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Selected Pathways to God: The Intellectual, Psychic, and Spiritual

Selected Pathways to God: The Intellectual, Psychic, and Spiritual

by Colliston R. Rose MD

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Everyone is not at the same level of intellectual or spiritual development. In order to assist the Creator, Soul, a product of God, needs co-worker training, largely experiential, that separates knowledge from belief.
Since 1965, three pathways, with subsets of elementary, intermediate, and advanced components, surfaced that can potentially take one to specific


Everyone is not at the same level of intellectual or spiritual development. In order to assist the Creator, Soul, a product of God, needs co-worker training, largely experiential, that separates knowledge from belief.
Since 1965, three pathways, with subsets of elementary, intermediate, and advanced components, surfaced that can potentially take one to specific levels of God's kingdoms. These pathways are the Intellectual, Psychic, and Spiritual (Eckankar, or Advanced religion).
Instructors teach dream travel, Soul Travel, karma, reincarnation by which a current illness can be anchored to the past, mind passions, and development of the spiritual senses.
An experiment given allows testing of the hypothesis that access to God's kingdoms is from within, and not from without.

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Selected Pathways to God

The Intellectual, Psychic, and Spiritual

By Colliston R. Rose


Copyright © 2013 Colliston R. Rose, MD
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-2805-8


Thinking Outside the Box

Some believe that life begins in the cradle and ends at the grave. Therefore, for such individuals, no great preparation is required for an afterlife since, for them, there is none. Such persons often have a mindset that prevents further discussion of this matter and are unwilling to examine any new information on God.

It is a fact of life that some individuals are just not ready to receive or even examine advanced information on God and His kingdoms. Some say that God is neither masculine nor feminine.

For various reasons, such individuals are simply content with their present status in life regarding God. For these individuals, this new information involves too much heavy lifting, too much of an intellectual burden to bear. It is ironic, however, that such persons only seek God when something dramatic occurs, such as loss of a loved one, a sudden illness, or a near-death experience.

The question arises – How can one say something of a spiritual nature to someone without upsetting their innermost sensitivities?

However, for those who see life as continuous beyond death, then they may be aware that some kind of preparation may be required for this new adventure when the time will be due.

Furthermore, for these persons, an array of questions can now be asked, such as, "Where does one go after death?," "How is life over there?," "Are there many steps to take in one's spiritual evolution?," or, "Can one prepare for this journey now?" After examining recently available revelations regarding God and His kingdoms, this new adventure can actually begin now while one is still alive.

According to information that is available today, there is one God; all other identified Gods are either sub-Gods, assistants to God, or messengers of God. Some get this classification confused.

From all available information, it appears that God has many heads of departments to run His kingdoms. If one were to state that one met recently God's right-hand man for Soul Affairs, as have thousands of other individuals, this statement would generate various reactions from awesome to cool, anger to disbelief, derision to hostility, depending on the intellectual, psychic, or spiritual development of the individual responding. More will be said regarding these three types of potential educational pathways. But the previous statement above is the truth that was made possible by revelations in the literature that occurred recently. This individual can inform one of one's past lives as well as the present life.

Furthermore, although all individuals are created equal, there are personal variations in intellectual, psychic, and spiritual development. This is a fact of life.

Training in intellectualism, psychic matters, as well as spirituality, in that order, takes one to increasingly higher levels of understanding and experiences, from fringe to full, that an individual not receiving this training may not believe or even consider possible until this person has received a similar level of instruction.

Therefore, the interpretation of the statement above regarding God's right-hand man for Soul Affairs will vary depending on one's intellectual, psychic, or spiritual status.

It appears that from earliest times to the present, individual mankind has taken evolutionary small steps in intellectual, psychic, and spiritual development, but not at the same pace. In addition, although humans are at the top of the evolutionary ladder in terms of movement to God, spiritually, not all humans are alike, sub-classifications of these individuals are evident.

From the lowest to the highest in spiritual development are: humans withanimal-liketendencies,suchasrapistsandmurderers,non-intellectual types for various reasons who can be a danger to themselves and to others due to ignorance, intellectual types of varying degrees, those with psychic abilities, and finally, humans possessing spiritual qualities.

Each of the categories listed above can be further subdivided. Refer to the text for these subdivisions.

A large majority of humanity thinks within a box. Society today largely defines the contours of this box. Science, on the other hand, focuses on a box within the larger box relative to the greater society.

In the discussion that follows, an attempt will be made to either expand the borders of the larger box or to dissolve its borders entirely.

This will involve taking a new look at old information or adding to this information. When thinking outside the box, the unusual replaces the usual.

Nineteen sixty five was a pivotal year in matters relating to God and one's spiritual development since the three major pathways to God mentioned above surfaced publicly, although they existed in the past but were very difficult to discern. These are the Intellectual, the Psychic, and the Spiritual.

The Intellectual pathway largely prepares one for life on earth; whereas, the Psychic and Spiritual pathways largely prepare one for life after death of the physical body, although these can be pursued while one is still alive. The three pathways, in the order presented, represent increasing levels of training, and experiences.

Furthermore, each of these pathways has three different sub-levels, namely, the elementary, the intermediate, and the advanced. This meant that before 1965, those persons choosing a pathway to God, or had one chosen for them, involved themselves lacking all of the information on pathways that is available today.

Although it is one's right to choose a pathway to God that fulfils one's needs, this should be done after all possible information on pathways is examined, not before. However, this is not always possible since, as said earlier, before 1965, information on routes to God were often hidden, or cryptic.

Nineteen sixty five was also important since, as said before, one now had access to two major mechanisms for reaching God's kingdoms, namely, the mind and Soul. The Intellectual and Psychic pathways, respectively, through use of the mind, have the potential to take one one-sixth and almost half-way into God's kingdoms.

On the other hand, by employment of mechanisms of the mind, then Soul, the Spiritual pathway potentially can take one all the way into God's kingdoms. More will be said about this later.

Furthermore, in the Intellectual and Psychic pathways, and even in the initial steps of the Spiritual pathway, when awake the mind tries to suppress information from Soul. However, when asleep, Soul takes control; but on awakening, Soul's messages to the mind are either garbled, lost, or partially, or totally recalled, all depending on the stage of one's psychic or spiritual development.

In the absence of clear-cut spiritual guidance, from infancy to adulthood, one is like a puppet on a string. In the background and unknown to most of us, some unknown benevolent force tries to guide us, to groom us, as well as protect us until we can take care of ourselves spiritually. Do such forces or beings really exist? Why help us in the first place? Do we listen to or react to these inner nudges? If we do, we may find that life is like a distance race. Instead of a race for a single lifetime, it is one for multiple lifetimes. Only the brave, fearless, benevolent, loving of all life, and knowledgeable will reach the finish line.

Furthermore, did you ever find yourself in the right place and at the right time that promoted a greater understanding of God?

Many persons do not realize that various pathways to God exist beside old-age and modern religions. It is unfortunate, however, that the reaction to any new information regarding God varies understandably from lack of interest to fervent denial, from disbelief to tacit acceptance of it, from eagerness to examine this information immediately to scrutiny in a cautious, more leisurely manner.


Echoes from the Past

Until very recently, the secrets regarding God's kingdoms were shrouded in mystery, ambiguity, half truths due to misinformation, absence of true knowledge or involved persecution. Recently, however, since 1967, major transformations have occurred. More and more of His kingdoms are revealed (1, 2). In addition, new information presented is in a clearer, more easily understood language than before, therefore, one does not have to second guess the intent of the authors of this material.

In life, or in nature, if one scrutinizes only a few observations of any phenomenon (called data points), it would be difficult to draw any conclusions regarding these observations. However, this readily changes as more and more observations are made, as more data are gathered. Definitive conclusions regarding these data can now be made. A similar type of assessment can be made regarding pathways to God based on recently available information.

Nineteen sixty seven was a pivotal year for God awareness because of two reasons. First, as mentioned before, awareness of a third major pathway to God surfaced that existed from time immemorial but which remained largely hidden. This is Advanced religion, Eckankar, or Spirituality (3) that now supplemented two already fairly known existing ones, namely, intellectualism, and the psychic pathway (Old-age and modern religions, yoga, mysticism, and others).

However, the model that prepares one for the Intellectual and Psychic pathways is far different than the one that prepares one for the Spiritual pathway.

Second, information mentioned above that was presented in 1967 suggested the need for an urgent reevaluation of some commonly accepted notions regarding God and His kingdoms.

Now, it has become abundantly clear that life does not begin in the cradle nor end at the grave: after death, one does not resurrect from the grave at the second coming of Christ (4); resurrection is not of the physical body but involves the spiritual body (4); Jehovah is not God but an assistant to God (3), and one does not possess a Soul but is Soul (5).

The latter is the divine part of each of us that is obtained from God. However, many individuals do not know this. Therefore, one must strive to find this part of one's self and recognize it.

Some traditions and recent information by Paul Twitchell (3) and Harold Klemp (6) state that we are Soul, albeit immature, created by God and sent to the earth (eventually encased in a body), and elsewhere-our temporary homes-in order to seek and obtain an education and spiritual maturity. The purpose of this training is to become Co-workers with God (6).

It may be a surprise to learn that each of us has three educational paths to pursue, if not already pursued. As said earlier, these are the Intellectual, or objective, that can take one one-sixth of the way into God's kingdoms: the Psychic, or subjective, that prepares one for almost half of this journey; and the Spiritual, also subjective, that has the potential to reach all the way into God's kingdoms.

These three pathways provide information and experiences for Co-workership internships with God. However, the degree and extent of one's Co-workership training will depend on the number of pathways one has pursued over time. If only one pathway were pursued, then the experiences received will not be as extensive as if two or even three pathways were studied in a serious manner. Therefore, for a large majority of individuals, their education may be incomplete.

Intellectual training, pursued at our own pace, allows us to obtain the requisite training and experience, secure employment, raise a family if desired, and seek appropriate rest and relaxation.

On the other hand, psychic training, to a certain extent, and spiritual training (Advanced religion) allow us to return to God's kingdoms, our true home, also at our own pace. However, many persons do not realize that old-age and modern religions, and other studies, components of the psychic since they are largely subjective, are not the only pathway in returning home to God, neither are they the fastest.

Today, these training systems are used in gathering and processing information. Furthermore, these systems, to varying degrees, employ the intellect, that is, thinking which is facilitated through use of the brain, the mind, the physical senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting), as well as the bodily systems. These are the circulatory, digestive, excretory, genetic, immune, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary systems (7, 8)

The nervous and muscular systems, for example, allow not only reception of a stimulus (such as a sound to the ear), but, also, possible movement as a reaction to this stimulus in an attempt to localize this sound. Of course, the circulatory and digestive systems, respectively, convey to and supply the appropriate muscles with energy in the blood in order to facilitate this movement.

The human body which integrates all bodily systems is literally the house, or apartment, in which Soul resides while one is alive on earth, and from which Soul leaves temporarily and returns during sleep, or vacates permanently at death of the body. Soul is immortal (2). A large majority of humanity uses the Intellectual system that is one major pathway to God.

The Psychic and Spiritual systems, on the other hand, have additional features at their disposal that can augment the data that are obtained by the Intellectual pathway. Although these systems in total feature at least eight major options for getting into God's kingdoms, the differences among these pathways relate to one's level of awareness (consciousness).

Although one can rank order these pathways from the lowest to the highest, based on the level of awareness attained, the recognition that each individual has the right to choose his/her own pathway is paramount.

Furthermore, an individual's interpretation of information relating to a particular pathway will be always correct, based on this person's level of awareness. For example, an individual who claims that two plus two equal five is correct based on this person's level of consciousness (awareness). It is quite possible, however, that such a person may have found a unique method of mathematical addition.

It appears that pathways to God's kingdoms probably developed as various options over time as mankind evolved from ancient times to modern times, from limited intellectual thinking to more advanced thinking, from lesser awareness of God's works to greater awareness and understanding. The Intellectual, Psychic, and Spiritual systems will be discussed in Chapters 5-8.

Many persons readily accept information on the arts, science, or technology obtained by the Intellectual system, but baulk, even hem and haw, when data gathered from psychic and spiritual investigations are presented. The former individuals claim that this psychic or spiritual information is contrary to what their parents and grandparents taught them and is thus contrary to God's word. Further, they claim that if this information is not found in the Christian bible, then it is not the truth, as if the Christian bible were the sole dispenser of spiritual wisdom.

Others feel that if new information on God does not fit into their belief system, then such information is not worthy of their consideration. It appears that a study of history shows that new information is always forthcoming.

Therefore, the individuals mentioned immediately above should ask the question, "Is there information on God that exists of which I am unaware?" Ironically, it is the right of each individual to select the type of information that he/she wishes to examine.

Some individuals, especially scientists, feel that if data on God cannot be tested in a scientific laboratory, then they are unreliable or do not exist. Data regarding the origin of life on earth will be discussed in Chapter 5.

If you feel quite fervently that Jehovah, Buddha, or Jesus is God, then this book may not be for you. Similarly, if your interpretation of the Trinity (the Father, Son, Holy Ghost concept) makes Jesus (the Son) equal in stature to God (the Father), then there is a strong possibility that this interpretation of the Trinity is not the correct one (9).

Do you believe that the devil is a teacher selected by God? No? Then maybe there is a need to read on to discover whether he is, or is not (10). If indeed he is an educator, do you have the muster to pass his classes regarding the five passions of the mind depicted by the acronym, vagal (vanity, anger, greed, attachment to material possessions, and lust)?-(11).

What of the concept of Spiritual Masters?, one may ask (12). Or, a Living Teacher or Living ECK Master?-(12). "Did you say correctly a Living Teacher?" Whoever heard of him? is often heard when this name is mentioned. Have you heard of chakras (13, 14), or Soul Travel?-(15).

Finally, is it possible that while living in the human body one can cross the border of death in full consciousness and return to tell the tale (at least privately, not publicly)?

The Intellectual pathway, the first of those leading back into God's kingdoms introduces the inner operation of His kingdoms by means of the laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, interactions among social beings including man, economic forces that interplay with our lives, energy, matter, space, time, and so on.

Excerpted from Selected Pathways to God by Colliston R. Rose. Copyright © 2013 Colliston R. Rose, MD. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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