoubtedly his favorite. They had been through a great deal together, taking care of the younger siblings after their parents had died. Amelia had watched Leo turn from a promising young architect into a wreck of a man. Inheriting a viscouncy hadn't helped one bit. In fact, the newly acquired title and status had only hastened Leo's dissolution. That hadn't stopped Amelia from fighting for him, trying to save him, every step of the way. Which had annoyed him considerably.


Excerpted from Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas. Copyright © 2008 Lisa Kleypas. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Seduce Me at Sunrise (Hathaway Series #2) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 235 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought Seduce Me at Sunrise was an awesome book. Ever since Lisa introduced us to Cam Rohan in The Devil in Winter, I was hoping for a book about him. And we got an excellent one where we met Amelia, Win, Merripen, Poppy, Leo, etc. After Mine Till Midnight, I was fascinated by the Hathaway family. During the reading of that book I could tell Win and Kev were destined for each other and I was anxiously awaiting the release of Seduce Me at Sunrise. I was not disappointed in the least. I highly recommend this book to historical romance fans and to Lisa Kleypas fans. Now I am awaiting a book about Leo and Miss Marks.
Go read this amazing book if you haven't already and if you have, read it again. I know I will! I re-read many of Lisa's books because they are absolutely a pleasure to read.
Annibebe More than 1 year ago
but certainly not the best romance I've ever read. It was entertaining and held my interest. However, I've read much better. Would recommend though for anyone who likes historical romance with brooding men that can't express their emotions. HA!
ej1130 More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was very romantic and i loved the way it kept my attention through out the whole book. I couldn't read it fast enough. But that is Lisa Kleypas for ya. All her books are so good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading Mine Till Midnight and loved the chemistry between Cam and Amelia. I looked forward to SMaS and Merripen and Win's story. In SMaS I could feel the struggle Merripen experienced about his feeling for, and interactions with, Win.
My only issues with the story is I'm a stickler for details. In the beginning, the story starts off a couple of months after MTM ends; year 1848 (MTM takes place fall 1848). In SMaS there is a good part of Merripen's background revealed in several chapters which are dated "12 years earlier"; that would be 1836. However, in MTM, when Amelia is recollecting the past about Merripen; he had lived with the family for 15 years; which would be 1833. Also, Merripen's Romany tribe used him as a fighter in bets against others; because of his size and brute strength; according to SMaS. But in MTM, Amelia says Merripen was rescued by them as a "small and rather slight lad". I get hung up on little details like that.
fishgirl182 More than 1 year ago
I adored the first book in this series and was afraid that the second book would not live up to my expectations. I am happy to report that Seduce Me At Sunrise did not disappointed and I fell in love with the Hathaways all over again. My heart went out to Merripen in the first book. Haunted by a dark and violent past, he’s resigned himself to never having the one thing he wants most in life - Win. He’s afraid to hurt her, afraid that the violence he did in his youth will come out one day and harm her. He’s the very definition of a tortured hero. He is intense and moody but also extremely loyal with a great capacity for love. He’s also the most infuriatingly stubborn man I've ever met! He kisses Win passionately one moment and pushes her away the next. His mixed signals were enough to drive any girl a little batty. Luckily, Win is a persistent woman who knows what she wants. I like that she isn’t cowed by Merripen and stands up to him. Even when Merripen made me want to throw up my hands and give up, Win holds her ground. She has a quiet inner strength that anchors the entire family. I am also happy to say that we see more of Cam and Amelia in this one. They are one of my favorite couples and seeing them as a married couple only solidifies my love for them. Cam and Merripen also find answers to the mysterious origins of their tattoos. I won’t spoil it but let’s just say that the revelation is a big one that has great significance for both of them. I really can’t say enough about this series. I thought I was fully invested after the first book but now I am totally addicted. These characters are so well developed that I feel like I actually know them. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why no ebook? Hard to rate something I haven't read yet. I prefer to download from b&n but since they have no ebook, I will have to buy this from someplace else. Fortunately, I have a netbook and can download from any source.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite series and I want all of them on my nook. Come on, what gives!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just spent all this money on a Nook and the second book I want to buy is not available! What gives! I am seriously displeased!
Loves2ReadKR More than 1 year ago
There's something about the Hathaway's and their love interests... They are quirky and intriguing. I was looking forward to this book and found it to be very enjoyable. I love Kev. His character is dark, understandably so. He feels a love so powerful and deep that he is willing to deny it. Does that make sense? It didn't to Win either. He will do anything to protect her, even denying himself what they both long for. Her love has been thwarted for years by Kev's demons and the onset of Scarlet Fever. It left Win with weak lungs. Win's arrival back from the clinic that made her well results in a passionate encounter with Kev. However, Win also brings a potential suitor. This sets off a fiery set of events culminating in passion and discoveries for multiple characters. The only thing that left me a bit dissatisfied was the fact that the point of view switched back and forth from character to character (major and not so major). I was satisfied as Cam and Kev's pasts were revealed, but I did not really enjoy the multiple views. Also, Leo is introduced to the new governess. His POV on her is necessary for the following books, but it tended to distract me from the main storyline. Overall it is a good book. If you enjoy the Hathaway series, read this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a truly sentimental book with characters that grew over time. As a reviewer suggested, it may be best to read the prequel as I was wondering about the supporting cast. However, once I started reading I did not want to put the book down. The chemistry between the two leads was "wow'. I felt that it was love grown over time and not the sudden type which made the hero/ heroine more poignant. This book paints a picture of that love flourishing over time and its lasting impression on the hero and heroine. Good read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In 1836 the English attack a Gypsy camp. The youngster Kev Merripen tried to fight, but was knocked in the head by the butt of a rifle and stabbed in the back by a bayonet. His tribe fled leaving him behind to die. A hated Gadjo the Hathaway patriarch saves his life though Kev¿s disdain would have someone think otherwise. Filled with gypsy superstitions, Kev is raised in the home of a rationalist. However, his host¿s daughter Winifred softens his hostile outlook. Kev loves Win who is sent to France to recover from an illness. ------------ A dozen years later she comes home only to find her childhood friend angry and nasty towards her and seemingly everyone else. He tries to drive her away even as she only shows him kindness. Win knows she loves her gypsy and considers seduction to win his heart. However, she begins to give up on him leaving room for other suitors as Kev struggles between his desire for Win and his belief that a Gadjo and Romany cannot unite even in love.------------- Lisa Kleypas¿ latest Victorian romance (see MINE TILL MIDNIGHT and THE DEVIL IN WINTER) is an engaging tale starring a wonderful extremely tolerant female and a somewhat self defeating hero. Kev is the posterboy for the self fulfilling prophecy as he assumes the worst of others so takes no chances on his heart. Readers will appreciate the determined Win trying to persuade the obstinate Kev they belong together although his stubbornness can become a trifle frustrating.------------ Harriet Klausner
ImBookingIt on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In the end, the problem was that I never really liked Win and Kev all that much. Sure, I was sympathetic to each of them, but I didn't develop the kind of attachment to them that made the hours of sex scenes appealing.Or maybe that's the Strep Throat talking, I'll definitely try another book by Kleypas when I don't have a fever of 101-103F.
Jen7waters on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Lisa, you are the devil in disguise ma¿am! There¿s really no other explanation for it. (*.*)This one was all I expected it was going to be, AND MORE. MORE! Merri and Win are now one of my favorite couples ever, meaning: they will always be in my heart, ALWAYS! FOREVER AND EVER! o/ I mean, I knew I had fallen completely in love with them in the previous book of the series, Mine Till Midnight, since I was more hooked on their story than in Cam and Amelia¿s -- and if just a couple of wonderful, adorable, and painful scenes with them had the power to sweep me off my feet with such intensity then, it¿s of no surprise that a whole book focused on the couple had to scream EPICNESS for me. Come on, all that longing for each other¿ my goodness! My heart still aches because of it --When Merri¿s story is first revealed in Mine Till Midnight, ¿abandoned, injured, tormented Gypsy boy is taken in by an English family, and falls madly in love with one of his adoptive sisters¿, it gave me the Wuthering Heights vibe, and in this second installment, where Lisa tells the reader a bit of the couple¿s childhood, it¿s perfectly clear that they are indeed a version of Heathcliff and Cathy ¿ a version that isn¿t as crazy as the original, and most of all, a version that, after much hardship, manages to find a well deserved happy ending.I loved all the contrasts between both characters, because there's nothing hotter than the 'opposites attract' rule, being Win a sweet, witty, delicate, pale, platinum blonde young woman, and Merripen a reserved, intimidating, huge, strong as a bull, dark haired with copper colored skin Gypsy.The whole book is terrific, but I need to put a light spot on those first chapters... such beautiful writing!! The childhood parts were so heartwarming, and then we finally get to know how Win gets the scarlet fever and how Merripen was ready to die with her... I couldn't stop crying! Plus: the opening scene... when Win is packing and Merripen comes to her room and tells her to stay (oh, yeah, she's going away to a clinic in France...) is shocking, I laughed so hard at Merri's face! Win is too cute, I really can't say much more about what happens so I won't spoil it, but I can say that: THAT GIRL IS MADE OF PURE AWESOME. I really love how this character is so sweet and fragile, but still manages to tease a grim faced giant!
LeslieAnnG on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
She's leaving and he won't stop her. He knows what to do to keep her from leaving but being a stubborn cuss he refuses to say those simple words. That's all it will take. Just a few simple words. She even tells him this but he thinks he knows what's best for her so he lets her go...without saying the words or saying good-bye.Thus starts the bumpy, sometimes frustrating journey to a Happily Ever After for Win and Merripen, the heroine and hero of Lisa Kleypas' current historical. Readers of Kleypas are probably familiar with Win and Merripen or Kev, as we find out his first name is, from the first book in the Hathaway series Mine Till Midnight. In MTM we see how Kev watches Win and longs for her but refuses to give in to his less than brotherly feelings for her. In Seduce Me at Sunrise the denying continues for Kev with everyone else around him knowing how he feels for Win. Even Win is aware of his feelings but can't get him to admit them.SMaS starts a few months after MTM ends with Win's sister Amelia happily married to Cam (They were the H/H in MTM). Win is about to travel with her brother Leo to a clinic in France where it is hoped that she will recover her full health. She contracted scarlet fever a few years before and is still recovering. It was Kev who nursed her back from death and who now watches over her like an avenging angel ready to assault anyone who dares hurt her.Kev came to the Hathaways as a young boy broken and abused by his uncle the leader of the Gypsy camp where Kev grew up. He was raised to be an asharibe. They are the warriors of the tribe and are made to fight other boys for sport. Kev is neglected and treated like an animal by his uncle. Being found and taken in by the Hathaways was the best thing possible for him. Kev has always kept himself somewhat separate from everyone, not quite family not quite servant. He has loved Win for so long but is afraid he will hurt her because of his violent upbringing.Winnifred (Win) is the third eldest of the Hathaway siblings. She is the middle child and like many a middle child has become the peacemaker of the family. She is soft spoken but with a backbone of steel. She doesn't want to give up on Kev and the chance of having a more intimate relationship with him. When Kev tells her he doesn't want her she calls him a liar. She doesn't mince words with him and tells him that she loves him and she know that he loves her. She sees their relationship as "Forever together and yet apart".Two years have passed when Win and Leo return from France. They bring with them Dr. Julian Harrow. It was at his clinic where Win received treatment and under his care that she regained her health. He has begun to shown more than a doctor/patient interest in Win and this is cause for no end of irritation for Kev.Kev's feelings for Win are not the restrained love from a far that he thinks they are. He pretends he can't have her but he can't let her go either. Letting her go would be the equivalent of letting part of himself go. He may think he can let her go to another man but deep down inside he knows he can't. His fight is not with Win but within himself. The wild boy who wants to hold on to Win no matter what and the grown man who thinks he knows what's best for her."You don't know me. You think you do, but you don't. The things I've done, the things I'm capable of - you and your family, all you know of life comes from books. If you understood anything -"Make me understand. Tell me what is so terrible that you must keep pushing me away."He shook his head."Then stop torturing the both of us," she said unsteadily. "Leave me, or let me go.""I can't," he snapped. "I can't, damn you." And before she could make a sound, he kissed her. page 151There is also the developing relationship between Kev and Cam, a Gypsy and the wonderful hero of MTM. Cam keeps referring to Kev as phral, which in Roma means brother. Kev gets irritated and keeps telling him to stop calling him that. Cam being Cam, con
bookishpursuits on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I¿m a self confessed Lisa Kleypas die herd fan. She¿s one of the few writers whose books I¿ll buy on the basis of her name alone. Even the few books written by her that didn¿t receive 4.5 or 5 star ratings from me were still at par or even better than some of the historical romances I¿ve read.I was so excited when I heard that Lisa Kleypas started writing another series after The Wallflower Quartet and I loved that the new series revolved around a family of misfits- The Hathways. Although the first book in the series titled Mine Till Midnight didn¿t make a lasting impression on me compared to other books written by Kleypas, the little snapshots of Kev and Win in MTM had me intrigued on how their story will go.Seduce Me at Sunrise tells the passionate love story of Winnifred Hathaway and Kev Merripen. After escaping death from scarlet fever, Win had never fully recovered. She¿s weak, fragile and tired of being treated like an invalid. She wanted to embrace life and enjoy the things that a lot of people had taken for granted so she decides to go to a French clinic for medication that, if successful, will restore her full health.Kev Merripen to put it simply was a very complex man. As a young gypsy boy, Merripen was savagely beaten and left for dead by his uncle, the head of the Romany tribe, until the Hathaway family had taken him in. His past in the camp was haunted by violence. Kev was like a wild animal - who had endured unbelievable cruelties from his uncle and doesn't want any form of kindness and affection from others. He was in the very essence a tortured hero who believed that the cruelties he had done in the past made him undeserving of happiness and true love.As I¿ve written in most of my reviews of romance novels before, I¿m a fan of romance stories which revolved around the theme of forbidden love. Seduce Me at Sunrise was a completely heart-warming tale of forbidden love with the perfect mix of tragedy and passion that made the journey to happily ever after more touching. The romance between the two characters was tender, difficult but then at the same time very moving. I couldn¿t help but shed tears every time Kev would try to push Win away from his life.One could argue that Kev and Win are your typical Lisa Kleypas characters, but in my opinion, she was able to delved deep into the mindset of both Kev and Win which made you feel a connection with them. I give kudos to Lisa Kleypas for writing about Merripen¿s struggles towards his love for Win because I believe it¿s human nature especially after being treated like a savage creature by someone whom you knew as family. The love that both Kev and Win shared was very vivid that even from the beginning of the story, they made me felt each other¿s longing for one another.I admire Win from the beginning of the story because she was a heroine with a backbone. A heroine who was incredibly compassionate and loving and someone who fought for her love until the very end. She was very honest to her emotions that even when she knew that society may frown upon her for loving a gypsy, she didn¿t care because what was more important to her was her and Kev¿s happiness. I can¿t help but admire her determination to fight especially in the face of Merripen¿s determination to push her away.The back story of how Kev and Win first met was for me, very vital in the story because in a sense you saw how their relationship had grown, from learning how to trust one another, to being friends and caring for one another, and then to finally realizing the depth of love that one feels for the other. It made their journey to happiness even more special and I appreciate how Kleypas managed to write it.Aside from the wonderful story of love between Kev and Win, Seduce Me at Sunrise also reacquainted us with The Hathaway family, the endearing and charming bunch that we all came to love. I loved the depiction of their relationship towards one another because it made Seduce Me at Sunrise, not only about
blingtastic on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Great book, 2nd installment in the series; signature Kleypas -engaging couple, superb plotting, solid writing and sinfully steamy; hero and heroine are well matched even though they are physically polar opposites. He's the great big, dark dangerously smoldering gypsy of few words and she's the delicate/fragile angelic blond with a cool exterior. Underneath lie two complex characters who love each other deeply and must get past many hurdles to get to the ending; a roller coaster romance gripped me from beginning to end. Really an excellent example of star-crossed lovers
onyx95 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
England, 1851As a boy, Kev Merripen, a Gypsy boy had been left for dead by his own family, so the Hathaway family took him in, got him healthy and allowed him to join their family. Merripen was always doing his best to make up for his past, a past that he was ashamed to tell anyone about, especially Winnifred Hathaway. Win must have fallen in love the moment she saw him, no one else ever caught her eyes, or heart after Kev came into the house. Now that they are both grown, Win is tired of being ill so she takes a journey to a clinic in France. Her recovery is remarkable but after two years away, she wonders if the feeling she had for Kev are real and if he has ever cared about her the way she wanted him to. Enjoyed this book, found I was more interested in the relationship between Kev and Cam than the romantic one, could tell after the first page that Kev and Win would end up together. Liked the character of the brother Leo also, something about these men (out numbered as they are) that caught my attention. I would have gladly spent more time with the men, their way of supporting each other was so gruff and touching at the same time. As always, it is fun to learn about other cultures and languages while reading so it was fun to learn a bit about the Gypsies (Roma). This is the second book of the Hathaway family series.
Jenson_AKA_DL on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Kev owed his life to the Hathaways who discovered him bloodied, broken and left for dead by his gypsy clan. However, it wasn't gratitude for his life that kept him tied to the eccentric family, but his feelings for the fair Win who captivated his soul and stole his heart. Knowing that he was never meant for anything more than violence and death Kev was determined to remain as Win's protector and vowed never to reveal his love.From the moment Win first set eyes on the half-wild gypsy boy brought home by her father she had known he would be her destiny. A twist of fate stole Win's health and her chance to ever be with the brooding gypsy man Kev had become. Set on a course to reclaim her vitality Win travels to France, believing that once she returns as a whole woman Kev will admit to the passion she sees burning within him. She couldn't have been more wrong. Instead of claiming her Kev is determined to push her away and into the arms of another man.I was so enamored of Kev and Win by the end of "Mine Till Midnight" I absolutely had to read this book immediately after. They certainly didn't disappoint me. Kev is a much darker character than Cam which made for interesting reading and Win was a much stronger character than had been intimated which was very nice. There were also two parts that made me giggle and I don't remember that ever having happened reading a historical romance before.* The other characters also got a bit of play. In this story Leo is a much changed man and a much more engaging character. I'm really looking forward to his story. I loved Beatrix and her menagerie of animals as well. We also got to re-visit Cam and Amelia which was nice and I really enjoyed the subplot between Cam and Kev. There were only a few things I found annoying such as Kev's back and forth feelings for Win which got a bit tiresome (for both me and Win!) and Kleypas' general formula "bedroom scenes" which I remember from her past books. They are steamy but always take the same course from book to book. This might have been more pronounced to me having read one book right after another, but I'd love to see her break free from her rhetoric and at least try to mix things up a bit. Notwithstanding that small complaint I have to say that Kleypas is really more about the characters and story, which are always unique, than the sex so I find it pretty easy to overlook the redundancy.I still believe Kleypas to be the absolute best historical romance author I've read yet and if you're curious to try this genre I'd certainly recommend her.*I've listed my favorite parts, with spoilers, in my comments.
jjmachshev on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I still have a sappy smile on my face! "Seduce Me at Sunrise" is one of the best historical romances I've read this year starring one of the most tortured heroes. This 2nd book in Lisa Kleypas' 'Hathaways' series brings us the story of the wild Rom boy, Kev Merripen, and his journey to love with Winnifred Hathaway.Winnifred has loved Kev since the day he came into her home when she was still a young child. Her understanding and care of the feral boy hasn't made living with this love any easier, though. When she is stricken with scarlet fever and never quite regains her health, she becomes even more determined to do whatever is necessary to have Kev for her own. So she heads for France and a controversial clinic, leaving behind an increasingly wild Kev.Kev has loved Winn since he 'felt' her presence in the gadjo house that became his home. As a gypsy orphan with no protector, he was raised as a wild animalistic fighter who knew no gentleness until the Hathaways rescued a sick boy left for dead. He's never allowed himself to feel a part of the family, but has acted as their personal protector, defender, servant, or whatever else was needed. He craves Winn but won't sully her with his fierce demands. But he can't quite let her go either.What a powerful love and what a splendid story. You will admire Winn's determination and sometimes want to thump Kev for his stubborness. But to have a love so strong...what wouldn't we be willing to suffer?Kleypas' books have been more hits than misses with me, but this is truly a book you shouldn't miss. The emotions will wring you out and the passion will set your heart racing. And at the end, you'll have the same sappy smile on your face!
mschweer432 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Another great book by Lisa Kleypas. Seduce Me At Sunrise is the second in the Hathaways book. It follows Win and Merripen. I thought it was an excellent follow up to the first in the series. I loved the characters! One of the things I loved about the book was how the characters from book one were not forgotten. So often I fall in love with characters and when I continue on with the series, I don't hear any more about them. That did not happen in this book. I also got a great glimpse of what was coming up in Book 3. I found the book to be very steamy and romantic and also funny which I think is a huge plus. I can't wait to read Book 3 of the series!
phyllisd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Pure romance. I've been looking forward to this book since the characters were introduced in Mine Till Midnight and I was not disappointed. It's kind of a historical romance version of Beauty and the Beast.
avernon1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Kev Merripen, a mysterious, handsome gypsy man who considers himself nothing but a brute. Winnifred Hathaway, a beautiful, well-bred women with a very determined spirit. Two people who seem to be so very different, yet two people who have shared an inescapable bond since they met as children.Kev was raised to fight, fight till the death or be killed himself. He was treated like an animal and trained to fight like one. Left for dead, he was discovered and rescued by the Hathaways, who brought him into their home and treated him with a gentleness that was foreign to him.From the moment Kev "felt" Win's presence, he has loved her. But he feels he is no good for her, beneath her, a man with nothing to offer a woman like her. Yet, he feels he has to protect her. He will never leave her. But Win knows better. She knows the gentle soul that resides within the heart of her mysterious and brooding Kev. She loves him....he comforts her.... and her nights are filled with a longing for this man she has known forever. She is determined to make Kev admit his love for her and succumb to the passion and yearning that he struggles so hard to control.I really liked this 2nd book in Lisa Kleypas' 'Hathaways' series. The characters were memorable and I especially loved the hero, the ever-brooding Kev. He worked so hard at keeping his true self bottled up, keeping his desires under control and his feelings in check. Yet deep down, he was hiding words like these:"I love you, he thought, looking at Win. I love every part of you, every thought and word...the entire complex, fascinating bundle of all the things you are. I want you with ten different kinds of need at once. I love all the seasons of you, the way you are now, the thought of how much more beautiful you'll be in the decades to come. I love you for being the answer to every question my heart could ask."(pg.252)Lisa Kleypas teases her readers, throwing Kev and Win together and then pulling them apart. Their desire for one another was palpable and their love scenes were smoldering....well worth the wait. I also enjoyed the second story line about Kev and his brother Cam's journey to find their estranged gypsy family. What ensues is surprising and ironic. Those of you looking for a historical tale about the journey and power of love, pick up SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE....your heart will not be disappointed.
mgray16 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love Lisa Kleypas and I think this is the best book of the whole Hathaway series. I feel the story was built up well in the first book of the series and smoothly transitioned into this book. The drama between Kev and Win is excellent and their story is moving. My favorite by far!
aromagik on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best historical romances I've read in a while. Lisa Kleypas is always a winner for me, but this one was especially good. Dark, tortured hero, intelligent, likeable heroine, love has been developing since they were young -- a truly great story! Not to be missed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago