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Seeds in the Wind

Seeds in the Wind

by Celia Robinson Landis


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Max Harrison, while growing up in the ghettos, in the area of Pruksanski, Russia, was witness to countless routine escapades of the Cossacks and their butchery. Year after year he had wrangled with thoughts of escaping from the ghetto. He made his decision - - at the cost of facing a life away from all those he loved - - his parents, his brothers, his sisters, his friends, as well as the challenges of adjusting to every phase of a new existence, he made his plans, once and for all, to cut himself free.
And so begins the entrancing novel, SEEDS IN THE WIND. Once in the United States, he settles in New York City, as a fur buyer, where, through the help of a friend, he meets the tall, beautiful, and shapely Rosie Cohn. The seeds in the Harrison family take root with scholarly, dominating Richie; handsome, quiet, compassionate Simon and ''Princess" Cyrella, the only daughter, pampered from the second of her birth by two adulating immigrant parents. Cyrella is so delicate in body, so strong in will, with a boiling passion for books, the movies and the incomparable museums of New York. When not in a museum, Cyrella, at the age of twelve, was borrowing the works of Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Flaubert, and Zola from the neighborhood library, whether she understood them or not. She would be influenced by these classics for her entire lifetime.
One by one the Harrisons meet life's challenges, from the frost in Saskatoon to the frying pan of Brooklyn; the tears of the funerals and the laughter of the weddings; Max with his dauntless sense of humor, Rosie with her angelic, nurturing nature, Richie as teacher, and Cyrella with her dreams of acceptance in a real world - - the blossoming of "seeds in the wind."
A satisfying, deeply engrossing story about the struggles of life and the coming of age. The author's superb, munificent, and humorous storytelling is captivating and joyful.

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