See with your Ears!: Dolphin and Bat Echolocation

See with your Ears!: Dolphin and Bat Echolocation

by Be Naturally Curious


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How are dolphins and bats alike? They can both see with their ears! That is, they both use sound to navigate and find food. Designed for grades K-5 and to be done at home or with small groups, this interactive multi-activity mini-course introduces children to the amazing process of echolocation and how dolphins and bats manage to accomplish it. The mini-course includes a richly illustrated story-based lesson as well as games, activities, and projects that appeal to all types of learners.

How can dolphins and bats accomplish such a cool feat? After reading the fun, illustrated story about Dolphin and Bat School, children reinforce the features that make echolocation possible through an echolocation elements board game (included in the course). They then get to experience echolocation through a movement-based Name That Sound game in which children must themselves try to echolocate. Finally, children can cement their knowledge of the anatomical features involved in echolocation through an art project in which they create their own bat ears or dolphin snout.

Most materials needed to complete the mini-course can be cut from the book itself (or, if preferred, downloaded and printed using an included link). The mini-course requires only a few common household items to complete the activities: blindfold (scarf or headband), blank paper, blanket, pen or pencil, coloring materials (crayons, markers or colored pencils), tape, and scissors.

Upon completing the mini-course, children will be provided with links to additional online resources and will earn new concept badges for their Science Tool Kit (included in the mini-course)-including echolocation, larynx, noseleaf, phonic lips, melon, and blowhole.

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