Selling With Soul

Selling With Soul



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ISBN-13: 9780595176083
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/2001
Pages: 176
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Table of Contents

What's a Nice Person Like Me Doing in a Job Like This?xxiii
Benefits and Barriers, or What Stands Between You and a Successful Career in Sales?1
Sales People are Top Earners1
Autonomy: The Fringe Benefit of Selling2
Opportunities for Promotion and Advancement2
You Already Sell2
"Dearth" of a Salesman3
The Essence of Selling4
If You Have A Job, Thank A Sales Person4
Has Business Become a Dirty Word?6
Business is Just "Nice People Like Us"6
How People Buy Today9
A Quick Look Back9
How People Buy: Transactions vs. Relationships10
The Value Received Must Match the Investment12
The value the customer expects to receive must be equal to or greater than the investment they must make12
Remember the Value Proposition13
What am I going to do for you? What are you going to do for me?13
The Salesperson Must Create Value14
Simple Transactions15
Complex Sales17
The Impact of Integrated Supply18
Can we Eliminate the Middle Man?18
The More Things Change, the More Some Remain the Same19
A Day in the Life21
There is Another Way25
When the Behavior Matches Values26
Sounds like "Father Knows Best"--Is it Achievable?28
Do You Want to be Like Bob When You "Grow Up?"31
First, Do No Harm32
Are You Proud of Your Employer?32
What About Product?33
Somebody's Gonna Make a Profit--It Might as Well be Me35
But What About the Right of Personal Choice?36
But I Didn't Know!37
The Seventh Generation Guideline37
But Are These Really Business Issues?38
But We Raise Money for Charity Every Year...39
Change Companies or Become a Change-Agent40
"WWJD" and others, or The Importance of Spiritual Role Models44
Do As I Say, Not as I Do46
Is There an Angel on Your Shoulder?47
An Exercise in Behavior Modification48
And if that doesn't work...48
The Matter of Personal Style50
But Aren't All Salesmen Extroverts?53
Using Your Knowledge of Style as a Learning Guide53
The Importance of Listening56
Being a Good Talker is Not the Point56
Listening is an Active Task, not a Passive One56
Waiting for the Rest of the Sentence57
The Battle of the Sexes: The Importance of Gender Differences in Communication58
The War Between the States: The Importance of Regional Differences61
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Communication Style62
Time, Space, and Orientation63
Viva la Difference!64
Becoming a Better Listener65
Assessing Your Listening Skills65
Managing Growth Through Conflict67
The Desire to Win at all Costs68
You Can Run, But You Can't Hide69
Attack Problems, not People69
Seek Clarity of Position70
Do You Pose a Question? or Polarize a Group71
What About People who Don't Play Fair?72
Manage Conflict for Growth73
Temptations and Compromising Situations76
Half-Truths and "Little White Lies"76
The Danger in Humor78
Golf Outings and other Social Situations80
Gifts and Goodies and Bribes81
Are Sex Clubs Sales Tools?82
Alcohol and Drugs83
Reflections on Chapter 984
The Steps in the Sales Cycle85
Skipping Steps--Do Them Now or Do Them Later86
Prospecting, or Finding New Business, Both Inside and Outside Your Existing Accounts89
First, Know Your Product Literature91
Know Your Company's Website91
Second, Know Your Competitors91
Third, Know the Industry and its Processes92
Fourth, Know the Geography and its Economy93
Finally, Know Your Installed Base94
Getting the First Appointment96
How to Win Enemies and Irritate People97
A Winning Approach98
A Successful Write-in Campaign100
Tips on Effective Business Writing103
1.Qualifying New Opportunities104
2.Problem Resolution104
3.Scheduled Follow-Up105
Mail Supplements106
Some Tips for More Effective Business Writing107
Using Electronic Mail instead of the Real Thing109
You're sitting there trying not to let them see you sweat111
Selling Yourself112
The Elevator Speech112
Introducing Yourself to Your Prospective Customer113
Four "W's and an "H"114
A Question's not really a question...117
Don't be a chameleon, or any other type of lizard117
Time out119
Verify, verify, verify120
Are they lying to me?120
Presenting Your Solution121
Are we there yet?122
Clear out the Ghosts122
The Truth and Nothing But the Truth...122
Respect the customer's time123
Practice, Practice, Practice124
Know Your Equipment124
And in conclusion...125
Understanding and Responding to Objections126
Price vs. Value126
Price vs. Competition128
Negotiating Price with Integrity128
Competitor Who?129
It's too big, ugly, old, green...129
If You Can't Ship it by Friday, We Can't Use It130
We've Decided Not to Do Anything at this Time...131
Overcoming Objections Begins With Understanding Them Thoroughly133
The "Close" and Why it's Really the Opening134
Be Careful What You Wish For...136
Setting Expectations137
What to do between entering the order and product delivery138
Follow-up and Servicing the Customer140
Post-Installation Review140
You Don't Write, You Don't Call141
Life-long Learning142
Relax and Enjoy the Ride142
Conclusion. Selling with Soul, and the Rest of Your Life143
About the Author145

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Talk about a rip off. This author simply stole from the major selling gurus and tried to put a female spin on it. Shame on you Sharon Parker