See & Control Demons & Pains: From My Eyes, Senses and Theories Book 2

See & Control Demons & Pains: From My Eyes, Senses and Theories Book 2

by Rizwan Qureshi


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See & Control Demons & Pains: From My Eyes, Senses and Theories Book 2 by Rizwan Qureshi

Rizwan Qureshi is from Columbus, Texas, USA. He writes all his personal knowledge, experiences, and 100% true information about demons, pains, painless diseases, and cancer/infection insects. He writes pure truth and only those things in this book and in book 1, whatever he was dealing and experiencing by himself. His source of knowledge is purely his own experiences with dealing with supernatural invisible demons, different kinds of invisible pains and painless diseases. According to him, cancer is a very easily treatable and curable disease. As he sees, thousands of demons are residing in our houses around us. According to him, demons cannot perform any physical activity by themselves. He explains that by nature demons are very arrogant and extremely negative. The author suggested several practical ideas, procedures, and theories for common people and medical and modern science on how they can learn and handle demons, pains, painless diseases, and insects responsible for cancer by themselves. The author is 100% sure that after reading his books, everyone will be aware and will be able to control the invisible parallel world around them. In this book, he writes clear instructions for individuals, how they can communicate and interact with the demons around them, how to make demons around them their friends, and how to ask demons to do some stuff for them. Author describes in detail how much stuff we can expect our demon friends to do for us. The author writes very clear and very easy instruction for an individual once someone decides to learn how to communicate with demons. He advices everyone to start, practicing everything in a very slow pace instead of rushing. He guarantees everyone that people will be able to detect, interact, communicate and will be able to make most demons around them their friends within a month, whoever will try it and will follow his instruction properly. He advices everyone to be very careful in case of learning telepathy because he believes 99.999999% of people may have some mental issues and mental sickness once they will get involve in practicing telepathy. So he is not recommending learning telepathy to everyone. He thinks it is enough for normal people to have awareness and contact with demons around them. He strongly feels this will not be dangerous or hurtful for anyone to detect, interact, communicate, and make demons, only around them, their friends. He is sure, even demons around you are more willing and dying to communicate with humans.

"The author has described complete details of the non-Internet cyber attacks on computerized controlled machines and how these non-Internet cyber attacks are self-operative and beyond human control in his book 2. He reveals complete details, information, and scientific description of non-Internet cyber attacks on computerized semi- or full-auto-control machines and human body."

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ISBN-13: 9781466992276
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 06/10/2013
Pages: 444
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.90(d)

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From My Eyes, Senses and Theories

By Rizwan Qureshi

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Rizwan Qureshi
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9227-6


My first book, See and Control Demons and Pains, I wrote sometime between the end of year 2010 and the beginning of year 2011. In book 2, even on some same topics, I will try to give better and more explanations with lots of new and more advance topics about demons and the rest of the invisible world.

In dreams, pictures, novels, and movies, demons and ghosts are presented as really big and tall monsters with big long hairy black hands and legs, long ugly ears, big scary red and silver eyes, and sharp redblood teeth, etc. But in reality, they are not big at all. Demons do not look scary or bloody at all. They are really small flying objects, from very small size to a size of a small cockroach. They are either a smoky blackish color or a very light smoky black and clear color combination.

Demons, even if they are very small and look very harmless when flying in the air, actually are extremely powerful and damaging creatures. Demons and pains are different from each other but still a lot similar. Demons have a lot of power to hurt and damage a living body physically and mentally. Demons can damage any part or any organ of a body by taking the possession of that body, including the brain, heart, and other major organs. Demons can very easily damage the physical brain and even thoughts, emotions, and temperament by possessing a body and by the use of powerful hypnotism. Demons are very sensible and intelligent objects or bodies. Demons are not parasites. Demons share our food in shape of energy sometimes during the time, they possessed our body. Pains are more damaging compared to demons because pains stay in our bodies for twenty-four hours. During their stay inside us to get food or energy, pains damage some tissues and joints. Demons are always in and out, so they do not damage us just to get some energy. Demons usually get their energy from the atmosphere. So demons are less damaging for our body and parts as compared to pains because demons live less inside our bodies. Demons are the most intelligent and a major part of the invisible parallel world. In the invisible world, only demons have the tool or the language of hypnotism, unlike other creatures in the parallel invisible world. Not all demons live inside a living body because very limited numbers of living bodies are available as compared to the number of demons. Most demons live here and there and keep looking and fighting with each other to have a possession of a living body. Demons do not live in a dead body. Demons like to live on a same kind of breed or race instead of keep finding new breed once old living body died. But all demons are equally capable of possessing and controlling any living body. Almost each and every living body is possessed by a demon. The population of the demons is so much, even they live each and every living body like trees, insects, birds, animals, human, still for every 1000+, demons, and only one living body is available. If they cannot find a living body, usually demons live in an open atmosphere temporarily in the daytime and in relatively dark and unused places in our houses and offices in the nighttime. Pains are different from demons. Pains are not capable of hypnotizing any living body. Pains are 50 percent parasites as compared to diseases. Pains cannot live in an open atmosphere. Pains always need a medium to reside in. Pains usually do not leave a living body easily. During their stay in a living body, pains always need some energy to energize themselves. Pains do not eat our body or organs like diseases. But to get their food in the shape of energy, they damage a little bit of that source inside our body, where they can suck some energy whenever they need it. Usually pains make room between our joints, between our skull and brain, inside the muscles or backbone area, and in some other areas from where they can feed or energize themselves easily. The minor damages created by these pains open a wide door for diseases/insects to attack those damaged parts or organs, and eventually, those diseases/insects become the cause of major cancers and infections. Pains are not totally wild or insensible like diseases. Pains are sensible and able to understand our communications, but still pains are not as sensible as demons are. In figures, I can say, as compared to the demons, pains are 50 percent less sensible but at least 75 percent more responsible for physical damages. Pains also expand themselves like demons, but demons are not limited to any particular size; demons can expand themselves to possess any physical living body regardless of whether it's an elephant or a very small spider. Pains can only expand themselves usually to create a damaging block in our organs or to clog heart vessels, the kidney, the brain, or brain vessels, etc. Pains cannot expand themselves to all over the body. Pains cannot possess any living body completely; they just choose some areas of living bodies. During the process of feeding or getting energy, pains send hurtful signals to a lot of parts of the living body. High blood pressure, low blood pressure, or blockage of harmony or enzyme-delivery tubes are caused by the expansion quality of the pains. Diseases are basically very tiny insects. They are not visible to the naked eye because they are very small. Diseases do not belong to the same gender or class or breed like demons or pains. These diseases or tiny insects are the main causes of creating major infections and cancers by continuously eating those organs and the parts.

Diseases cannot expand themselves. Diseases/insects do not have the quality of hypnotizing or possessing a living body. Diseases/ insects are 100 percent very dangerous parasites. Once diseases/ insects attack any organ or a part of the living body, they do not leave that body until they eat that part/body completely; even if that body dies, they do not leave until they eat that body completely. The attack of diseases/insects is continuous. Demons and pains do not live on dead bodies. They leave the body immediately once it dies. Demons do not stay in a body under attack or under some kind of extreme behavior; somehow most demons feel insecure and leave that body for some time. Usually regular demons start leaving a body during extreme and negative activity, like yelling, being angry, fighting, etc. The reason for this is during those conditions, living bodies start absorbing all kinds of insects, pains, and uncountable demons from the open atmosphere. This makes less brave demons come out from that insecure body. Usually they choose to stay either in an open atmosphere or any available living body temporarily until their permanent host body returns to a secure and normal level. Pains do not leave bodies easily. Even in an unusual or any extreme condition when, usually leave the insecure body, pains still stay there. Pains only leave a body once a body is dead. Some medical treatment or surgeries also make them leave, but this is very temporary; either the same pain comes back or another pain starts living in that body. Invisible diseases/insects are very different from demons. Each and every action of diseases/insects is 100 percent just eating, damaging, and killing. The only solution is to kill these diseases/insects to get cure from major infections and all kind of cancers. Later on in this book, I will describe how we can secure our body from the attacks of these cancer diseases/insects and, if someone is already suffering from any cancer, how they can be cured from that cancer very easily by using my cancer cure procedures with the help and advice of their doctors. I do not think it will be difficult or expensive anymore to treat any cancer once my procedure is adopted properly by medical science.

On same topic, this is my second book. To understand a lot of things and theories, it will be very helpful for a reader to read book 1 first. A lot of things, terms, theories I am using or talking about, because, I just assumed that reader is already aware about it. It will be very difficult for a direct reader of book 2 to understand and absorb these unbelievable and mysterious information and knowledge. It will be really difficult for a direct reader to understand a lot of ideas and theories in this book. So it is a very good idea to read book 1 first to understand and learn all the definitions, explanations, actions, reactions, incidents, and theories about the demons, pains, and diseases around us. Like book 1, I am also categorizing book 2 in three major parts related and is of concern to us, i.e., demons, pains, and diseases. Or in other words, those who bother and hurt us most. So demons are mainly responsible for hypnotizing and possessing our bodies, animals, trees, boards, reptiles, insects, etc., to create some good but mostly very bad situations for us, like anger, extreme behavior, too much crazy love or hate, unhealthy competition, anxiety and panic attacks, too much disappointment, suicidal tendencies, depression, etc. Second part is the pains. Pains are not as nice or friendly as demons are. But pains are not as cruel or bad or hurtful as diseases. Third is the diseases/invisible insects. They are completely 100 percent hunters, 100 percent parasites. They just eat our bodies continuously. The cruel actions of these diseases create all kinds of infections and cancers. Their cruel action of eating and killing externally/internally equally hurts us, trees, animals, birds, etc. These diseases/insects cannot hurt or kill or damage any of the demons or pains because of their electromagnetic structure. Demons and pains do not have any blood or meat in their bodies whatever these diseases/insects like to eat all the time by damaging and killing us.

The only reason for this possibly is because demons stay around us so much. Demons choose really dark corners and least used places, like under beds, attics, behind a couch or sofa, behind cabinets, cupboards, backseats of cars, cabinets in restrooms, trees, and all those places and areas where we do not go frequently. Demons always live in a group as a family. We are the ones who pay the rent or the mortgage of the house.

We are the ones who pay the insurance, electric bill, gas, and water bill. We say and think we are the owner of the house, but actually, these demons are more dominant in our houses and other places. Think of it this way—how long have you been living in your house? Now think how long the demons have been living in that house. How long do we usually live? Usually demons live several thousands of years. When I started cleaning my house for demons, I thought they were gone, but I was wrong.

Once a demon cannot move freely in a particular place, they usually change places. So when I started removing them from some areas of my house and from my workplace, I thought they were all gone, but actually they never left my house or workplace. They were still there. Instead of flying everywhere, they limit themselves to those areas of my house I use least. They just move to all those corners of the house where usually I will never bother them. Maybe my case is a little bit unusual; it is not easy to bother demons.

From this experience, I learned that it is a better idea if we just leave a few places for them in the house. Honestly, it is not a good idea to pick a fight with demons, so let them live in some areas of house and leave a few places for them. Once demons live in a particular place for a long time, there is no way they will leave that place easily.

So the better policy is not to bother them too much. Leave them alone, and avoid going to those areas of the house as much possible where they live. Usually these are places in your house stay dark most of the time and you do not use them as much. If you are not bothering them intentionally, chances are they will not bother you either. How will you know which areas of your house are totally occupied by the demons? Usually, when you go to those areas of the house, either you will get a headache, start vomiting, have hyper feelings, depression, or some kind of panic attack, etc.

This will happen every time with anyone who goes in those areas. I hope these are enough signs for you. So be careful and do not take any risk; just leave them alone and stay in your areas only. It sounds wrong and bad, but trust me, you do not have too many choices.

The worst thing you can do is go in those areas of your house, sit there, and eat your lunch or dinner there. I hope you will never make these kinds of mistakes. It is not a good idea to leave the house due to them. They are everywhere. They are in every house. Some are bad and some are very bad. The best way to handle them is to just leave some areas for them, where you feel, more pressure or problems, due to demons.

I will consider a normal person a fool and unsmart if he decides to fight with demons or try to defeat demons. It is a very bad idea. They are invisible to normal people. Demons are 100 percent capable of controlling minds and thoughts by hypnotizing normal people.

Nobody normal can fight with them. Do not even think about defeating them. Very bad idea if someone is teaching you this. Later on in this book, I will describe how to make them your friend and how to ask them to live in your house without bothering and hurting you.

Demons live in groups in particular areas of our houses. Even if they are not paying for the house, they are still the owners of those places. People come and go from houses, but the same demons keep living in the same places. No doubt if you leave a house dark and vacant for long time, demons will have more control of that house or place.

And later on, if someone tries to occupy that house, those demons will do their best to harass those people by scaring them through scary dreams, keeping them sick, by mental illness, etc. Later on in this book, I will describe what to do when you occupy or start living in an old or vacant place.

Nobody can fight or defeat bad or very bad demons. Do not even think or bother about it, unless someone in your family is affected due to them. It is not difficult to fight with them. But my idea, theory, and policy is if you do not bother them, they do not need to bother us. Simple. Remember, we can hurt them or bother them only 1 percent, but they can hurt us or bother us 99 percent. So again, it is not a good idea to pick a fight with them. I am, again and again, saying do not fight with them and do not bother them. This way it is easier to make them friends. And once they become friends, they will not hurt you. They will not hurt you as much; they will protect you from other demons. And once they become friends, they are very helpful. You're thinking how come I am able to write so much stuff and information about demons? Demons do not like water and bright places; they are in the air inside, outside, and everywhere. At one time or another, one demon usually possesses our body. But it doesn't mean we have only one demon in our house. In an average house, inside and outside, you can expect more than five-hundred-plus demons easily. Now the best way to live in your house in peace is to the keep lights on most of the time and spray holy water toward the ceiling, everywhere, every day. But remember, when you spray holy water, it means you are bothering demons. So you need to make sure you leave some areas of house where you don't spray holy water and you do not go. It is good for you, and they will be happy too. Later in this book, I will tell you how to prepare holy water by yourself. Demons do not go to work or run businesses or pay rent or mortgage or insurance. But wisdomwise they are same as us. They have all kinds of powers a normal human doesn't have. So demons are basically free and they have a lot of time to interfere with our life and our affairs. Sometimes they are so much involved in our lives that they control our lives and we are totally unaware of it. So one thing we learned is when we are under the influence of a demon, we can try to reject the control of the demon. I will tell you how you can keep them away from you later in this book.

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