Seducing the Plumber 2: Sweet Torture

Seducing the Plumber 2: Sweet Torture

by Timea Tokes

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Seducing the Plumber 2: Sweet Torture by Timea Tokes

What could a plumber do, apart from fix your leaking bathroom (or fridge)? Well, get tied up by a desperate housewife, who wants nothing more than to have her way with him, of course. The night brings many surprises for our guy, as he tries to maneuver his way between jobs. And it's nowhere over yet!

A short erotic story (straight) in 2700 words. This is the second part of the series titled 'Seducing the Plumber'. Strictly 18+.


“Now that this is out of the way, what do you say we play a little game?”

Another one? But of course I nod, unable to do anything else. A wicked (and almost evil) smile spreads across my torturer’s lips, and she takes a step towards me, replacing the mouth gag. I close my eyes silently, fighting really hard not to be overtaken by sheer panic. I never liked these kind of things, but with this woman, I don’t have a choice. Not because she is forcing me or anything, but because I’m no longer in control. Other not-so-gentleman parts of me are, unfortunately. And they know what’s good for them, so I will just shut up and try to relax.

“Well, well. What shall we start with? Hmm, let me see. The blindfold?”

I know she isn’t stupid, so this must be a literal question. Unless I’m missing the point here. Sure as hell I am, as it turns out.

“Bad boy, haven’t you learned to reply when your mistress asks something?”

She slaps the tip of my not-so-gentleman parts playfully, and yet the ‘gentle’ touch sends a shiver along my spine (not to mention the bead of sweat that trickles down my face) and I clench my fists. I nod again, betting that this could be what she wanted. Her smile widens, and I relax somewhat. Not that the idea of not being able to see is any better than being restrained, but at least I know I managed to please her by reading her mind – second time around. Unfortunately it only happened after the slap.

She rounds the bed, her black camisole flowing around her like a sexy shadow, and my member strains against its restraints once more. She glances that way, then pouts her lips, as if saying ‘oh, poor you’. Well, clearly she doesn’t feel too sorry for me, otherwise she would have f*cked me already. But no, she is such a tease. She tied me up as soon as I arrived, placing the ring on my member, before tightening it, all with the promise that she would have her way with me later. But then again, what do I know? This is the first time I met her...

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BN ID: 2940154398760
Publisher: Timea Tokes
Publication date: 04/18/2017
Series: Seducing the Plumber
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 219 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I have been writing short stories and poems since a young age, but my ultimate goal was creating a novel. Or a series, rather. Now, with my fourth novel on its way, and another few lined up, I think I can say that it came true - but this only fuels my desire to write more. After all, we are allowed to dream the same dream (over and over again) - and that's exactly what I'm planning to do :) I enjoy helping people in any way possible, and I really hope that my books will prove to be inspirational in a way. Whether readers are looking for a swift (and steamy) erotic story, or a paranormal romance, I want them to associate themselves with my characters and realize stuff about themselves in the process. Yes, even the bad things. Because, in life, there is no black and white, only colors. Therefore, I don't think any of my characters are either good or bad, but rather a little bit of both. Aren't we all? Well, if you never had guilty thoughts, never had any self-confidence issues, or if you never wanted something (or someone ) who belonged to someone else, then probably my books won't be for you. But, who knows, I might be able to show you a different perspective. I like to experiment with different genres, and new concepts and ideas. I really enjoy learning as much as I can about people, what makes them tick (and live, laugh, cry, and sigh). In fact, I think our World (and those beyond) are so diverse, ten thousand lifetimes wouldn't be enough to explore it all. But one thing I truly believe in: those who belong in your life will find a way there. Therefore my stories are usually based on chance encounters and ordinary events that take an unexpected turn. Like a blind date on Valentine's day, or a haircut, or a new job. Who says you can't meet someone 'accidentally'; while going to the hairdresser, someone you lost contact with 500 years ago? Trust me, you can. You just need to brace every day (and every book) with open eyes - and an open heart. Just remember: my stories are all about you, and you alone. If they capture your attention (and your heart), then I've done my 'job'. I regularly try to release new content, both on Amazon and my blog. Please feel free to have a look, and sign up to my newsletter. And, just so you know: I care about your opinion, very much so. Whether you liked my work or you didn't, I would be honored if you let me know what it meant for you. It would mean the world to me!

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