Seeds of Anarchy: Harvest of Indifference

Seeds of Anarchy: Harvest of Indifference

by Charles H Helein


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SEEDS OF ANARCHY is a novel about loss and fighting for change and redemption, set in the modern political battlefield of gun control, extremism and advocacy. SEEDS OF ANARCHY explores the darkness of personal tragedy, the grim struggle of political activism in the face of insurmountable odds, and the personal dangers of engaging with dark institutions in the war over American values.

A husband and father, Chris Knight, becomes a "surviving victim." He has, like so many others, lost his love ones, his wife and five year old son, in a random massacre by gun violence. For months he has agonized and grieved alone, struggling with inconceivable pain and sorrow. Unable any longer to witness Chris's depression and despair, his law partner finally intervenes and forces him to take a leave of absence. The change of scenery and physical activity help . . . but a dream, at first bringing joy, then the pain of renewed loss, finally breaks his mental prison of helplessness and uncertainty.

Chris returns to his work as an attorney and his life now centers on seeking answers to why no state legislatures or Congress have been able or willing to act effectively to control the presence of guns in America. He also recognizes that the courts have also failed. They have shirked their impartiality, common sense and rationality by interpreting the Second Amendment's right to bear arms by twisting the plain language of

that Amendment and ignoring the time and circumstances that existed when adopted by the Founding Fathers.

Despite his new motivations, Chris continues to struggle with the pain of his personal loss. Once again, his law partner steps in and convinces him he should seek counseling. At first Chris refuses. Then, reluctantly, he finally agrees. His partner recommends Doctor Kelly Young, a friend with impressive credentials who specializes in dealing with surviving victims of gun violence and their families. The sessions with Doctor Young prove effective, more rapidly than she or Chris anticipated. As a result, Chris sets about to develop his own plans to challenge the gun-government complex that has placed gun ownership above almost all other rights of American society. As he begins his quest, his emotions, long frozen, begin to thaw. His relationship with his therapist changes as he embarks on a mission to lay siege to the fortresses of the gun culture and their minions. When powerful elements in the gun lobby learn of his plans, things quickly get deadly.

Beyond the battles of Chris's personal war, a larger storm is brewing fed by the unlimited "right to bear arms" manifesto. While the carnage continues, Chris realizes that modern interpretation of the "right to bear arms" is sowing the seeds of anarchy in America. Chris believes that his efforts to limit the "right to bear arms" to that which was intended by the Founding Fathers may prove necessary to preserve a government of laws and not men. Will his plan succeed? Will his plan survive the gun lords and their toadies? Will he survive?

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ISBN-13: 9781530975846
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2016
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.59(d)

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