Seeking and Finding God: In Search of the True Faith

Seeking and Finding God: In Search of the True Faith

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Seeking and Finding God: In Search of the True Faith by Hunt, Dave

It is astonishing how many millions of otherwise seemingly intelligent people are willing to risk their eternal destiny upon less evidence than they would require for buying a car or even a low-carb food item—yet the belief of so many, particularly in the area of religion, has no rational or factual foundation. The author writes, “We have become so open to everything that our minds have been closed to the idea that something may indeed be true and something else false.”

With well-researched arguments and compelling proofs, this book demonstrates that the issue of where one will spend eternity is not a matter of preference (like joining the Elks instead of the Lions). In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that we are eternal beings who will spend eternity somewhere. But where will it be? And how can we know? There is no more important question to be faced—and answered.

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ISBN-13: 9781928660231
Publisher: The Berean Call
Publication date: 04/22/2007
Edition description: Expanded Edition
Pages: 123
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Dave Hunt ministered worldwide for nearly forty years, encouraging millions of believers to diligently study God's Word and leading many to Christ. A prolific best-selling author, international lecturer, and Bible teacher, his writings have been translated into at least 50 languages. More than four million copies of Dave’s books have been sold, which include: The Cult Explosion, The God Makers, The New Spirituality, The Seduction of Christianity, Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist, Occult Invasion, A Cup of Trembling, A Woman Rides the Beast, In Defense of the Faith, An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith, Seeking and Finding God, Judgment Day!, Yoga and the Body of Christ, What Love Is This?, Psychology and the Church, and Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. For nearly a decade, Dave also co-hosted a weekly radio program, Search the Scriptures Daily, broadcast on over 400 stations in the U.S. and worldwide.

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"There is no way that chemical reactions and electrical impulses among the brain's cells can explain a sense of right and wrong, the beauty of a sunset or the rational and moral choices we continually make. No material of any kind, either in the brain or outside of it, has any qualities to explain our ability to understand ideas such as truth, justice, holiness, mercy and grace. These concepts are totally non-physical. They do not originate within the brain, nor are they a conditioned response to anything anywhere in the entire physical universe. Indeed, the brain does not think at all. If thoughts originated in the brain, we would be prisoners of our brains, wondering what our brain would think of next and compelled to do whatever the brain decided. On the contrary, every person is convinced that he or she makes rational choices by weighing alternatives, not because the brain gets an impulse to make the body act in a certain way. While we are prone to react impulsively to the stimuli of physical temptations that breed lust, we are not forced to do so. The moral struggles we all experience to resist temptation are proof that we are not stimulus-response mechanisms ruled by impulses but that we do make genuine choices, though our choices are not always rational or morally right." —Dave Hunt, SEEKING & FINDING GOD, p. 9

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