Selected Works 1972-1999

Selected Works 1972-1999

by Eagles
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Selected Works 1972-1999

The Eagles' zillion-selling Greatest Hits albums rank as the music industry's great warhorses; but they only tell part of the story of Southern California's rock monarchs. This career-spanning retrospective adds whole other chapters. The cleverly-sequenced four-disc set reprises all the smashes that made the band a radio staple for the past three decades, and peppers them with equally enticing album tracks. So hits such as "Take It Easy," "New Kid in Town," "Life in the Fast Lane," and their magnum opus "Hotel California" are set off by tunes such as "Doolin' Dalton," "Sad Café," and "King of Hollywood." Rather than order the tunes chronologically, the set groups them thematically -- with one studio disc devoted to rockers, one to ballads, and one to the group's more country-flavored material. Since the Eagles were never known as one of rock's more prolific flocks, fans might not expect Selected Works to hold much in the way of studio oddities. But it turns out the band did have a handful of offbeat items squirreled away, and those tracks spice up the proceedings, particularly the choogling "Born to Boogie" and the ten-minute "Random Victims Part 3," a mad-scientist splice of outtakes that holds together surprisingly well. The set's fourth disc -- which presents highlights from the "Millennium Concert" the Eagles staged in L.A. last year -- will be the most interesting to Eagles scholars who already own the major albums. Most of the songs culled from the gig are versions of their radio hits -- and some also appear in studio form in the box -- but ear-opening cuts, such as their rendition of Tom Waits' "Ol' 55" and Joe Walsh's reprise of his James Gang hit "Funk No. 49," will keep listeners on their toes. Selected Works also includes a well-appointed 44-page booklet graced with liner notes by Glenn Frey and arrives packaged in a unique canvas-bound box.

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Release Date: 11/14/2000
Label: Elektra / Wea
UPC: 0075596257527
catalogNumber: 62575

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eagles   Primary Artist
Don Henley   Synthesizer,Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Tabla,Vocals
Randy Meisner   Bass,Vocals,Guitarron
Joe Walsh   Organ,Synthesizer,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
David Sanborn   Alto Saxophone
Don Felder   Organ,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Albhy Galuten   Synthesizer
John Corey   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Scott Crago   Percussion,Drums
Glenn Frey   Synthesizer,Guitar,Harmonium,Vocals,Clavinet,Slide Guitar
Garth   Clarinet,Violin,Saxophone
Bernie Leadon   Banjo,Guitar,Mandolin,Steel Guitar,Vocals
Jim Ed Norman   Conductor,Electric Piano
Jay Oliver   Keyboards
Timothy B. Schmit   Bass,Vocals
Gary Grimm   Percussion,Keyboards
Tomothy Drury   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals

Technical Credits

Eagles   Producer
Joe Walsh   Composer
Barry De Vorzon   Composer
Guy Charbonneau   Live Recording
Glenn Frey   Liner Notes
Glyn Johns   Producer
Rob Jacobs   Producer
Jim Ed Norman   String Arrangements
Jay Oliver   Producer,Engineer
Elliot Scheiner   Producer,Engineer
Bill Szymczyk   Producer,Liner Notes
David Wild   Liner Notes
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
Mike Harlow   Producer,Engineer
Ken Harding   Composer

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Sorry to say it but this box set doesn¿t live up to my expectations. Only disc 3 doesn¿t suffer from too short a playing time, and when you listen to the comment (»welcome back to the second half of our show«, which comes 25 minutes into the 60 minutes long live disc) you can¿t help but think which songs you have missed out on. 60 minutes - they surely could have put on 3 or 4 more songs, couldn¿t they? As for the booklet it surely misses a discography. Personally I have all Eagles¿ records on the shelf, but for the new Eagles fan it must be confusing not to be able to see from which records the songs are taken. That said it¿s a fine idea with the themes on the 3 studio CD¿s but it¿s not enough to justify byuing the box. The few new songs are not that interesting, either.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a fan of the one of the biggest acts of the seventies, The Eagles, I am understandably bias towards the Eagles box set, so I¿ll try to be as bias as possible so people can understand just how good this set is! First off, I love that the discs are not in chronological order. The style categorization allows listeners to hear what they are feeling at the time. Plus the outtakes on disc 3 are hilarious! The special hidden tracks are also a nice little insight into the minds of the Eagles. Disc 4 is probably my favorite disc,although I wish they played things that were a little more rare, way oldies like Good Day In Hell, or perhaps Doolin¿ Dalton, but I am not aguing at all. The live cuts of Those Shoes and Peaceful Easy Feeling sound perfect!! I especially like the spelling error on disc 4. (Spelled ¿Millenium¿ on the cd and ¿Millennium¿ on the case) Now for the reading material, the 40 book is a great find. I love the pictures and the write-up by Glenn. What more could an Eagles fan ask for (besides a private concert J ) Overall, this is the best collection of music I have ever heard. No true Eagles fan should go without this!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the eagles it`s the greatets band ever This boxed set has every great little thing that they´re done and more,you have some suprises too .And the 44-page book its great now i finally has some good photos. And you young people out there like myself -Go and buy the boxed set you get a magical journey to the great 70´s and the live performance that took place in california LA 1999-2000 The millenium concert.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very nice overview of an awesome band. Very predictable choices. I would have been happy to see more rarities and unreleased tracks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This boxed set brings together Eagles recordings under 4 themes; Disc 1 ¿The Early Days includes tracks from the first 3 albums and also includes Hollywood Waltz from the 4th album. Disc 2 ¿The Ballads¿ concentrates on the last three studio albums but also adds a single track from ¿Hell Freezes Over¿, ¿On The Border¿ and ¿Desperado¿. Disc 3 ¿The Fast Lane¿ picks up the pace and shows that the Eagles really could rock. Disc 4 ¿A Night to Remember Live¿ is exactly as it¿s described. So what¿s new for those fans who already own everything by the Eagles? Well for starters, those of you who bought the albums when they were first available on CD will immediately notice a vast improvement in sound quality because these are the digitally re-mastered versions. They highlight just how incredible the harmonies are. Just listen to Randy Meisner singing those high harmonies on ¿Take it Easy¿ ¿ they stand out clearly and are not lost in the mix. But what if you¿ve bought the re-mastered versions? Well disc 3 contains some studio outtakes ¿ some are funny, some are original instrumentals which you can imagine are part of some unfinished/unreleased tracks which may yet be completed and put out on a new album. If you¿re still not convinced listen to the fourth live disc. ¿Take it to the Limit¿ is performed for the first time since Randy Meisner¿s departure; Glenn Frey handles lead vocal very well. Listen to the talk box guitars on ¿Those Shoes¿. I always wondered whether this could be reproduced live ¿ It¿s even better. Listen to the new arrangement of ¿Best of My Love¿. You also have the non-album tracks ¿Please Come Home For Christmas¿ and ¿Funky New Year¿ Do you need any more persuading? Yes? It comes with a 40-page book with liner notes by Bill Szymczyk, David Wild, and Glen Frey. Do yourself a favour ¿ Buy it now.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nothing more needs to be said that hasn't already been said about this mega-superstar band. I am 45 years old and always was and always will be an Eagles fan. One of these Nights was a song that constantly ran through my head when it first came out. I never tired of hearing it. Add Joe Walsh to the mix and look out world more great music from an already a**-kicking band.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I did decide to treat myself to the boxed set, and while I would agree in some ways it's a bit of a rip-off, I was very pleased with the 4th disc - being a bigger Glenn fan than Eagles (almost!!), to have Ol' 55 - a long-time favourite - live, was a real treat, and I loved his TITTL, although I am sure that won't be the universal opinion on that!! While I can understand some criticism of the recording in technical terms, for me even a poor live recording will always be preferable to the clinical feel of a lot of studio recordings. Disc 3 was interesting, if a little disappointing, and probably not good value for money. Discs 1 & 2 I also enjoyed, and they got me thinking about how we get used to listening to a whole album through. When tracks are moved around, or put with others, it can often give a different aspect to them, and I certainly found this here. I thought the Ballads album worked better than the Early Days. So, in summary, it made a nice, if unessential, birthday/Christmas present, but I'm glad I managed to find it at a good price!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The perfect collection for every Eagles fan! Beautiful ballads mixed with magnificent countryrock, that made The Eagles to the best American group in the 70ths. With the live-CD Eagles has shown the world that they're still going strong! The box is really enjoyable! Lars Dahl Sweden
Guest More than 1 year ago
Everything that you don't want in a box set is here. Starting with disc one (The early years) whose running time is a meager 50 minutes. Why the compiliers felt the need to not include more album tracks from the first three albums is a mystery. With a possible 6 or 7 more songs (Take the Devil,Midnight Flyer, Ol'55, Bitter Creek, Out of Control, Journey of the Sorcerers are the main omissions) the first disc would have gotten the set off on the right foot. Disc two (The ballads) also suffers from the same problems as the first disc. Short running time and missing key album tracks. Disc three is the most complete of the set including most of non ballad tracks off Hotel California and The Long Run. Included is a brief glimpse into studio sessions, nothing revealing...mostly filler. Disc four is the Millenium Concert which is interesting, sometimes good, and material which has never been released. While the box is impressive the book looks like it belongs in a box set made 12 years ago. Another bummer. All five studio albums, the studio tracks plus any high quality live material could have easily fit on four discs. Add to that an informative and historical book with discography and sessionography info...Now that would be a good box set. Unless you really want the Millennium Concert material stick with the individual albums or greatest hits packages already available.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This box set is a must for any Eagles fan. Whether you've been a fan for YEARS, or just discovered them, this box set has something for everyone. If your a long time fan, and have every other album, disc 4 alone is worth buying it. Though the disc could've been longer, the songs on there are all great. Plus, the One of These Nights Intro, and Random Victims #3 are both quite amusing to listen to! For the new fan, this box set has the best of the best from these guys. (The only song I wish they put on there was Visions!) This set chronicles their work from their debut, up to Hotel California, and The Long Run, and then up to their resumption. So whether your a new fan, or liked them since the 1970s, this box set is a must!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am 25 years old and I have been a fan of the Eagles since the first time my dad played their Greatest Hits 71-75 for me & this long awaited set has certainly met up to my expectations. It combines all of the well known hits with the lesser known gems. This set is a must for any fan of the best band ever.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am 36 years old and have been an Eagles fan for as long as I can remember. I have owned everything they have ever put out at one time or another and I can honestly say that I LOVE this set of CD's. I can put a memory to just about every one of these songs during different periods of my life. Very few bands have that kind of staying power!!! I love it - Definitely NOT 'Wasted Time'!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The best of the Eagles' best is put into Selected Works 1972-1999. The first disc, the Early Years contains the best country rock music produced by the Eagles, mainly with the four original members. Disc two, the Ballads, is just a great disc to listen to with that special someone. Disc three, the Fast Lane, has some of the best rock songs know to man like ''Hotel California,'' ''Life In the Fast Lane,'' and even some very rare tracks of the Eagles. ''The Long Run Left Overs'' is great, every Eagles fan needs to hear this song. And, of course, there is the fourth disc, The Millennium, which is some of the best recorded live material the Eagles ever put out. You'll love it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have purchased many box sets in the past, but I did enjoy this one more than any of them by far. Frey's sequencing is perfect. You have ''The Early Years'' as disc one. Including songs like ''Midnight Flyer,'' ''Take It Easy,'' ''Already Gone,'' and ''On The Border,'' this is defintely a winner for all that enjoy a lot of the pre-Walsh/Schmit tunes that were recorded. The second disc, titled ''The Ballads'' is excellent for sitting next to a warm fire sipping on your hot cocoa -- very relaxing! Including the beautiful ''Love Will Keep Us Alive,'' and the thought-provoking ''The Sad Cafe,'' along with other greats like ''Lyin' Eyes,'' ''New Kid In Town,'' and ''After The Thrill Is Gone,'' this disc has been perfectly sequenced to provide the listener with a nice soothing compilation that is perfect for any relaxing evening you might have planned or just that nice afternoon drive. When you are looking for that extra edge for the moment, definitely consider putting on disc three, titled ''The Fast Lane.'' ''The Fast Lane'' includes all of the major successes like the unforgettable ''Hotel California,'' the very visual ''Life In The Fast Lane,'' and the very sociopolitical ''The Last Resort,'' as well as many other greats like ''The Long Run,'' ''One Of These Nights,'' and ''In The City.'' Looking for that extra boost of energy that only comes from the live goodies? Definitely pop in disc four, ''The Millennium Concert.'' This compilation is incredibly clear and perfect. Having a wide variety of not only Eagles' tunes but also James Gang and Henley solo work and even an old Tom Waits classic, this disc is great for adding an extra boost of energy to whatever you might be doing. Songs like ''Peaceful Easy Feeling,'' and the live version of ''Hotel California,'' are a keen rememberance of what an impact the Eagles have had on the lives of ever so many. James Gang hit ''Funk 49'' and Henley hits like ''Dirty Laundry'' and ''All She Wants To Do Is Dance,'' sound so perfect that they make you wonder why the Eagles didn't perform them in the first place! The Tom Waits classic ''Ol' 55'' is just amazing. You will listen to it over and over and over again. Finishing off the compilation with a heart-capturing ''Best Of My Love,'' this disc is absolutely full of energy and full of every reason why you listened to the Eagles in the first place. It is evident that Frey's crazy idea to have four different discs of completely different stuff has worked like a charm. Sometimes you want some early stuff, sometimes some soft stuff, sometimes some good ol' rock and roll, and sometimes some of that great live stuff. With this great box set, you get it all and you don't even have to go searching through the discs to find the different types because they are all superbly laid out for you. The simplicity of the design is just beautiful. It is definitely everything you would expect from the Eagles. We all need a little simplicity in our lives, don't we? For anyone that wants a little collectors item, the fourth disc (Millennium), has a glitch. The word ''Millennium'' is actually misspelled on the disc itself. All-in-all this box set is one of the most ingeniously designed and compiled sets I've ever seen and I recommend it to every Eagles fan big or small.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Eagles Box Set encompasses three decades and epitomises a generation. The four discs contain treasures that bring to mind memories of yesteryear. Disc 1 ¿ The Early Years ¿ bring to life the carefree spirit that first brought the band to the world¿s attention. Disc 2 comprises of ballads, and highlights the vocal harmonies that the Eagles became renowned for. Disc 3 ¿ The Fast Lane ¿ moves to rockier tunes, whilst also containing some unheard pieces in the often hilarious ¿Random Victims Part 3¿ ¿ a rare insight into the tedium of the recording process! Disc 4 features the unforgettable Millennium concert. Often ignored gems such as ¿Please Come Home for Christmas¿, ¿Funky New Year¿ and a great rendition of ¿Those Shoes¿ take centre stage. Some of the songs have also been reworked, to their benefit of course. This box set is full of the fantastic works of a great band that have, and will further endure the ages. It is beautifully packaged, and a wonderful legacy for a deserving band.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is a great box set i own it myself has all the best eagles tunes plus bouns tracks plus the final disc the milenniuem concert also am looking forward to the new eagles cd comming out/ there 1st cd of all new studio material in over 25 years
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Eagles, who coined their on-tour life-in-the-fast-lane partying ''monstering'' in the 70s, have carefully selected a 4-disc set full of material sure to get you rocking. This set, with the addition of rare studio outtakes, is an Eagles fan's dream come true. Rare studio outakes also answer the question ''What would have the Eagles sounded like if they hadn't broken up in 1980?'' Will fans ever see the Milenium concert on DVD? Let's hope so!