Senior Year

Senior Year

by Lily Caverton


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Senior Year is a memoir and a mature teen novel detailing a young girl’s very raw and personal struggles with mental illness during her senior year in high school. Seventeen-year-old Lily befriends the dramatic and intense Kelly Grange, a woman in her late thirties who introduces her to the new world of partying and alcohol. Due to her influence, Lily dramatically changes from an honor-roll student into a reckless party girl. After making decisions that alter the course of her life forever, she sinks into a deep depression where she experiences terrifying hallucinations and delusions that force her to question the meaning of life and her purpose. After nearly attempting suicide, Lily commits herself to a psychiatric ward. This novel is a true account of a young girl tainted by emotional abuse who is forced to learn excruciating lessons that ultimately test her ability to survive. Senior Year is colored by passionate friendships and dark secrets, the struggle to fit in with peers and how some decisions have consequences unforeseeable. Harrowing and emotional, Senior Year navigates the struggles many teens face today and the crises that so often catapult them into adulthood, sometimes long before they are ready.

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ISBN-13: 9781524588526
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 03/17/2017
Pages: 422
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)

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