Seeing through Statistics / Edition 2

Seeing through Statistics / Edition 2

by Jessica M. Utts, Utts
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Seeing through Statistics / Edition 2

This second edition of Jessica Utt's popular book develops statistical literacy and critical thinking through real-world applications, with an emphasis on ideas, not calculations. Utts focuses on two central concepts—uncertainty and data. Ideas are introduced in interesting applied and real contexts, without using an abundance of technicalities and calculations which only serve to confuse students.

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ISBN-13: 9780534357863
Publisher: Brooks/Cole
Publication date: 02/28/1999
Series: Statistics Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 465
Product dimensions: 7.46(w) x 9.27(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents

PART I: FINDING DATA IN LIFE. 1. The Benefits and Risks of Using Statistics. 2. Reading the News. 3. Measurements, Mistakes and Misunderstandings. 4. How to Get A Good Sample. 5. Experiments and Observational Studies. 6. Getting the Big Picture. PART II: FINDING LIFE IN DATA. 7. Summarizing and Displaying Measurement Data. 8. Bell-Shaped Curves and Other Shapes. 9. Plots, Graphs and Pictures. 10. Relationships Between Measurement Variables. 11. Relationships Can Be Deceiving. 12. Relationships Between Categorical Variables. 13. Reading the Economic News. 14. Understanding and Reporting Trends Over Time. PART III: UNDERSTANDING UNCERTAINTY IN LIFE. 15. Understanding Probability and Long-Term Expectations. 16. Psychological Influences On Personal Probability. 17. When Intuition Differs from Relative Frequency. PART IV: MAKING JUDGEMENTS FROM SURVEYS AND EXPERIMENTS. 18. The Diversity of Samples from the Same Population. 19. Estimating Proportions with Confidence. 20. The Role of Confidence Intervals in Research. 21. Rejecting Chance-Testing Hypothesis in Research. 22. Hypothesis Testing-Examples and Case Studies. 23. Significance, Importance and Undetected Differences. 24. Meta-Analysis: Resolving Inconsistencies Across Studies. 25. Putting What You Have Learned to the Test. Solutions to Selected Exercises. Index.

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