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Seeing Through God: A Geophenomenology

Seeing Through God: A Geophenomenology

by John Llewelyn, John Sallis

ISBN-10: 0253343461

ISBN-13: 9780253343468

Pub. Date: 12/15/2003

Publisher: Indiana University Press

Wrestles with the meaning of religion, responsibility, and the limits of phenomenology.


Wrestles with the meaning of religion, responsibility, and the limits of phenomenology.

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Indiana University Press
Publication date:
Studies in Continental Thought Series
Product dimensions:
6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Preliminary Table of Contents:
Prologomena To Any Future Phenomenological Ecology
What is phenomenology?; Ecologies and environments; Performance; Justice adjusted; Ancillae philosophiae
1.Gaia Scienza
The Gaia Hypothesis; Morally shallow contractualism; Morally deep eudaemonism; Protogaia; Geoethics East and West
2. Occidental Orientation
Descartes defended; Bacon befriended; Particulars
3. On the Saying that Philosophy Begins in Wonder
Greek Greeks; German Greeks; The gods are also even here
4. Belongings
Footwear; Fiability; Safety from safety
5. A Footnote in the History of Phusis
Between a rock and a hard place; The outcast; Animation; Metaphysics; Readiness to foot; Raisins and almonds; Thanks
6. Touching Earth
Maxwell's maxim; Witnessing earth; Figures and fingers; Deposition; Dirt; Nature and art; Sacrilege
7. Seeing Through God
Only a god; The manufacture of corpses; Divinity; Divination; Salvation as salutation
8. Regarding Regarding
Paint, therein lies salvation; The tears of things; Aslant of light
9. Seeing Through Seeing Through
Landscape and inscape; Cosmic cleansing; Theological vandalism; How things look

Indiana University Press

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