See You on the Other Side [Deluxe Edition]

See You on the Other Side [Deluxe Edition]

by Korn
4.8 54

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See You on the Other Side [Deluxe Edition]

Korn first talked reinvention with 2003's Take a Look in the Mirror. Self-produced, it was a muscular, effectively brief record that nodded in some intriguing new directions. After that they talked celebration -- 2004's greatest-hits set looked back on a decade of influence and intensity. And yet, it's 2005's See You on the Other Side that's Korn's real reinvention celebration. It's their first album as a quartet after getting left behind by born-again guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. It's also their first venture for new label Virgin. But really Other Side is Korn's acknowledgement that their life isn't all that bad, and it's time to party. It's a heavy record that swings, an album that takes Korn's rap-metal template toward the red-light swagger of the Dirty South's rap revolution. Is it really surprising that Lil Jon plays Jonathan Davis in the video for "Twisted Transistor"? That song's one of eight on Other Side produced and co-written by the Matrix, and it shows. It's Korn all the way, cocky and funky. But it's slick too, concerned more with the shock value of groove than trying to be some poor kid's slap bass confidant, his surrogate therapy session. And it works. It's cool to hear the Matrix getting down with Korn; they keep each other honest, balancing the sheen with the sleaze. Davis, Munky, Fieldy, and David Silveria still bring it, but in a way that's aware of the manufacturing. And that's key, since after ten-plus years, their act was getting a little tired. Why not embrace the cash, embrace the slinkier side of Fieldy's vertical rhythms? The target of "Politics" is obvious, and "Hypocrites" rails against organized religion. But beneath the polemic is the Korn sound stripped, made truly economized and catchy. Diehards are going to gnash their teeth, and clog the message boards with dismissive comments. But isn't it about time for them to move on, too? Other Side is a little too processed at times -- "Love Song" says "Motherf*cker!" just to know it's alive. But then there's "Open Up," running a NIN influence through weird processing, and "Getting Off," which wavers and lurches like Korn chopped and screwed. If rap-metal were ever meant to evolve, See You on the Other Side is the record that does it. [The album was also released in a deluxe edition with bonus content.]

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Release Date: 12/06/2005
Label: Virgin Records Us
UPC: 0094634711326
catalogNumber: 47113

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Korn   Primary Artist
Lauren Christy   Musician
Jonathan Davis   Vocals
Graham Edwards   Musician
Dante Ross   Keyboards
James "Munky" Shaffer   Guitar
David Silveria   Drums
Fieldy   Bass Guitar
Sergio Vega   Bass
Scott Spock   Musician
Jesse Blockton   Guitar
Peter Levin   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Matrix   Audio Production
Jonathan Davis   Producer
Frank Filipetti   Engineer
Atticus Ross   Composer,Programming,Producer,Audio Production
Korn   Composer
Mike Joyce   Package Layout
Dante Ross   Remixing
Sean Mosher-Smith   Art Direction
Jeffrey Evan Kwatnetz   Executive Producer
Steve Miller   Remixing
Lucid Olason   Engineer
Chris Holmes   Programming
Matrix   Composer,Producer
Leopold Ross   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Michael Galardi   Director
Michael Oppenheim   Management
David Stoupakis   Artwork
Roman Butovskiy   Video Director

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See You on the Other Side 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 78 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great CD!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i like all the songs except the last one. i think the different sound makes it fresh and interesting. the one major thing i didnt like was the bagpipes at the end of some of the songs, but other than that an overall good all good album. favorite songs: twisted transistor, love song, open up, and liar.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For more than a decade, Korn has been making albums- each a little bit different. What I don't understand, is why it upsets people that they have changed. How boring would it be if a band sounded exactly the same for 10 years? You wouldn't want to listen to that. Korn has always taken that very dangerous step into a new door beyond the genre the created with their debut [self-entitled] album. It's that suspense of never knowing what they'll do next that brings us back. See You On The Other Side, is absolutely breathtaking. I couldn't choose a favorite song off of this album for a million dollars. Each song with it's own sound, it's own twist, and it's own spine-chilling lyrics makes See You On The Other Side a MUST HAVE Korn album for any Korn fan. [][][PS][][] It's not a piano in the album. It's a "glass armonica." It adds an amazing sound to a few songs. [][][PSS][][] If you're looking for bagpipes, you've found them--on multiple new songs!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd is one of the best yet! After you listen to the whole cd, you can really tell how they've matured and have adopted a new sound. Brian "head" obviously was not who held the band together because this cd proves that he clearly is not the inspiration for creating new sounds and is no longer needed. There are so many new sounds in this cd its hard to even recognize what it is, but one sound that is recognizable is the bagpipes, played by lead singer Jonathan Davis. This amazing talent has been with us since day one and I'm very happy to see that it is still with us today. Overall, this is Korn at their best and I feel that the best is yet to come!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan of Korn for many, many, many years and See You On THe Other Side is the best work they've ever done. This album draws you in and takes you on a hypnotic, gothic journey and leaves you wanting more. This is the best I've ever heard. If you're not a KOrn fan and you hear this album for the first time, you'll be totally hooked.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ok, have been a fan of Korn since Follow the leader. After hearing this album trough many times, i cant get why the sudden change. They are some mean riffs to head bang to, buy why Jonathan begins to sing these pop pitch i dont know. Korn used to be mean, aggresive. Where you could put some anger in. Now you can dance to it on the dance floor. Everytime Korn puts out an album.. its supposed to be "heaviest to date" after Issues it has become the opposite. As they put it in the Twisted Transitor : Rock is dead ? Well, if you make music like this, it is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"See you...." was unleashed on the music world in true KORN fashion,smashing boundries and raising the bar. From the bone crushing grooves of "politics" & "hypocrites" that can only be KORN, to the dark industrial overtones of "love song" & "throw me away",this album in a rollercoaster that envelops you and doesn't let go! This marks a new chapter in the story that is KORN and i for one can't wait to see what happens next!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
With the recent release of their 7th album, "See You On The Other Side", KoRn has increased the size, variety and tone of their musical career. KoRn (minus one member) released their hit single "Twisted Transister" to a nation of skeptical critics that believed's Head's (Brian Welch) departure meant the end for the gorup who started the nu-metal genre. To the dismay of dubious critics and pleasure to a multitude of fans, See You On The Other Side is a smash hit. With this album, KoRn have opened the doors to even more creativity and disarray. The result is the most revolutionary KoRn album since their debut, a barb wired, son of blinding musical fury, dark and twisted lyrical cander, and searing, sociopathic tendencies.It's the culmination of everything KoRn have come to represent musically, morphed with an industrial-strength alter ego that's been suppressed--until now. The band is at its deftest on "Getting Off," "Politics" and "Coming Undone," which highlight the industrial bend. Stalwart fans need not worry for "Liar" and "For No One" remain in lock-step with classic Korn. "See You On The Other Side" is more than the evolution of KoRn--it's an evolution of heavy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The members of Korn definitely take us in a new direction with this CD. Just as they did with their Untouchables CD, they went with a more industrial sound instead of the hard-core sounds from their prior CDs. Fieldy's bass slapping has been pushed into the background while James "Munky" Shafer's guitar skills now come to the foreground more than ever. It took me a little while to adjust to their new sound, but now I can't stop listening to this CD. Some people aren't going to like their evolution to the "Other Side", but as a die hard fan I'm there... and I'll always follow Korn in whatever direction they decide to take.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Head? Head who? This new cd makes you wonder why Head was in the band in the first place. KoRn is back, and better than ever. The cd starts with their first single Twisted Transistor which gets you in the mood for whats to come. This cd brings back Jonthan's bag pipes, which he plays on many of the tracks. There are a lot of different emotions on this cd. See You On The Other Side takes a new aproach musically, you hear a lot more drums and guitar riffs. But that doesn't mean that the singing of Jonathan Davis is not up to pare. Jonathan Davis has a lot of solos on here musically, the music gets quiet and he lets his soul out through the music. Througout every song he makes you belive that his heart is in the music and he belives what he is singing. See You On The Other Side is deffinetly a buy that won't let you down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
See You on The Other Side is here! This album features the new Korn line-up (KoRn minus Head) and a fresh new sound. "See You on The Other Side" will be released both as a one-disc CD and as a two-disc Deluxe Edition! The Deluxe Edition includes a bonus disc featuring: - Three unreleased studio bonus tracks, - Two remixes of Twisted Transistor, - Videos of "Twisted Transistor" and "Hypocrites" shot live in Moscow, 2005. Free one-year membership to the Korn BSC Online Fan Club featuring: - Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes media content - Korn community membership with personal home page and blog - Pre-sale ticket access for upcoming Korn concerts. Check it out
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is new and certainly different, but it is still incredible. After the departure of Korn's guitarist, Head, the guys wanted to make an album that was unlike anything they had done before. So they into the studio with a couple different producers and emerged with this awesome, thought provoking, album that captivates fan after fan. "Coming Undone" is personally my favorite because it reminds me of Korns earlier albums but still has the different sound apparent throughout the album. I highly recommend this album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After listening to this album I was very dissapointed. The use of computers for sound was very different. It sounded like NIN, but was not near as good. The lyrics of past Korn songs were pretty straight to the point, but these are really metaforical. The only highlight, in my opinion was the bagpipes on 5 songs, but then again they messed with that and have them at the end of the songs. Horrible!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Korn has definitely branched out on this album. So many different sounds yet there's no mistaking it's Korn. Love Song and Tearjerker have a dark, melodic feel to them. Hypocrites and Liar may have a message for a certain someone? Maybe. Coming Undone has great rhythm to it. The songs are all incredible. Amazing guitar work from Munky, David's best drumming yet, Fieldy's bass is sounding better than ever, and Jonathan's voice is still as hard as ever. I highly recommend adding this album to your collection!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The new record from Korn "See You On The Other Side" is a new sound from the band. If your not someone open for change you probably won't like this album. There is alot of sampling and added effects on the album and alot of other instruments that might seem somewhat foreign to the korn fans, with string arrangements and piano parts in some songs. Everything about the album is top, the albums cover art & additional art inside the case. Overall 5 stars fora 5 star album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ive been waitin for this record whole year reading each news about it with great excitement. Finally its hit stores. Im so impressed...its like KoRn has put a spell on my world again. Im so deep into this new album..cant stop listening to it, it sounds the best on headphones becouse there is so many strange, new, amasing sounds that cant be easly hear...and it makes this album even more amsaing and marvelous...Its heavy in its own way, different kind of heavieness, its melodic..and there are magic melodies done with so-called by Jonathan Davis (vocals) "weird instruments" and electronic effects. This album is musicaly and lyricaly more mature than previous in their career. I have to admitt a love each single song from it...anytime i try to list my favorites few songs i end up with listing all 17 know when i list some...others come to my mind..and when i add them i have to recall others...its just too hard to pic one hit from this reacord, all of them are great. Munky does realy great job on See You On The Other Side. Remaining the only guitarist in the band after Heads departure, he developes a lot his music talent and becomes much and much better guitarists with every day. Fieldy and David as always do their best putting deep bass sounds and 4set drums sounds into the newest KoRn child. And last but not least Jonathan Davis with his marvelous vocals and so true lyrics brings as on the trip into another world..into the world of KoRn realms where everything is different and everything is possible. I mention only some songs (even though i can talk of all of them bu dont want to bore you too much) i suppose you may like. Last Legal Drug is only avaliable on DeLuxe Edition on bonus disc. Its the best erotic song ive ever heared...i love the lyrics, its about making love with somebody you love which leads you to "little death - le petit mort (orgasm). Its the only drug left for us which never can be banned...Another one i wanna recall is Love Song with its deep goth sound, its a kind of rock/metal ballad sad and depressing but wonderful and very soft momentarily. Seen It All (rumored to be bands favorite) is a magic song...for me its pure magic, youve never heared something like this before, its like music and words pouring at you from some unseen source...and there is piano in the middle of the song and glass armonica. The last one i wanna talk about is closing main disc Tearjerker. It follows KoRn tradition of putting at the end the most depressing and emotional tracks...the tittle shows the best feelings that come out of you while listening to this amasing song. You can almost feel with your every sense this lonleyness about which is this song. There is almost no guitsrs, bass and dramss, only at the end..during most of the song there are only piano, some weird instruments and electronical effects..its a great songs and i bet each KoRn fan wants to hear it live even just once...This album is amasing,ive sticked on the other side and dont wont to come back, wanna stay there forever, and all you are welcome there..we wait for you to come and join us in KoRn realms.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite of Korn's CDs. I liked their old stuff a lot too but i didnt really love all of the songs. This CD has a lot of good songs on it and im glad that they moved away from the rap-metal.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you have yet to buy this album then go out and get it! The guys did an awsome job on this one. The sounds are a bit different compared to the other albums which makes it even greater. It's a nice little change.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Korn’s new album “See You On the Other Side” is their best to date. Korn has not skipped a beat despite change record labels and losing a guitarist. They have managed to rise from the ashes with a new Korn sound. Every song on the album is different from the last. The album features the new single “Twisted Transistor,” plus 13 other headbangers. My favorite song is “Throw Me Away” because it has a melodic creepiness to it. I also love “Coming Undone.” I would strongly recommend getting the deluxe edition because you get 3 bonus tracks, 2 remixes of “Twisted Transistor,” and 2 videos of the band playing live, plus a one year free membership to the new Korn fanclub, BSC! EVERYONE MUST BUY THIS ALBUM!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Early this year, the metal community was shook with the startling news that Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist and one of the five founding members of the heavy metal band Korn, would be leaving the band to begin a spiritual journey with the purpose of finding Christ. The band proclaimed that they respected Welch’s decision but would continue to make the music their fans had grown to love without him. Skeptics were quick to assert that it would be very difficult for a band originally with two guitarists to continue on with just one, but the four remaining band members implied that was exactly what would happen, as they stated they would not be seeking a replacement. Last Tuesday, December 6th, the world was able to hear the first effort from Korn post Head’s departure when See You On The Other Side, their seventh studio album excluding 2004’s Greatest Hits: Volume One, was released to the general public. Overall, the disc has the same quality and feel that fans have come to expect from the band, with several minor differences that actually enhance the band's sound more than harm it. The first single off the album, "Twisted Transistor," leads the tracks with vocalist Jonathon Davis transferring thoughts through lyrics that speak of a lonely life that can’t be fixed with screaming, and music, which reaches inside and preaches forever, serving as the answer. On this song and throughout the album, drummer David Silveria makes his presence known with his continuous and enthusiastic beatings, bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu strums out his dance-driven booms, and guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer jams through his riffs that add a certain flavor to the band’s energized sound. Other tracks include the depressed and self-loathing antics of “Souvenir,” the sexual frustration anthem “10 or a 2 way,” the questioning and pleading of “Throw Me Away,” and the sympathetic death ballad “Love Song,” which actually goes into acapello at one point. The artwork of the album holds a good amount of symbolism, as the cover depicts a dead boy holding a headless teddy bear. The limited edition of See You On The Other Side comes with a bonus disc that features three additional tracks, two remixes of “Twisted Transistor,” and two videos of Korn performing “Twisted Transistor” and “Hypocrites” live in Moscow. Plus, every copy of the limited edition includes a free one-year membership to the Korn BSC Online Fan Club, making the deluxe edition a better value and a must-have for any die-hard Korn fan. The disc ends with a song entitled “Tearjerker,” which is probably the slowest song in the catalogue of Korn’s discography. This final exertion leaves a hopeless feeling in the air, as Davis wishes for something more, feeling abducted and corrupted, and the band creates an eerie sound that continues to the end. Looking at the album as a whole, it has a definite ring of the band’s past, but also accurately asserts their statement that just because they lost a guitarist doesn’t mean it is the end for Korn.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The more I've listened to this album, the more I come to believe it is my favorite album yet. I am a huge fan of the first album and though this one is different, I like it just as much. The music and vocals are outstanding. My favorites are Throw Me Away, Coming Undone, and Eaten Up Inside. This album is a must have!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Korn had lost a member but they still are genious. See You On The Other Side is the most experimental KoRn album. guitars are heaviest than ever, there's electro sounds but its always KORN's music. they DON'T have turn into pop even they work with pop producers. it's a new KORN but its still KORN. pogos lovers will enjoy song as Getting Off, Liar (with a great scat), Hypocrites, Open Up... and Issues and Untouchables fans will love Love Song, Seen It All, Tearjerker. drums are always really kickass and bass is very loud especially in Getting Off or It's Me Again. lyrics are always dark and insane ( Seen It All, Love Song, Hypocrites, Tearjerker, 10 or a 2-way, Twisted Transistor...) also the artwork is beautiful, amazing! The limited edition contains 3 bonus songs, 2 live videos, 2 mix and one free year in BSC fan club. An album you must have!! clean version very well done but there's songs as Tearjerker didn't contains vulgarities.
Guest More than 1 year ago
KoRns' first release since the loss of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, shows that the band is anything but lost without this member. "See you on the other side" mixes the signature KoRn sound with a dose of experimentation and the soul wrenching lyrics that fans have come to expect. Those who have long hoped (like me)for more of JD's signature scat & bagpipes will be in for a treat. The deluxe edition comes complete a 2nd disk featuring bonus tracks such as "It's me again","Eaten up inside", "The last legal drug" and a few remixes of the single "Twisted Transistor" released earlier this year. But those aren't the only advantages!! As with "Untouchables" the deluxe edition also offers a one year fan club membership.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is freaking amazing. Even the extra cd is amazing. 1. Twisted Transistor - A bit poppy but i can see why they chose it as a single. It is really good to listen to when just chilling. The guitaring is very unique and the beat is awesome. Also, the vocals are great on this song. 2. Politics - A very odd and original song. It has heavy doom-metalish guitaring for the verses, and the chorus/pre-chorus are just straight out KoRn. This song is about how corrupt sex, organized religion, and politics have become, and it is a very powerful song. 3. Hypocrites - This song starts out very very indsutrial-like, with a hint of Rage Against the Machine, but is still straight up heavy-riffed KoRn. Very loud and powerful guitars with a great beat. This song seems to be, lyrically, about how in church you are taught not to be greedy while your pastors are stealing cash from the church themselves. This song is very pleasable to the ear though, especially during the verses when munky plays an octave higher than the rest of the riff and jon starts sounding like something you would expect in a religious musical. Also, Munky screaming " Hypocrites " sounds great. 4. Souvenir - Starts out with a heavy riff. Everything is mixxed just about right. Every aspect of this song is just straight-out KoRn, and this is probably the song that would fit the best on a previous KoRn album, has a very traditional KoRn feel. 5. 10 or a 2-way - A fairly odd song, but very cool. Has a great drum intro. Very heavy riffage again, and great use of effects in it. One of the most unique tracks on this entire album. It even has a slight manson-esque feel to it. 6. Throw Me Away - Another very unique track. after 8 measures of drums jon starts out by saying " flesh, wound, flesh, wound, with medication it will fade ", so right from the start you know you are stepping into a new KoRn territory. The song is fairly slow though, but it has some really heavy parts in it. 7. Love Song - It starts out with a nice munky riff with some cool effects on it, has great synth work in this song rtight from the begining, again very manson-esque. The vocals are very angry, and this is a very refreshing song to listen to. 8. This song starts out with some tradition KoRn slap bass and awesome drum beats. You gotta hand it to fieldy and david for this track. When munky kicks in everything just gets better though. This song sounds like it should be the next single, if hypocrites or politics are not. This one seems fairly depressing and angry, which is exactly what KoRn are famous for ( jokes ). 9. Coming Undone - Starts out with a nice heavy, extremely distorted, riff. This is a fairly traditional sound song for KoRn though guitar-wise, but david's drumming sounds completely different from anything else he has ever done for the band before. The song is all-around cool, with a good mixture of new KoRn and old KoRn in it. 10. Getting Off - It starts out with a heavy riff again by Munky with some cool effects in the background. The chorus sounds familiar though. Jon sings ' getting off, im getting off, keep getting off, keep getting off, im getting off, im getting off to you " and any hardcore KoRn fan will be remind of the song sean olson where jon screams " im cumming im cumming im cumming on you ". The vocals are superb on this track though. They are fit the song so tightly that it is a wonder about how jon does this stuff. 11. Liar - Another traditional KoRn riff for the intro... Until the effects kick in. This song is obviously about... Head. The song is heavy through and through, and very angry. 12. For No one - This song is very empowering but strange. It starts out heavy and fast, chills out for a few moments, and kicks back in and out again. The chorus is very heavy guitar-wise and jd dragsd the vocals on for, which does fit the song. This song also has great bass and percussion in it. Seen It All - Star
Guest More than 1 year ago
See You on the Other side is Another one of KoRn's best albums it has cool crazy effects thanks to Munky the guitarist and all the songs are awesome.