Selected National, European and International Provisions from Public and Private Law: The Maastricht Collection

Selected National, European and International Provisions from Public and Private Law: The Maastricht Collection


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The Maastricht Law Faculty is known for its outstanding expertise in the field of European and comparative law, and it attaches great importance to comparative legal studies in its teaching. This selection of national, European, and international legal provisions, which have proven to be particularly relevant in comparative legal studies, will assist students, academics, and practitioners in their comparative law work. This expanded and updated third edition of The Maastricht Collection covers the areas of: constitutional law
• administrative law and administrative procedure
• criminal justice
• European and international human rights law
• property law
• tort law
• national and European contract law
• civil procedure
• private international law
• company law
• international business law
• international tax law. For each area, a selection of important legal provisions - from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK - is provided. This includes domestic constitutional and statutory provisions, provisions from international treaties, and instruments of the EU. In addition, selected sources from the US are provided. Sources are reproduced in the original English or are rendered as fresh English translations under critical editorship. Unlike many other translations, The Maastricht Collection remains true to the content, style, and syntax of the original texts. This allows the reader to appreciate not only the substance, but also the authentic form - and the beauty - of foreign legal sources.Ë?

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ISBN-13: 9789089521378
Publisher: Europa Law Publishing
Publication date: 08/30/2013
Pages: 1000
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the third edition v

Contents vii

Part I Constitutional Law

France: Constitution 3

France: Declaration of 1789 21

France: Electoral Code 23

Germany: Basic Law 27

Germany: Federal Elections Act 63

The Netherlands: Charter for the Kingdom 65

The Netherlands: Constitution 75

The Netherlands: Elections Act 89

United Kingdom: Bill of Rights 1689 93

United Kingdom: Parliament Acts 1911/1949 95

United Kingdom: Fixed-term Parliament Act 2011 97

United Kingdom: Human Rights Act 1998 99

United Kingdom: Scotland Act 1998 105

Part II Administrative Law

France: Code of Administrative Justice 109

France: Reasons for Administrative Decisions Act 115

Germany: Administrative Procedure 117

Germany: Administrative Court Procedure 127

The Netherlands: General Administrative Law Act 135

United Kingdom: Civil Procedure Rules 1998 157

Part III Criminal Justice

France: Criminal Code 163

Germany: Criminal Code 171

Germany: Administrative Offences Act 181

The Netherlands: Criminal Code 183

United Kingdom: Miscellaneous Criminal Law Statutes 193

EU: European Arrest Warrant 2002/584/JHA 197

EU: Framework Decision on Combating Terrorism 2002/475/JHA 207

EU: Framework Decision on Freezing Orders 2OO3/577/JHA 211

Part IV Human Rights Law

European Convention on Human Rights 219

ECHR: Protocols 227

ECHR: Rules of Court 231

Convention on the Rights of the Child 245

CRC: Protocols 255

Part V Private Law

France: Civil Code 265

France: Miscellaneous Private Law Codes 291

Germany: Civil Code 297

Germany: Miscellaneous Private Law Statutes and Codes 325

The Netherlands: Civil Code 335

United Kingdom: Sale of Goods Act 1979 375

United Kingdom: Miscellaneous Private Law Statutes 391

Part VI Civil Procedure

France: Code of Civil Procedure 411

Germany: Code of Civil Procedure 415

The Netherlands: Code of Civil Procedure 423

United Kingdom: Civil Procedure Rules 1998 425

EU: Evidence Directive 1206/2001 435

EU: European Enforcement Order 805/2004 441

EU: Order for Payment Regulation 1896/2006 447

EU: Small Claims Regulation 861/2007 453

EU: Service Regulation 1393/2007 459

EU: ADR Directive 2008/52/EC 465

Part VII Private International Law

EU: Brussels I Regulation 469

EU: Brussels I Regulation (Recast) 483

EU: Brussels II bis Regulation 501

EU: Rome I Regulation 517

EU: Rome II Regulation 527

EU: Rome III Regulation 535

EU: Maintenance Regulation 541

Hague Protocol on Maintenance 561

EU: Succession Regulation 565

Part VIII European Company Law

Directive 2009/101 on Coordination of Safeguards 591

Directive 2012/30 on Coordination of Safeguards 599

Directive 2011/35 on Mergers 613

Directive 78/660 on Annual Accounts 621

Directive 83/349 on Consolidated Accounts 647

Directive 2005/56 on Cross-Border Mergers 665

Directive 89/666 on Disclosure Requirements 673

Directive 2009/102 on Single-Member Companies 677

Directive 2004/25 on Takeover Bids 681

Directive 2007/36 on Certain Rights of Shareholders 691

Regulation 2137/85 on European Economic Interest Grouping 699

Regulation 2157/2001 on Statute for a European Company (SE) 709

Directive 2001/86 on SE Employee Involvement 725

Proposal Regulation on Statute for European Private Company 733

Part IX European Private Law

Directive 85/374 011 Product Liability 749

Directive 85/577 on Doorstep Selling 753

Directive 86/653 on Commercial Agency 755

Directive 87/102 on Consumer Credit 761

Directive 93/7 on Return of Cultural Objects 767

Directive 93/13 on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts 771

Directive 97/7 on Distance Contracts 777

Directive 1999/44 on Consumer Sales and Associated Guarantees 783

Directive 2000/31 on Electronic Commerce 789

Directive 2000/35 on Combating Late Payment 803

Directive 2011/7 on Combating Late Payment (Recast) 807

Directive 2002/47 on Financial Collateral Arrangements 815

Directive 2009/44 on Financial Collateral Arrangements (Amendments) 823

Directive 2005/29 on Unfair Commercial Practices 829

Directive 2008/122 on Timeshare 841

Directive 2011/83 on Consumers Rights 853

Regulation 1346/2000 on Insolvency Proceedings 863

Part X International Business Law

Convention on the International Sale of Goods 879

Convention on Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) 893

Hague Visby Rules 903

New York Convention 907

Part XI International Tax Law

OECD Model Tax Convention 913

Part XII United States Law

United States: Constitution and Amendments 925

United States: Uniform Commercial Code 933

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