Seeds Of Eden

Seeds Of Eden

by R. Osborn


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Eden. Once the home and Mother Planet for the Edenites. A planet rich in everything imaginable. But, they took from it until it had no more to give. And only when the planet began to die, did they realize what they had done.

By then it was too late. Their planet now uninhabitable. Their population dispersed among the sister planets and throughout the star system. It took them hundreds of years to find suitable life sustaining planets for all of their people.

Earth. Once alive with all kinds of life forms. Early Man. Dinosaurs and so much plant life. All destroyed when Meteors slammed into the planet. After Thousands of years, slowly coming back to life.

Found by the Edenites in their search for suitable life sustaining planets. Chosen as a seed planet. It's new population transplanted onto the planet. Waking one day to their new world. Only to them it was just another day.

When the Edenites returned, they found that the inhabitants were doing to Earth, what they had done to Eden. Something had to be done to prevent this. They made their decision. Now, the clock was ticking.

Mathew. A child placed on Earth to an Edenite family already there and waiting on him. They have prepared well for him. Will he be enough.

Finally of age. A young man. His parents leave Earth. He will be on his own now, except for his android teachers and a master computer called Trainer. Can he overcome the tremendous odds against him. Will they listen. Will he survive long enough to convince them. The adventure begins.

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ISBN-13: 9781456747367
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/04/2011
Pages: 214
Sales rank: 1,125,627
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

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Seeds of Eden

First Born
By R. Osborn


Copyright © 2011 R. Osborn
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-4736-7

Chapter One

The Beginning

Mathew woke to the ringing of his bedside alarm. It was several moments before he realized where he was. Several more moments before he realized why he was. The thoughts in his mind were almost too much for him and he wondered if maybe he could go back to sleep and wake up and all this would have been a dream.

No such luck he knew. Too much of his life up to now had been to prepare him for whatever was ahead of him. Like it or not, he had a job or maybe it was mission. Whichever, they were both pretty much the same for him at this moment.

Eighteen, he thought. Here I am, only eighteen years old and I feel like I should be older. Am I ready for this, can I even do what it is I am supposed to be preparing for. I guess I or we will know soon enough.

As he looked towards his alarm clock, he noticed that the date function appeared to have gone bad. Surely he hadn't slept for two whole days. It had been Thursday evening when he had laid down with the voice tapes on after taking the four pills his mother had given him and felt her hand on his forehead as he drifted off into a kind of sleep.

More like a dream world as he remembered the early bits of the voice machine he wore when he went to bed. He remembered too, the events of the past week. All the talks he and his father and mother had together leading up to Thursday.

They had wakened him early Thursday morning. Both of them standing by his bedside like they had been watching him for a long while as he slept. They informed him that breakfast was ready and that he should join them as there was much to discuss and it would take all the day to do it.

Not really knowing what was up but sure it was going to be important, he quickly rose and dressed before going down to the dining room where they took all their meals. Not finding anyone there he looked around and found them and breakfast on the balcony looking across the valley.

This was a bit different from the normal routine and he hadn't taken a seat before he was asking the obvious question. What's up folks? His mother had spoken first. Son your father and I have some things to tell you. It is important that you listen to what we have to say. Please try not to interrupt as we talk, as we only have today to get this done.

He had wanted to know what she meant by only having today. She had simply said you will find out in a bit. He was just to listen and everything would be explained. She had started by reminding him that he had finished his primary and secondary schooling as was required before he could enroll in one of the universities of his choice."

She pointed out that during all his childhood, he had used the learning devices they had made him wear every night when he went to bed. These devices were teaching him skills that he did not yet realize he could do. Likely, right now, he could not think of a single thing that he had learned but she had assured him that the knowledge was there and only had to be awakened.

She had gone on further to say that they had not wanted him to miss out on any of the things that occur as one grows up. Some things are better experienced than just being read or told about. She had told him how proud they were of his accomplishments both academically and physically. How with the learning devices he had been instructed in many things that other young people his age would never dream have dreamed of doing and ended that line of conversation with her expressed opinion that with the exception of some particular field like genetic engineering for example, that there was nothing else for him to learn in most of the universities on the planet.

He had expressed his bewilderment at what she was saying but she had cut him off and simply said he needed to listen to his father as he ate his breakfast. Her statement that he should not interrupt his Father until he was finished did not decrease the confusion and worry he was feeling. That will be several hours from now and it is important that you not interrupt as you won't get to hear this again.

Aden or dad as Mathew thought of his father seemed to stare straight through him as he paused before starting. His first statement almost brought Matt out of his chair. He had told him that his mother and he were not from this planet. Again his mother had cautioned him to just listen to his father and he could ask questions later.

Dad had explained that they were from a planet many light years from this one. That one of their planets spaceships was circling the planet waiting on his parents which was why they were having to tell him all the things he needed to know today.

He had told him a little about their home world which had been destroyed by the destructive over use of the planets resources. How their ancestors had moved to other planets before their home world had become uninhabitable. Explaining as well that there were hundreds of worlds out there and most all of them seemed determined to destroy themselves in the process of natural advancement. Then telling him that their new home planets and many others like it had taken it upon themselves to try to save as many as possible from the internal destruction that would eventually occur if they didn't control the use of their planets resources.

Then he went on to talk about Earths progress in space travel and exploration. How they now had their own space station, and were making plans set up a base up on the moon and travel to the planet Mars. It was expected that as they progressed that they would discover their neighbors. Some of the soon to be discovered planets were not too pleased with this notion based on Earths violent past history.

The fact that many factions on this planet continued waging war on their neighbors and attempted to take what was not theirs. All this in the name of religion or simply an attempt at expanding a countries borders. Many hundreds of years before, the Edenites had determined that no group of persons proclaiming their right to exist at the expense of another was acceptable, be it nationality or religion and thus all such activities and actions were deemed illegal. Those willing to accept this learned that they could get along with their neighbors and those not soon learned what it was like to be on the receiving end of their particular brand of hate. The planetary councils had since decided that this was not the kind of neighbor they wanted and there were others out there that would prefer to stop this worlds advancement rather than allow it to spread its hate and distrust to other worlds."

Aden talked for what seemed like forever. By now, Matt had become mesmerized by all that was being said and had no desire to ask any questions let alone eat his breakfast. They spoke of many things. Things he must do after they had departed. Things he must not do. Some of them seemed quite normal and easy to remember. Other things seemed quite strange. But, when taken with all that was being said, not too unrealistic. Not once did they ask him if he wanted to stay while they left. It was expected that he would except all this and do as expected.

Well. He would do as was expected of him. It seemed a bit much to expect of one so young but then as he thought about it. He was only young in years. Not in knowledge, or so he hoped.

He remembered his mother saying that were he to wander into an operating theater during a major operation, he would instantly know what to do and how to do it. Even though he had never actually physically trained or participated in anything like that. It had to do with the many training and learning devices his parents had insisted he use over the years.

He remembered inquiring among his friends at school as to whether they used similar devices and found out that none of them had a clue as to what he was talking about or that such devices existed. The fact was that only Matt had access to them. He had been cautioned at an early age never to tell anyone about his home studies as they would not understand and would ridicule him.

He quickly learned this was correct as his friends at school would insist he was making things up. So he quit talking about what he did at home and accepted it as something he had to do to satisfy his parents. After a while, he actually began to look forward to his evening and night sessions with the trainers as he liked to call his equipment.

Now wide awake, he could think back to their discussion. So much he had been told. He knew it was all true. He would never doubt his parents word on anything. They had shown him a star graph of where they were born and spoke of many things regarding the planet they were from. It's name had been Eden.

Their home world was presently uninhabitable. Destroyed by its people who had just kept taking from the planet long after it had nothing left to give. The planets eventual destruction caused by their greed for energy and the planets resources.

First there were a few volcanic eruptions, followed by earthquakes and worse still, completely out of control and unpredictable weather. Then, one by one, all the volcanoes, both active and those dormant for hundreds and thousands of years had started erupting. Filling the skies with ash and darkening the world. The earthquakes. So bad that the planets landscape was being changed day by day. And finally a climate change worldwide.

By then, they had known what was coming and most of the inhabitants were already moved off the planet. Those that remained till the end. Many of them never made it off and those that stayed long enough to witness it, were now very outspoken advocates that what they had done must never happen to one of their planets again.

By the time their home world was gone to them, they had moved outward to other planets and star systems. The Earth was one of them. One of the seed planets.

Matt wondered if he would ever see mom or dad again. Were they his real parents. Well, they had taken care of him from the beginning and that was what mattered. As he thought back to some of the things they had said, one thing stuck in his mind.

Neither had ever seemed to age. They had, he realized, stayed much the same over the years. Not aging any in relation to some of his friend's parents as he remembered. How much would he age before the process of appearing to age stopped and he started into the middle cycle as his father had referred to it.

Now as the morning sun started climbing over the hills before him and made its way into the sky he started making plans for what he was to do next. Aden had insisted that he was to get up, freshen up and prepare himself a large breakfast. After taking breakfast, he was to go out back to his father's work shop and upon entering, press his right palm on the black screen fixed behind the center post in the middle of the shop.

He didn't remember there being a black screen on the post but Aden had assured him it would be there today this morning. Before fixing his breakfast of cold cereal, fruit, toast, juice and coffee he turned on the radio to listen to the morning news. The news came on at the start of the hour and he quickly found out that he had actually slept for two days. Wow, he thought. I wonder what was in those pills mom gave me.

When he finished eating he cleaned up the kitchen area and after straightening up his room and the bath he locked the house and made his way out to the work shop. It looked rather forbidding this morning as if it held secrets he knew nothing about.

Upon entering, he first looked about, fixing everything as it was in his mind. He had learned to do that many years previously. Aden had made it a game. Whenever they went somewhere new or sometimes even to the same place, he would ask Matt what was in which corner or what color shirt or shoes someone had on. This was always after they had left that particular room or place. Matt learned early on to quickly assess his surroundings and make mental notes of anything and everything around him.

Now he knew something was different about the place. But what was it. Well soon to know he thought as he walked over to the eight inch square post positioned in the middle of the shop. His dad had once told him that the post wasn't necessary but he had installed it just the same.

He once told Matt never to try to drive a nail in the post as he wanted it left as it was. Matt had never questioned that particular rule about an old post in his dads shop. The post was set into the concrete floor of the shop and extended all the way up into the rafters of the peaked ceiling above him.

There was a kind of cylinder sticking out of the top of the roof or on the top of the roof. Once he had asked his dad what it was and had been told it was an old antenna used to pick up radio stations. Matt had left it at that. Now as with everything else he had learned, he wondered if the antenna was really just what his father had said it was.

Chapter Two

The Base

Well, Matt thought. Just where dad said it would be. Matt placed the palm of his right hand in the center of the black screen or disk. He held it there for a moment and removed it. At first nothing seemed to be happening but after a few seconds, perhaps ten, words appeared on the screen. Place your left palm on the screen Matt. Well, Matt thought. Whatever is this about.

Moments later after complying with the screens instructions, Matt was startled out of his thoughts when a voice spoke to him from somewhere.

"Greetings Matt Farmer." "My name is Trainer." "I have been waiting for you for many years."

"What," "Who are you?"

"Just a moment Matt." "I have several chores to do for the next few minutes." "Please be patient and I will explain all to you."

There were several noises about Matt and as he turned he saw various changes come over several pieces of his surroundings.

"What is going on," "Matt said to no one in particular."

The voice spoke again. "I am securing the surrounding area to make sure we have no visitors until all is ready or rather until you are ready."

"Ready for what."

"You will see soon enough Matt." "Please be patient."

Well, thought Matt. When things start happening, they really start happening.

"Now Matt." "Please move back from the post." "About five feet should do it."

Matt moved back. He didn't feel anything but rather he saw the area around the post start changing. Now there was a spiral stairway going down into the ground.

"Please enter now Matt."

"What's down there."

"I am."

"Who are you?"

"I told you Matt." "I am Trainer." "You may call me Trainer."

"Your voice seems familiar." "Have we met before."

"Yes Matt." "I am the voice you heard in all your night training sessions with the learning devices you wore."

"Oh yeah." "I knew your voice was familiar."

"Okay, so now that we have settled that." "Please come down the stairs." "We have much to do."

Matt moved slowly down the spiral stairs as if he were reluctant to leave the shop. Before he had passed below the level of the floor he looked about as if it might be his last sight of the world above ground.

The lighting from below seemed quite bright. Matt tried to figure out how far he was going underground as he descended the stairs. It appeared to be about fifty feet as near as he could tell. He expected it to be stuffy or damp smelling much like some of the caves he and Aden had visited on some of their trips around the country. On the contrary, the air actually seemed fresher as he moved down the stairs.

When he had reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped off on what seemed like a marble floor, Trainer spoke again.

"Well come along Matt." "We have much to do."

As Matt started to move away from the stairs he sensed a change. He glanced back and saw a door where moments before there were stairs. "Hey," "What happened to the stairs?"

"Don't worry Matt," "They will be there when you need them." "Now come along."

Matt proceeded down a kind of hallway. There were several doors. Matt noticed that none had any knobs on them.

"Which door do I use and how do I get in."

"Just place one of your hands on the seventh door Matt."

Matt moved down and did as instructed and instantly the door slide open. Now why didn't Mom and Dad show me all this before now Matt thought as he entered through the seventh doorway.

The room was spacious and looked a lot like some type of lounge or sitting area for a group or large family. The one major difference was the large monitors on one of the walls. At least they looked


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - The Beginning....................5
Chapter 2 - The Base....................11
Chapter Three - Death Comes Calling....................17
Chapter Four - Born Again....................25
Chapter Five - Training....................33
Chapter Six - Love Lessons....................43
Chapter Seven - The Marks Family....................47
Chapter Eight - Going Out Again....................51
Chapter Nine - To Catch A Killer....................57
Chapter Ten - To Save A Life....................63
Chapter Eleven - Road Trip....................67
Chapter Twelve - The Calvary....................73
Chapter Thirteen - The Trooper....................79
Chapter Fourteen - The Rogue Officer....................87
Chapter Fifteen - The Marks Family....................95
Chapter Sixteen - Unanswered Questions....................99
Chapter Seventeen - Pools and Pizza....................105
Chapter Eighteen - Texas to New Mexico....................113
Chapter Nineteen - Jenna and the Spider....................117
Chapter Twenty - Task Force....................125
Chapter Twenty One - Albuquerque....................129
Chapter Twenty Two - The Briefing....................133
Chapter Twenty Three - The Falcons....................141
Chapter Twenty Four - Close Calls....................145
Chapter Twenty Five - The Bara System....................151
Chapter Twenty Six - Alice....................155
Chapter Twenty Seven - First Meeting....................163
Chapter Twenty Eight - The Banquet....................167
Chapter Twenty Nine - The Meeting....................171
Chapter Thirty - Satellites & Space Station....................177
Chapter Thirty One - The Chase....................183
Chapter Thirty Two - The Fight....................189
Chapter Thirty Three - Aftermath....................195
Chapter Thirty Four - The Pod....................197

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