Senior Style: Fashion-Forward Photography Techniques for Studio and Location Portraits

Senior Style: Fashion-Forward Photography Techniques for Studio and Location Portraits


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ISBN-13: 9781682030202
Publisher: Amherst Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Tim Schooler is an award winning internationally published photographer specializing in senior, family and children and maternity portraits.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Background and Basics

1 Specialization or Diversification? 10

The Beginning; Learning; Specializing in Seniors; Times Are Changing: Diversification

2 Space and Staffing 12

A Commercial Space; Staff

3 Attracting Clients 14

Word of Mouth; Social Media; Recent Trends

4 Booking the Session 16

Our First Contact; Packages and Pricing; A Session Fee

5 The Consultation 18

Advantages; What to Cover; When a Meeting Isn't Possible

6 Clothing Selection, Part 1 20

Advice, Not Rules; General Guidelines

7 Clothing Selection, Part 2 22

Girls' Clothes; Guys' Clothes; Hairstyles

8 Getting the Session Started 24

Session Times and Days; Arrival and Styling Choices; Keep It Fun

9 My Gear 26

Make Smart Choices; Organization

10 A Great Experience, Part 1 28

Better Photos, Better Sales; Set the Stage; Choose the Right Words

11 A Great Experience, Part 2 30

Make It Feel Like a Collaboration

12 A Great Experience, Part 3 32

Make It Feel Important; Learn to Read People; Find Their Beauty

13 Posing, Part 1 34

Why Posing Matters; Master the Fundamentals

14 Posing, Part 2 36

What Do They Want?; A Personalized Approach

15 Posing, Part 3 38

Objectives: Men vs. Women; Giving Direction

Section 2 Location Photography

16 Backgrounds: Basic Considerations 42

A Customized Look; Consider the Clothing; Added Meaning; Personal Taste

17 Backgrounds: Additional Factors 44

Seasonal Locations; Be Considerate!; The Weather; Posing Aids

18 Backgrounds: Men vs. Women 46

Masculine; Feminine

19 Find the Light 48

The Top Concern; Directional Light Is Key; Portraits on a Porch

20 Block the Overhead Light 50

Lowering the Angle; Portico Portrait; Watch the Catchlights

21 Add a Reflector 52

Positioning the Reflector; Which Reflector to Use; Soft and Beautiful; Portrait Lighting Terms

Subject Position 54

Edge of the Sunlight; Into the Shade; Get Mom Involved; Watch the Eyes

23 Which Direction? 56

Short Lighting; Studio Porch; Your Web Site: Fresh But Consistent, Townhouse Porch; Plantation Home

24 A White Dress 58

Location; Lighting; Posing and Expression; An Exposure Challenge; Be on the Lookout for Great Light

25 Reflections 60

A Clean Background; Lens Selection; Lighting

26 Vibrant Colors 62

Not Just Green; Winter Flowers; Spring Flowers; Cool Blue

27 Simple Changes, Big Variety 64

A Classic; Natural Light (with a Reflector)

28 The Face and Eyes 66

The Point of the Portrait; A Bright Background; A Natural Vignette

29 Enhancing Variety 68

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings; Garden Look; Gritty, Fashion Flair; Light and Angle Transform the Scene

30 Adding Strobe in Outdoor Scenes 70

Pros and Cons; A Bright Scene; Very Overcast

31 A Little Grunge 72

Lines and Textures; Posing and Clothing; Lighting

32 Camera Height 74

Background Control; Lighting; Variations

33 Don't Forget the Props 76

Not Just for the Studio; Clothing Can Add Personality

34 Use the Scene 78

The Lines; The Tones

Section 3 Studio Photography

35 Why Do Studio Photography? 82

The Role of Studio Portraiture; Backdrops and Props; A Profitable Balance; Work Efficiently

36 Lighting: Another Studio Advantage 84

A Blank Canvas; A More Tailored Approach

37 Backdrops and Props 86

Choosing the Right Backdrop; Get Input and Refine the Look; Trends and Traditions; Adapting (Not Copying) Ideas

38 Small Variations 88

Backdrop; Lighting; Finishing the Look; Another Look

39 Same Backdrop, Different Look 90

Transformation; Versatility; Lighting; Another took

40 Highlighting Long Hair 92

A Popular Idea; Pose; Lighting; Backdrop

41 Lighting with a Fashion Flair 94

Backdrops; Lighting; Black & White

42 Edge Lighting and Separation 96

Depth and Definition; The Goal; About the Images; Another Benefit

43 Ring Light Portraits 98

What the Ring Light Does; How I Use It

44 Hot Light Portraits 100

Make It Work; Lighting and Shooting; Enhancing the Eye Color

45 High Key Portraits 102

Pageant Portraits-and More; Lighting

46 High Key Clothing and Props 104

Clothing; Props

47 Bubble Gum 106

Juxtaposition; Posing the Hands; The Main Light Placement

48 Lighting the Eyes 108

Catchlights; Lighting

49 An Edgy Feel 110

What Seniors Want; Seeking Balance; Talking with Seniors

50 Posing, Cropping, and Expression 112

Variations; Expressions

51 Fiery Drama 114

Subject and Style; The Basic Lighting Setup; Adjusting the Lights

Section 4 After the Session

52 Retouching 118

Exposure Tweaks; Softening, Blemish Removal, and More; Keep It to a Minimum

53 The Sales Session 120

Projection Session; Proof Book; If They Don't Order?

54 Time Management 122

Don't Try to Do It All; Lower Volume, More Service; Not Overshooting

Final Thoughts

The Times Are (Still) Changing 124

Index 126

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