Sell it on eBay: TechTV's Guide to Creating Successful eBay Auctions

Sell it on eBay: TechTV's Guide to Creating Successful eBay Auctions

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ISBN-13: 9780321223760
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 11/01/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.45(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1eBay Basics1
Anatomy of an Auction4
Playing by the Rules6
What Can I Sell?8
Registering on eBay10
Creating a Seller's Account12
My eBay for Sellers: The Big Picture14
Seller's Fees: You've Got to Pay to Play16
Is the Price Right? Pricing Your Auctions18
Goodwill Hunting: Advice on Seller's Etiquette20
Ask Around: The eBay Community22
More Ways to Get Help24
Protecting Your Account26
Chapter 2Creating an Auction29
Listing an Item: The Big Picture30
Selecting a Category32
Describe Your Item: Title and Description34
Pictures and Details: Getting Specific36
Pricing Strategies38
Worth a Thousand Words: Adding Pictures40
Using eBay Picture Services42
The Frills: Listing Options44
Payment and Shipping Details46
More Payment and Shipping Details48
Payment and Shipping Strategies50
Review and Submit52
Chapter 3The Pictures55
Pictures at a Glance56
Planning Your Shoot58
Outfitting Your Photo Studio60
Photographing Small Objects62
Photographing Big Items64
Picture Tips66
More Picture Tips68
Refining Your Pictures70
Extra Credit: Advanced Picture Polishing72
Preparing Pictures for the Internet74
Chapter 4Text and Formatting: The Look of the Page77
Words that Sell: The Process of Text78
Tips for Text80
Formatting with HTML: The Basics82
Putting it All Together84
Chapter 5Managing Your Auctions87
Auction Management at a Glance88
Tracking Your Progress90
Changing an Existing Auction92
Managing Bids and Bidders94
Advanced Bidder and Auction Management96
No Sale: Relisting an Item98
More Auction-Management Tips100
Chapter 6Sold!103
After the Sale: The Big Picture104
Getting Paid106
Leaving Feedback: Critiquing Your Buyer108
Going Negative110
Packing and Shipping at a Glance112
Shipping: Exploring Your Options114
Packing Your Shipment116
Creating Shipping Labels118
Bigger Than a Breadbox: Shipping Large Items120
Going Global: International Shipping122
Shipping and Packing Tips124
More Shipping and Packing Tips126
When Things Go Wrong: Solving Problems128
When the Worst Happens: Making Insurance Claims130
Bouncing Back: Second Chance Offers132
Disaster Recovery: Report and Refund134
Chapter 7The Next Step137
Efficiency Experts: eBay's Seller Tools138
Selling Tools From Around the Web140
Climbing the eBay Ladder142
Reaching the Top144
Appendix AA Field Guide to eBay Symbols148
Appendix BCommon Auction Abbreviations150
Appendix CGrading Systems and Abbreviations152

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