Seeds of Nonviolence

Seeds of Nonviolence

by John Dear


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ISBN-13: 9781556358883
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 04/28/2008
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

John Dear is an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, John Dear is a Jesuit priest, pastor, and lecturer who has worked for peace and justice for decades. He has traveled the war zones of the world, organized hundreds of protests, directed the Fellowship of Reconciliation (the largest interfaith peace group in the nation), been arrested some 75 times for nonviolent protests against war and injustice, and lectured across the country about Gospel nonviolence in the tradition of Dr. King and Mahatma Gandhi. He currently lives in New Mexico and works with Pax Christi on a campaign to disarm Los Alamos. He writes a weekly column for the National Catholic Reporter at and is featured in the film "The Narrow Path" (from

His many books include The God of Peace and The Sound of Listening (both available from Wipf and Stock); Transfiguration, Living Peace, The Questions of Jesus, Mohandas Gandhi, Jesus the Rebel, Mary of Nazareth: Prophet of Peace, You Will Be My Witnesses, and Peace Behind Bars.

Table of Contents

Foreword   Bishop Thomas Gumbleton     xi
Introduction     xv
The Road to Nonviolence
Walking the Streets of Violence with the Homeless: A Washington, D.C., Journal     3
Stories from the Street: The Hope of the Homeless     30
Making Peace with the Homeless: A Shelter Is Opened     40
Life and Death on K Street: Community in the Heart of the City     45
Proclaiming God's Reign: A Church of the Poor     54
The Street as Apartheid: South Africa in Washington, D.C.     60
Notes from the D.C. Central Cell Block: In Jail with the Homeless     66
The Case of the Moving Furniture: On Trial for Affordable Housing     72
The Witness of Nonviolence
Disarming the Arms Bazaar: A Word of Peace in a Place of War     85
Mondays at the Pentagon: A Prayerful Vigil for Peace     92
Good Friday in New York City: Nonviolence Means Carrying the Cross     96
Peace in a Time of Resurrection: Beating Swords into Plowshares     103
Living in a Kairos Moment: The Call for Nuclear Disarmament     113
The Prayer of Nonviolence
In Step with the Spirit of Peace: Retreat Notes (August 1988)     129
Prayers of Protest     146
Good News to Dry Bones: Taking Ezekiel at his Word     151
The Prayer ofSt. Ignatius Loyola, Updated     155
A Day to Remember (Memorial Day, 1989)     159
God Is Our Only Security: Psalm 33, Praise be to God     165
Start from Solitude: A Gethsemani Journal (December 1989)     176
The Practice of Nonviolence
The Road to El Paisnal: A Pilgrimage to El Salvador (July 1985)     199
Accompanying the Returning Peoples: El Salvador Revisited (August 1988)     206
Send Bread, Not Bombs: Conversations with the Secretary of the Army     214
We Do Not Live By Bread Alone: A Fast of Repentance (January 15-February 5, 1990)     221
St. Valentine's Day: For the Love of God (February 14, 1990)     229
The Resurrection of Ignacio Ellacuria (El Salvador, July 1990)     234
The Struggle for Nonviolence
Seventy Times Seven: Life on Death Row     241
The Epiphany of a Teacher Dying Young     255
Land of the Broken-Hearted: A Philippines Journey (Summer, 1990)     259
The Wisdom of Nonviolence
The Waters of Baptism: Missioning a Life of Nonviolence     281
Christian Feminism: A Paradigm for Peace     294
Depending on God: Voluntary Poverty and the Way to Peace     305
Thou Shalt Not Disable: Disability, War and Peacemaking     319
The Long Haul Keeps Looking Longer: Spirituality and the Journey of Peace      329
The Making of a Peace Church: Pax Christi, a Catholic Peace Movement     337
The Christ of Nonviolence
Jesus' Narrow Path of Nonviolence     351
Imaging God: Despite the Fall, Grace     360
Jesus and the Minjung: A Call to Solidarity     373
A Letter to the Churches in Washington, D.C.     387
Epilogue: Seeds of Nonviolence In the Day of Violence: A Diary Kept During the Persian Gulf War     397
Acknowledgments     436

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