Self-control habits for discipline to stop procrastinating to get rich

Self-control habits for discipline to stop procrastinating to get rich

by Dan Plouff


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Comedy has become an essential element in successful advertisements for comic book movies, science fiction movies, car insurance commercials, super bowl commercials, Facebook advertisements, Instagram advertisements, and YouTube advertisements. Standup comedians, and anyone who can make anyone laugh, can get a date, can get a job, can sell something to someone, can make friends, can become popular, can become rich, and can become famous.
People are more likely to share content on social media platforms that is funny, like comedic advertisements for car insurance, which people share with each other on YouTube, on Facebook, and on Instagram. If you can discipline yourself to make people laugh because of the types of content that you create: like books, audiobooks, standup comedy routines, YouTube cartoons, advertisements on YouTube, Instagram photos, book covers, music CD covers, songs on YouTube, and from seeing your content in other locations, then you can get rich and famous.
Getting rich should be FUN! This book teaches you how most of the most successful content creators in the world got rich by making their work fun, and enjoyable, so that they would spend more time doing their content creation work. This book will help you to have lots of fun becoming a millionaire, or billionaire, by finding ways to stop procrastinating to get rich, by making yourself get rewarded with the joys, and fun, of creating content, and getting rich, the easy way.
Getting rich is a videogame, that keeps score based on how much money you make, how many views you get, how many sales you get, how many people share your content, and based on what page of search engines your content shows up at. This book teaches you shortcuts to getting rich quick with hard work, smart work, patience, persistence, research, analyzing statistics, lots of fun, and from making people happy when they addictively buy your irresistible products impulsively and habitually. If you can make it FUN for people to buy your products that make them laugh, enjoy themselves, and share your content creations with their friends on social media platforms-then you can get rich, and people will love you, and will wish they were you. Learn the secrets to having a brand new life of having everything you've ever wanted today!

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