Selected Papers on Acousto-Optics

Selected Papers on Acousto-Optics

by Adrian Korpel



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ISBN-13: 9780819404374
Publisher: SPIE Press
Publication date: 01/01/1990
Series: SPIE Milestone Ser.
Pages: 614

Table of Contents

Section 1Theory
Diffusion de la lumiere et des rayons x, (Annales de Physique 1921)3
On the scattering of light by supersonic waves, (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1932)29
Proprietes optiques des milieux solides et liquides soumis aux vibrations el astiques ultra sonores, (Journal de Physique 1932)33
La diffraction de la lumiere par des ultra-sons, (Actualites Scientifiques et Industrielles 1933)48
The diffraction of light by high frequency sound waves: part I, (Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 1935)73
The diffraction of fight by sound waves of high frequency: part II, (Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 1935)79
The diffraction of fight by high frequency sound waves: part III, (Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 1936)85
The diffraction of light by high frequency sound waves: part IV, (Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Science 1936)93
The diffraction of light by high frequency sound waves: part V, (Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 1936)98
Zur theorie der lichtbeugung an ultraschallwellen, (Physica 1937)103
The diffraction of light by high frequency sound waves: generalised theory, (Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 1936)107
Diffraction of light by ultrasonic waves. I. general theory, (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 1953)124
Zur beugung paralleler lichtbundel an laufenden ultraschallwellen, (Zeitschrift fur Physik 1955)137
An investigation of light diffracted by wide, high-frequency ultrasonic beams, (Physica 1963)155
Acoustic diffraction of light in anisotropic media, (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1967)160
Unified approach to ultrasonic light diffraction, (IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics 1967)169
Acoustic imaging by diffracted light. I. two-dimensional interaction, (IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics 1968)181
Guided-wave theory of light diffraction by acoustic microwaves, (IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 1970)186
Eikonal theory of Bragg-diffraction imaging, (Acoustical Holography 1970)205
Bragg diffraction of Gaussian beams by periodically modulated media, (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1976)215
Diffraction of Gaussian beams by periodically modulated media for incidence close to a Bragg angle, (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1976)222
Diffraction of a divergent beam by intense acoustic waves, (Optical Spectroscopy 1977)224
Two-dimensional plane wave theory of strong acousto-optic interaction in isotropic media, (Journal of the Optical Society of A 1979)228
Diffraction of optical beams with arbitrary profiles by a periodically modulated layer, (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1980)234
Explicit formalism for acousto-optic multiple plane-wave scattering, (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1980)240
Diffraction of light by profiled ultrasound, (Acoustica 1984)244
Use of angular plane-wave spectra in the analysis of three-dimensional weak acousto-optic interaction, (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1987)250
Section 2Technique
Uber den nachweis der frequenzanderung des lichtes durch Dopplereffekt bei der lichtbeugung an ultraschallwellen, (Helvetica Physiologica et Pharmacologica Acta 1935)258
Application of ultrasonic light modulation to signal recording, display, analysis and communication, (IRE Transactions on Ultrasonics Engineering 1961)261
Optical correlation technique, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1963)266
Successive diffiraction theory for diffraction of light by ultrasonic waves of arbitrary waveform, (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1964)267
Stimulated Brillouin scattering and coherent generation of intense hypersonic waves, (Physical Review Letters 1964)271
Direct observation of optically induced generation and amplification of sound, (Applied Physics Letters 1964)275
Proposition de production d'ondes hypersonores par effet Brillouin sous l'action simultanee de deux faisceaux lumineux coherents sur un milieu dielectrique solide ou liquide, (Comptes Rendus Academie des Sciences Paris 1964)278
Acoustic beam probing using optical techniques, (The Bell System Technical Journal 1965)282
Wide-band modulation of a laser beam, using Bragg-angle diffraction by amplitude-modulated ultrasonic waves, (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1964)304
A new technique for measuring magnitudes of photoelastic tensors and its application to lithium niobate, (Applied Physics Letters 1966)314
Internal laser modulation by acoustic lens-like effects, (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1966)317
A review of acousto-optical deflection and modulation devices, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1966)325
Visualization of the cross section of a sound beam by Bragg diffraction of light, (Applied Physics Letters 1966)336
Continuous deflection of laser beams, (Applied Physics Letters 1967)339
Application of acoustic Bragg diffraction to optical processing techniques, (Symposium on Modern Optics 1967)342
Real-time electro-optical signal processors with coherent detection, (Applied Optics 1967)353
Optical pulse compression using Bragg scattering by ultrasonic waves, (Applied Physics Letters 1967)362
Acoustic surface displacement measurements on a wedge, shaped transducer using an optical probe technique, (IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics 1968)366
Probing of acoustic surface perturbations by coherent light, (Applied Optics 1969)370
Visualization of a coherent light field by heterodyning with a scanning laser beam, (Applied Optics 1969)380
Bragg diffraction sampling of a sound field, (The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1972)384
Acousto-optic light deflectors using optical activity in paratellurite, (Journal of Applied Physics 1972)395
Time integrating optical processors, (in Real-Time Signal Processing, Proc. SPIE 154, 1978)402
Acoustooptic spectrum analysis: a high performance hybrid technique, (Applied Optics 1979)410
Acousto-optic signal processing: convolution and correlation, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1981)415
Spectrum analysis using optical processing, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1981)430
The Raman-Nath equations revisited. II. oblique incidence of the light-Bragg reflection, (Ultrasonics International '87 Conference Proceedings 1987)444
Section 3Devices
The Scophony light control, (Television and Short-Wave World 1936)452
The wave-slot, an optical television system, (The Wireless Engineer 1937)460
Some applications of an ultrasonic light modulator, (The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1962)470
A simple optical filter for chirp radar, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1964)472
An ultrasonic light deflection system, (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1965)473
A television display using acoustic deflection and modulation of coherent light, (Applied Optics 1966)475
An instrument for making surface waves visible, (IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics 1968)484
Acoustooptical pulse modulators, (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1970)489
Wide-band acoustooptic deflectors using acoustic beam steering, (IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics 1970)499
Acoustic microscope operating at 100 MHz, (Nature 1971)506
Doubling acousto-optic deflector resolution utilizing second-order birefringent diffraction, (Applied Physics Letters 1975)508
Section 4Materials
Measurement of light-sound interaction efficiencies in solids, (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1965)512
Guidelines for the selection of acoustooptic materials, (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1970)514
Acoustooptic deflection materials and techniques, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1973)530
Section 5Reviews
Interaction between light and sound, (IEEE Spectrum 1967)552
Guided-wave acoustooptic Bragg modulators for wide-band integrated optic communications and signal processing, (IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems 1979)565
Acousto-optics--a review of fundamentals, (Proceedings of the IEEE 1981)592
Fifty years of acousto-optics, (Proceedings of the Eleventh International Congress on Acoustics 1983)598

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