by Ph.D. Rimaletta Ray




The book “Self-Taming!” by Dr. Rimaletta Ray is the forth book in the serial of books, featuring the pyramid of the Self-Creation Geology and presenting the route of self-realization in life from the Above, from the spiritual level of Self-Installation.

While the previous book by Dr. Ray “I Am Free to Be the Best of Me!” takes a reader on the journey of a personality-formation, starting with the physical level, going up through the emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal dimensions, the book “Self-Taming!” is inspiring the readers to follow the Self-Transformation route from the level of the acquired spiritual maturity that wouldn’t let him / her slide sown to the rocky road of self-corrode.

Dr. Ray is sure that no self-taming is possible without a person’s spiritual maturation that she is trying to present in a very simple, but inspiring way, without any moralizing, but with a firm assuredness, backed up scientifically, that this is what evolutionary-wise we are heading toward.

The self-inductive character of the book is enhanced with inspirational, rhyming boosters that add a lot to the up-lifting and transformational value of the book.

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Publication date: 10/15/2018
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