Sellon's Annotations: A Critical Edition

Sellon's Annotations: A Critical Edition

by Jon Lange, Edward Sellon


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Sellon's 'Annotations' is a classic work of Victorian anthropological research dealing with the then little understood esoteric system of the East called Tantra. Sellon's book can be considered the first to really introduce the concept to the West since it broached the subject in a very matter-of-fact and concise way, long before it became popular. His little book has been reissued on numerous occasions but without being properly edited. For the first time this new edition provides the complete text, revised, with much additional material, including the following:
30 B&W plates, a complete list of Sellon's works, a bibliography, a glossary of over 1000 Sanskrit terms, over 500 editorial notes, and a comprehensive introduction.
The editor has also developed a theory, based on his own research, as to the real identity of the man who supplied Sellon with various Tantric manuscripts and wished to remain anonymous. His name is finally revealed after 150 years.
In all, this major work surpasses all previous editions and should be viewed as a great addition to any researcher's bookshelf.

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