Semi-insulating III-V Materials, Malmo 1988, Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Semi-insulating III-V Materials, Malmo, Sweden, 1-3 June 1988

Semi-insulating III-V Materials, Malmo 1988, Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Semi-insulating III-V Materials, Malmo, Sweden, 1-3 June 1988

by Taylor and Francis, L. Ledebo


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Semi-insulating III-V Materials, Malmo 1988, Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Semi-insulating III-V Materials, Malmo, Sweden, 1-3 June 1988 by Taylor and Francis, L. Ledebo

The 5th Conference on Semi-insulating III - V Materials was held in Malmo, Sweden, during June 1988. It followed the traditions of previous conferences in penetrating and documenting current issues in the science and technology of semi-insulating materials, and in promoting cross-fertilisation of ideas between materials scientists, physicists and device applications engineers. This volume contains contributions from the following areas in which there has been significant recent growth and development;
• Growth of bulk semi-insulating crystals
• Deep levels for realisation of semi-insulating materials
• Generation and annealing of structural defects
• Characterisation of semi-insulating materials
• Applications of semi-insulating materials in devices The following topics, in which there is major current interest, are included in this series for the first time.
• Optoelectronic integrated circuits
• Epitaxial growth of semi-insulating materials This volume will be invaluable to materials scientists, physicists and device applications engineers who are interested in recent developements throughout the semi-insulating III - V materials field.

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ISBN-13: 9780852742952
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/01/1988
Pages: 618
Product dimensions: 5.91(w) x 9.06(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Defect dynamics: Annealing and thermal cycling effects in semi-insulating GaAs (D C Look). Native point defect equilibria in semi-insulating and donor-doped or implanted gallium arsenide (D T T J Hurle). Correlation between inplant activation and EL2 concentration in semi-insulating GaAs (S K Brierly, T E Anderson and A K Grabinski). EL2 deep level distribution under controlled As pressure annealing of LEC GaAs (S Chichibu, N Ohkubo and S Matsumoto). Uniformity of annealed and bulk-quenched undoped, semi-insultating, LEC GaAs (S Clark et al). Ab initio calculation for native point defects in GaAs; explanation of the matastable properties of EL2 (J Dabrowski and M Scheffler). The GaAs BE1 defect (M Hoinkis and E R Weber). Effects of thermal history on the electrical properties of dislocation-free In-doped LEC GaAs (Y Kitagawara et al). Local structures around Zn atoms in InP and GaAs-comparison between Zn-doped LEC and Zn-diffused crystals (T Kitano et al. Dislocation reduction in GaAs wafers (J B Mooney et al). Electrical activation of silicon implanted into LEC SI GaAs (R A Morrow). Effect of long term annealing on the electrical properties in SI-GaAs (Y Ohtsuki, Y Nakamura and T Kikuta). Hydrogen in GaAs: how important for crystal performance? (E M Omeljanovsky et al). On the u band and EL2 center relation in boron implanted gallium-arsenide: an interaction mechanism (A Perez et al). A microscopic investigation of Si activation in ion implanted furnace annealed LEC GaAs substrates (M Pillan, F Vidimari and A Ehrenheim). Assessment of post-annealing uniformity of semi-insulating Czochralski-grown GaAs (D J Stirland, C A Warwick and G T Brown). Stability of post-growth annealed substrates during ion implantation annealing (P Suchet et al). Diffusion constants of excess arsenic in semi-insulating GaAs estimated by laser Raman spectrostopy ( K Yano and T Katoda). Compensation and characterization of defects: Defects relevant to compensation in semi-insulating GaAs (E R Weber and M Kaminska). Optical characterization of deep levels in GaAz (M Tajima). Compensation mechanisms and intrinsic defects in LEC GaAs (J H von Bardeleben et al). Growth of undoped semi-insulating GaP single crystal and its compensation mechanism (K Chino et al). Infrared invesigation of persisten electrons in undoped semi-insulating GaAs, photogenerated during EL2 bleaching at 10 K (B Dischler and F Fuchs). Dislocation related inhomogeneity of deep centres in SI GaAs (A V Govorkov et al). Disappearance of the EL2 DLTS signal for highly doped GaAs due to tunnelling ionization (F Hasegawa and M Onomura). The investigation of the low-angle light scattering in undoped and semi-insulatin InP crystals (V P Kalinushkin et al). Magneto-optical investigations of shallow acceptors in GaAs (K Krambrock, B K Meyer and J M Spaeth). Impurity analysis of gallium arsenide (J Krauskopf et al). Deep levels in semi-insulating GaAs determined by PICTS and SCLC (J J Mares et al). Residual impurity concentration in LEC GaAs depending on the pulling process (J Nishio and K Terashima). Compensation of 'undoped' GaAs: effects sof EL2, other defects and dopants (L Sargent, R-S Tang and J S Blakemore). Quenching phenomena of photconductance in indium doped semi-insulating GaAs (M Satoh, H Kawahara and K Kuriyama). The role of carbon in the compensation of semi-insulating LEX GaAs (P J Pearah et al). Round-robin analysis for determination of conversation factor for infrared measurement of carbon in GaAs (T Arai et al). Epitaxy with applications: "Parasistic" effects and their impact on gallium arsenide integrated circuits (R Y Koyama et al). Epitaxial growth and applications of semi-insulating InP and GaAs (S Yamakoshi). Integrated optoelectronic circuits and their material requirements (A C Carter). The nature of the DX center in GaA1As (J C Bourgoin et al). Liquid phase epitaxial Fe-doped InO.53GaO.47As: electrical characterization and deep impurity levels (Z Chen et al). Variation of uniformity of mesfet's threshold voltage as a function of orientation of substratres (P Deconinck et al). The origin of severl-hundred microsecond delay for gate signal response in mesfets fabricated on semi-insulating GaAs wafers (Y Fujisaki and N Matsunaga). Effects of striation on mesfet characteristics in semi-insulating GaAs wafers (Y Fujisaki and Y Takano) Two-dimensional simulation of GaAs mesfet side-gating effect (N Goto and T Ohno). Semi insulating InP co-doped with Ti and Zn grown by liquid phase epitaxy (D G Knight, C J Miner and W Benyon). Bulk side-gating by impact hole generation (K Lehovec and H Bao). Deep level examination of GaAs mesfets by a novel photo-excitation techniques (J Madden, M R Brozel and G L Ashcroft). Effects of the DX center on heterojunction device characteristics (P M Mooney). Negative photoconductivity (NPC) in high electron mobility transistors and its relationship to substrate defects (G Papaioannou et al). On the optimization of the buffer layer thickness on SI-GaAs substrates (K Somogy). Semi-insulating Fe-doped InP layers grown by MOVPE (P Speier et al). High power, high bandwidth (12GH) all MOVPE grown buired heterostructure lasers at 1.3 um utilising semi-insulating InP current confinin layers ( W J Duncan et al). Transition metals and point defect identification: Transition metal for semi-insulating III-V materials (B Clerjaud). Microscopic identification of defect complexes (H P Gislason). Identification of the donor level Cr4+/3+ in InP and its relation to SI InP materials (G Bremond et al). PGa-Cu antisite related deep complex defects in GaP studied with optically detected magnetic resonance (M Godlewski et al). Tranistion metal elements in III-V semiconductors - a study with optically detected magnetic resonance (A Gorder, B K Meyer and J M Spaeth). The source of copper contamination in commercial semi-insulating GaAs wafers (T Hiramoto and T Ikomo). A simple theoretical model for the magnetic circular dichroism absorption of undoped as-grown GaAs (U Kaufmann and J Windscheif). Atomic model and its experimental identification for EL 2 in SI-GaAs (Li Guangping et al). Zeeman spectroscopy on InP:T (P H Martini et al). Characterisation of Cu and Mn in GaAs (L Montelius, S Nilsson and L Samuelson). A novel mid-gap center in neutron transmutation doped semi-insulating GaAs (O Ziaolong et al). Optical cross sections of the two energy levels of EL2 in GaAs (P Silverberg, P Omling and L Samuelson). High resolution photoconductivity spectra of the EL2 defect in GaAs (P Truatman and J P Walczak). Photoinduced recharging and tunnelling phenomena in semi-insulating GaAs and GaP containing transition metal centres (W Ulrici and J Kreissl). EPR As antisite photoquenching behaviour and EL2 atomic configuration in semi-insulating GaAs (W Guangyu et al). Deep donor level of Ta in GaAs (T Wolf et al). The EL2 zero phonon line under uniaxial stress - a reproducible experiment? (K Bergman et al). Photocurrent measurements on SI InP: Ti (D Wasik, M Baj and A M Hennel). Paramagnetic defects of trigonal symmetry in GaAs (E Christoffel et al). Relative virtues of different bulk growth techniques (J M Parsey). Bulk growth: Control of growth parameters for obtaining highly uniform large diameter LEC GaAs (K Terashima). Vertical gradient freeze growth of 75mm diameter semi-insulating GaAs (J E Clemans and J H Conway). Influence of a vertical magnetica field on the LEC-growth and properties of 3-inch si InP crystals (D Hofmann, F Mosel and G Muller). Thermodynamic analysis of the role of boron in growing semi-insulating GaAs by the Bridgman method (T Kobayashi, J Lagowski and H C Gatos). Partial dislocations and stacking faults in LEC In-doped GaAs crystals (H Lessoff, W Tseng and R Gorman). Growth of low dislocation density semi-insulating 3" diameter GaAs with uniform indium concentration by double crucible method (K Matsumoto et al). A development of large lot size In-doped crystal with G/R growth technique (T Matsuura, R Nakai and M Yokogawa). The growth of low defect density semi-insulating InP (E M Monberg et a
l). Effect of geometrical parameters upon the LEC growth of GaAs crystals (P Nicodeme, F Dupret and M J Crochet). Numerical simulation of heat transfer in LEC growth of gallium arsenide (P Nicodeme et al). Effects of melt composition and thermal history on crystal properties in LEC GaAs (O Ogawa). Generation and importance of precipitates in GaAs substrates (P Suchet et al). Dynamical model of dislocation formation during LEC-growth of InP (J Volkl and G Muller). A study on electrical and optical properties of GaAs grown from the melt under microgravity conditions (Wang Zhanguo et al). On the origin of defects in semi-insulating LEC-grown GaAs ( J L Weyher). Undoped GaAs wafers overtake the In alloyed GaAs quality (P Decoinck et al). Raman scattering of residual acceptors in GaAs and its application to optical topography (J Wagner and J Windscheif). Relation between microscopic EL2 fluctuations and nonuniform properties of GaAs substrates and devices (H Ch Alt, H Schink and G Packeiser). Non-destructive dark resistivity profiling in SI-GaAs using microwave reflection (J M Borrego et al). Dislocations and Fermi level effect on A/B, DSL, KOH etching and photoluminescence imaging in In alloyed GaAs: a comparative study (P Bunod et al). A procedure for fast selection of LSI circuit grade In-alloyed GaAs substrate (P Deconinck et al). Laser scanning microtomography and selective etching: evidence of matrix microprecipitates and decoration of dislocations in SI GaAs (J P Fillard et al). The role of EL2 in the infrared transmission images of defects in semi-insulating GaAs (J P Fillard et al). Characterization of defects in chromium doped gallium arsenide single crystals (M Hirata, S Takeda and K Fujii). Effect of surface recombination on the contrast of photoluminescence images obtained in LEC GaAs and InP crystals (S K Krawczyk et al). Resonantly excited luminescence imaging in GaAs; distribution of shallow impurities around dislocations (E Molva et al). Segregation of indium in GaAs at macro - and micro scale ; quantatitive analysis using photoluminescence imaging (E Movla et al). Characterization of EL2 level in semi-insulating GaAs by room-temperature photoluminescence (M Tajima). Improved homogeneity of si InP wafers as tested by microphotoluminescence and resistivity mappings (E Tomzig et al). Mapping of the deep donar EL2 in semi-insulating GaAs in both its charge states: EL2O and EL2+ (A Winnacker, Th Vetter and F X Zach). Relation between optical inhomogenity and fluctuation of electric resistivity of LEC GaAs crystals (K Moriya and K Hirai). Rump session (J S Escher). Closing remarks (P Jay). Author index. Invited Speakers: A C Carter. B Clerjaud. J S Escher. A T Hunter. R Y Koyama. D C Look. J M Parsey. E R Weber. S Yamakoshi

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