Seducing Sawyer

Seducing Sawyer

by Melanie Shawn

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BN ID: 2940158699986
Publisher: Red Hot Reads Publishing
Publication date: 06/28/2017
Series: Wishing Well, Texas Series , #7
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 60,105
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Seducing Sawyer 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not as good as the other stories in wishing well but a very nice rendition of a woman struggling with her identity and gaining courage. Enjoyable none the less.
sharonrCA More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I have read this entire series and enjoyed all the stories. This story can be read in the series or as a stand alone. This is Delilah'sstory, she is the sister to the triplets and she has a major thing for Sawyer Briggs. Sawyer is the Briggs brother who is big and quiet and very HOT!!! He is also in into construction and Delilah has a major thing for him. Delilah is an amazing character. Seriousy amazing. She is the most courageous herroine I have seen in this series, and this series has Cara who survived Cancer. Delilah's courage was awe inspiring. She thinks she is overwight so she diets. She uses self help books to give her the courage she needs to change her life and she 100% does and she wants Sawyer and wel she goes after him HARD. Instead of giving up when things don't o her way, well she digs in. And no matter what she is always there for Sawyer. She really blew me away. And Sawyer well, I did not think he deserved Delilah. He treats her horribly and yes I did not like that she took it but she was even more powerful, she had no ego. She just wants him and well for most of the book Sawyer is this big, quiet touggh guy but inside he is a HUGE wimp. Was that sexy to me? Nope not even a little. The only redeeming factor is that he agreedwith me, Delilah deserved better which was why he was this huge coward. And I wish I could say his reasoning made sense, it didn't not even a litte. So while I LOVED Delilah I sorta wanted her to dump Sawyer or make him work for it and she never did. While I admired her courage in her total honesty and her seduction plans on getting her man, I wished she'd make him work for her because she totaly deeserved better. That said the story was fun and flirty and I beyond loved Deliah. I also LOVED his brother Cooper and friend Hayden and Jade. It was well written I just did not love Sawyer and how he treated Delilah.
deeeee More than 1 year ago
Sawyer Briggs is Wishing Well’s “go to” man. He is loyal and dependable, yet unlike a dog this description sounds like, Sawyer is ALOOF! His expression is stoic, yet when he flashes is rare, yet trademark smirk, it’s like the sun shining after a long gray winter. Delilah Turner is one of four Turner girls (the others being triplets). She has a heart of gold and will put off her own happiness to help others. For years, Delilah has been in love with Sawyer and this year she is going to do something about it! At the annual auction, she is bidding for Sawyer carpentry skills with the added twist of being his apprentice for a weekend’s worth of remodeling. This time she is going to get and keep his attention. Getting Sawyer’s attention has never been Delilah’s problem, but Sawyer refuses to act on his attraction to her. After 3 disastrous “affairs gone wrong”, Sawyer will never commit to a romantic relationship and Delilah has her work cut out for her! Honest review for ARC.
tracykids4 More than 1 year ago
How can you not fall in love with Delilah and Sawyer. Delilah is a woman that is has always been insecure about her body size, until one day she decided to start reading self-help books. Delilah managed to not only feel more comfortable with her size but also learned that if she wanted Mr. Sawyer Briggs she was going to have to go after him herself. She worked a year on a plan to seduce Sawyer which she is now ready to get her plan in action. Sawyer is a strong family man that has always taken care of his family. He has loved 3 times before with all them ending in bad circumstances. Sawyer has been in love with Delilah for many years now but will not tell her. He goes as far as doing everything in his power to avoid her in their small town. He has never had any problem with her size and actually thinks her body is perfect. Sawyer loves Delilah so much that he is willing to risk his happiness to make sure she does not end up hurt because of him. Together these 2 fight strength against love. LOVE always wins. This book was just such an incredible read. I love how Delilah is so strong and decides to go after the man she is in love with. I also love Sawyers stubbornness. Sawyers protectiveness is a total turn on. These 2 make the perfect couple. LOVE THIS BOOK!
jenlilly12 More than 1 year ago
This might have been one of my favorites of the whole series!! Who doesn't like the strong silent type?!? So Sawyer was definitely easy to like! But Delilah was hands down the star of the whole thing. I loved how she had so many insecurities (just like all women do) and just found her way to face them and overcome them in just the best ways. She may be my favorite Wishing Well character!!
sferguson105 More than 1 year ago
Seducing Sawyer will leave your falling in love with Sawyer and Delilah. These two had chemistry that was off the charts, and I love that Delilah was willing to go after what she wanted, even if it was completely out of her comfort zone. My heart broke a bit for both of them, with events from their past molding who they were at the beginning of the story. It was awesome to see both of them break free of their doubts, and see them finally come together. The perfect addition to the Wishing Well, Texas series, and it is definitely a must read!!!
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
OH MY!! Words escape me in trying to describe how much I loved reading Seducing Sawyer by the amazing duo Melanie Shawn, the seventh book in their Wishing Well Texas series. Quiet Sawyer keeps his distance from the one woman he felt perfect for him. Delilah Turner has loved Sawyer since the first time he saved her life. Delilah is determined to get Sawyer to notice her, as someone perfect for him. As the title states, Delilah sets out to seduce Sawyer. As these two spend time together they learn that there’s more than meets the eye. Through their amazing and vivid writing Melanie Shawn did an outstanding job tackling this love at first sight story. I genuinely enjoyed reading Trusting Bryson and was pleased with the way Melanie Shawn found a way for Sawyer to open up and talk to Delilah. I enjoyed the way the authors wrote scenes to show the way for both of these to open up to each other and share their feelings. I loved the questions Delilah asked Sawyer while he was helping her remodel her kitchen. Although this book is part of a series, it can also be read as a stand-alone. I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the next story in the Wishing Well series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
booknerd81 More than 1 year ago
Steamy, heartfelt, all around amazing! Sawyer is the strong silent type. As the oldest of a large family he also has the biggest heart and is the most sensitive yet rugged and manly which is the perfect combination! Delilah has felt like she has lived her life in a shadow. After a bit of soul searching she is ready to take back the reigns of her life and start going after all the things she has always wanted and number one on her list is Sawyer. Sawyer has secretly been attracted to Delilah for a long time but feels that he can’t act on that but when she starts pressuring him and there is no escape he gives in and what he finds is more than he ever expected. Delilah is every woman, short, tall, curvy, skinny, blonde, brunette. Every woman how has ever lived has struggled with some sort of insecurity. It was so refreshing to read a character that I could not only relate to but felt inspired by. She will leave you with a smile on your face and a feeling that you can accomplish anything. Sawyer is exactly what you would expect a silent alpha but as the story progresses you get to see so many softer sides of Sawyer that will leave an impression on your heart. Watching these two come together is not only soul satisfying its heart melting and very thing true romance readers always hope for in an HEA. Run don’t walk to this story you will not be sorry.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Another fun visit to Wishing Well, Texas brings us Sawyer's story! A fast read that brings a little star-crossed lovers story to life. There's not a lot of substance to the plot, but it's a fun read none-the-less. Both the hero & heroine are good people that you enjoy and their supporting cast of friends and family are always a pleasure to see. Sawyer Briggs has wanted Delilah Turner for years. She's all he ever thinks about, and he has to work super hard to keep his distance from her each and every day. He just isn't good at relationships, so he can't take the chance of ever hurting her. Life lessons have caused Delilah to turn over a new leaf and to go after what she wants ... namely Sawyer Briggs! She's been in love with him for as long as she can remember, and she's tired of sitting back and watching him ... and life ... pass her by! He won't know what hit him when she sets out to seduce him!
JenniVange More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved Sawyer and Delilah. He was so afraid to love her...not for him, but for her. And she'd loved him for years and years. Such a sweet and sexy story. I can't wait to read more Wishing Well, Texas stories!
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
I adored this book! I've been waiting on Sawyer's turn for what seems like forever! It was totally worth the wait! Another fantastically well written story by this wonderful writing duo! I am so happy that Sawyer was finally able to bury his past and move on to a loving relationship with Delilah! I love her. She really put herself out there to make the first move on Sawyer. That takes guts! Of course things do not go as smoothly as Delilah would have hoped, but where would the story be in that? Both of these characters are wonderful and so relatable. I can't say enough about how awesome this book is!!
Mari360 More than 1 year ago
Seducing Sawyer by Melanie Shawn is book 7 in the Wishing Well series. In this book we meet the oldest Briggs sibling Sawyer and sweetheart Delilah Turner. Delilah and Sawyer have been secretly infatuated with each other for years. He was always the one that took care of everyone. He has had previous relationships fail and decided to close himself off to anything other than a physical connection. Delilah is finally at her wits end and decides that is go for the gold time. She puts a plan into effect on how to finally claim her man. Can she finally succeed at seducing Sawyer? Will he be closed off still from any sort of happiness? I give this a 5 star rating. I have yet to be disappointed by an Book written by Melanie Shawn. Can't wait to see what their next book entails.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another story from Wishing Well, Texas. It's like going on vacation while you read another story of this wonderful town. I loved getting to see Sawyer 's story unravel. Delilah is a strong woman forged in the shadow of her triplet sisters. Sawyer never had a chance when up against Delilah's well thought out plan. You get to see the underbelly of both characters. Enjoy another great story by Melanie Shawn.
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Steamy Hot Sexy, sweetly entertaining and emotionally thrilling small town romance in one of my favorite series this year. Love every visit to Wishing Well, Texas and this long awaited visit was not a disappointment at all. So happy for Sawyer that Delilah Turner decided to take control of the rains and bring this journey to such and entertaining and exciting turn. Have been rooting for this couple for what seams like a long time and so happy they finally got to take center stage. Sawyer is so broody and quietly charming, while Delilah is so sweet and if finally coming into her own. Loved the entire adventure.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
Ms Shawn takes us back to Wishing Well, TX a town filled with interesting characters , sexy guys and strong women. This one is about Sawyer Briggs, oldest of the 9 Briggs offsprings, and Delilah Turner, who is 10 years younger than he is, and has been in love with Sawyer since she was 16 when he saved her from drowning. Sawyer has sworn off any serious relationship, for reasons he believes are legit. Delilah, always the dependable girl taken for granted by her family and only wanting them to really “see” her, has decided to take matters into her hands. Meaning, she is bidding in an auction that will win her a weekend with Sawyer, as his apprentice, while he remodels her kitchen. Aside from a sweet , fun and at times heartbreaking storyline, it’s also a story about how we perceive ourselves. About how experiences in your youth can affect us with such intensity that our adult actions are a result of those good and bad experiences. At times hindering us from moving forward and experience happiness. It’s also about finding that someone that “sees” us and “gets” us. And it’s a story about hope and love. Another delightful story in this sweet Texas town where everyone knows everyones business and where love does happen. I was gifted this copy. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Crystal_Singer0305 More than 1 year ago
Melanie Shawn has done it again. Every book in this series just keeps getting better, and I believe that Seducing Sawyer is my favorite so far! If there's one thing I love, it's the strong silent type. Sawyer fit that description to a T! I loved watching his walls fall. I loved watching him give in to his desire of Delilah. And Delilah is my very favorite kind of heroine! She knows exactly what she wants and so goes after it! She makes it happen! Loved her!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sexy, quiet, but take charge man, a woman who lets go of her insecurities and goes after what she wants, and a super sexy good time!
heavenlycirce More than 1 year ago
"Seducing Sawyer" is written by Melanie Shawn, and it is the 7th book in the Wishing Well, Texas series. It can be read as a stand-alone book. It features Sawyer Briggs and Delilah Turner. So the title pretty much says it all! Delilah is trying to seduce Sawyer! The way she tries to seduce him will make you laugh and smile. She's wonderfully charming and adorable! She's always had feelings for him, and she wants to do something about it! What better way to seduce him than to win the auction that will have her be his apprentice for a few days! And for bonus, he has to answer all of the questions Delilah asks him! Meanwhile, Sawyer has always had feelings for Delilah too. Problem is, with anyone he has ever loved, something bad has always happened to them. He doesn't want to risk that with Delilah no matter how much he struggles with his emotions. But how can he refuse her when he's the one being seduced? "Seducing Sawyer" was such a fun, HOT book! Sawyer's story was worth the wait! The sister duo of Melanie and Shawna did a wonderful job!
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
**A complimentary copy was received from the author in exchange for an honest review** So excited to be back in Wishing Well, Texas! I love this series so hard! Sawyer is the oldest of the Briggs siblings and he has always been the one to watch out for everyone else. He shouldered a lot of responsibility at a young age helping out with his younger brothers and sister and while many feel this is the reason he is still single there is really more to the story. Sawyer's past few relationships have not ended well and there has been something tragic attached to each one, which has led him to believe that he is the common denominator. While he's always been attracted to Delilah, he can't let himself go there because the last thing he wants is to hurt her. Delilah Turner is finally comfortable in her own skin after growing up with triplet sisters who were skinny, gorgeous and always the center of attention, when she inherited the curves and the ability to be invisible to those she wished saw her for the awesome person she is. Not to mention she's been in love with Sawyer for more years than she can count, but she's convinced that he doesn't see her either, which means she's got to take matters into her own hands - she needs to seduce him. With an elaborate plan in place, Delilah sets out to win her man. Will she be able to get past the walls of steel that Sawyer has built around his heart or will she end up brokenhearted? I loved everything about this story. I loved that Delilah was curvy and not a size 0 or 2, which I'm sure many people reading this book will be able to identify with. I loved that she had at great amount of self worth even though it might have taken her some time to get there - that is the natural evolution we all hopefully go through in our lives. And, I loved the way things unfolded with Sawyer and how he came to terms with the things that had plagued him. This story had heat, heart and one of the most satisfying HEA's of this series!