Semiconductor And Delay Line Phase Shifters

Semiconductor And Delay Line Phase Shifters


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Semiconductor And Delay Line Phase Shifters by Shiban K. Koul

Presents state-of-the-art information on the various types of semiconductor phase shifters, and explains why different types hold tremendous potential for future phased arrays.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780890065853
Publisher: Artech House, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/01/1992
Series: Artech House Microwave Library Series
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Volume II
Contents of Volume Ivii
Chapter 8Phase-Shifter Circuits Using Switching Devices389
8.2Reflection-Type Circuits390
8.3Transmission-Type Circuits396
8.4Circulator Coupled Phase-Shifter Circuits399
8.5Hybrid Coupled Phase-Shifter Circuits403
8.6Switched Line Phase-Shifter Circuits406
8.7Loaded Line Phase-Shifter Circuits408
8.8High-Pass Low-Pass Phase-Shifter Circuits411
8.9Other Switched Network Phase Shifters414
8.10Concluding Remarks416
Chapter 9P-I-N Diode Phase Shifters419
9.2P-I-N Diode and Its Equivalent Circuit419
9.3Switched-Line Stripline and Microstrip Phase Shifters421
9.3.1Series-Diode Switched Line Circuit422
9.3.2Shunt-Diode Switched Line Circuit424
9.3.3Other Switched Line Configurations426
9.3.4Broadbanding Techniques428
9.3.5Insertion Loss and Peak Power Capacity436
9.3.6Design Examples439
9.3.7Typical Circuit Layout444
9.4Hybrid Coupled Stripline-Like and Microstrip-Line Phase Shifters445
9.4.1Branchline Hybrid Coupled Phase Shifter445
9.4.2Backward-Wave Hybrid Coupled Phase Shifter453
9.4.3Rat-Race Hybrid Coupled Phase Shifter455
9.4.4Optimization of Bandwidth459
9.4.5Insertion Loss and Power-Handling Capability-- Approximate Formulas462
9.5Loaded-Line Stripline and Microstrip Phase Shifters463
9.5.1General Analysis463
9.5.2Loaded Line Circuits469
9.5.3Loaded Line Circuits for Large Phase Bits473
9.5.4Design Example476
9.6Slot-Microstrip Coupled Phase Shifter478
9.7Fin-Line Phase Shifter479
9.8Driver Circuit Considerations483
9.9Comparison of Various Phase Shifters486
Chapter 10FET Phase Shifters493
10.2Single-Gate MESFET Characteristics493
10.2.1Basic Operation and Equivalent Circuit493
10.2.2MESFET as a Passive Switch497
10.2.3MESFET as an Active Switch499
10.3Single-Gate MESFET Switching Amplifier500
10.3.1Amplifier Circuit500
10.3.2Considerations as Amplifier-Cum-Switch506
10.4Dual-Gate MESFET Characteristics507
10.4.1Basic Operation507
10.4.2Equivalent Circuit509
10.4.3Operation as Amplifier-Cum-Switch511
10.5Passive Phase Shifters513
10.5.1Single-Gate MESFET Biasing Considerations513
10.5.2Single-Gate MESFET Phase Shifters515
10.6Active FET Phase Shifters518
10.6.1Single-Gate MESFET Digital Phase Shifter518
10.6.2Dual-Gate MESFET Digital Phase Shifter520
10.6.3Analog Phase-Shifting Schemes521
10.6.4360[degree] Analog Vector Phase Shifters522
Chapter 11Varactor Diode Phase Shifters527
11.2Varactor Diode Equivalent Circuit527
11.3Reflection-Type Phase Shifters529
11.3.1Variable Reactance as Reflective Termination529
11.3.2Termination Using a Varactor in Series with a Shorted Stub530
11.3.3Reflective Termination Using Two Series-Tuned Varactors532
11.4Transmission-Type Phase Shifters536
11.4.1Varactor-Loaded Transmission Line Circuits536
11.4.2Varactor-Controlled FET Phase Shifter537
11.5Comparison With P-I-N Diode Phase Shifters538
Chapter 12Monolithic Phase Shifters541
12.2Materials and Process Technology542
12.2.2GaAs Technology544
12.3Circuit Elements for Monolithic Phase Shifters545
12.3.1Planar Transmission Lines545
12.3.2Lumped and Distributed Passive Elements547
12.3.3GaAs MESFET551
12.3.4Other Active Devices554
12.3.5Typical MMIC Process559
12.4Monolithic Passive Phase Shifters561
12.4.1Digital Phase Shifters562
12.4.2Analog Phase Shifters570
12.5Monolithic Active Phase Shifters574
12.5.1Dual-Gate FET Phase Shifters574
12.5.2Optically-Controlled Phase Shifters577
12.6Performance Summary581
Chapter 13Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifters585
13.2Ferrite Phase Shifters585
13.3Semiconductor Device Phase Shifters586
13.4Dielectric-Plasma Guide Phase Shifters587
13.5Semiconductor-Slab-Loaded Waveguide Phase Shifter591
13.6Active Phase Shifter Using Varactor-Controlled Gunn593
13.7Suspended Slot and Microstrip Transmission Lines With Magnetized Semiconductor Substrates594
Chapter 14Surface Acoustic Wave and Magnetostatic Wave Delay-Line Phase Shifters601
14.2Basics of Surface Acoustic Waves601
14.2.2Properties of Surface Acoustic Waves602
14.3SAW Delay Lines606
14.3.1Interdigital Transducer606
14.3.2Characteristics of SAW Delay Lines614
14.3.3Microwave SAW Delay Lines620
14.4Basics of Magnetostatic Waves623
14.4.2Fundamental MSW Modes623
14.5MSW Delay Lines626
14.5.1MSW Guiding Structures626
14.5.3Practical MSW Delay Lines642
14.6Comparison of SAW and MSW Delay Lines645
Chapter 15Selection Criteria for Phase Shifters in Systems651
15.2Selection Criteria for Digital Phase Shifters652
15.3Selection Criteria for Analog Phase Shifters657

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