Sensations of the Mind: Volume 1

Sensations of the Mind: Volume 1

by Thomassine Ringo Keels


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ISBN-13: 9781496964083
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/24/2015
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.73(d)

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Sensations of the Mind Volume I

A Collection of Poems

By Thomassine Ringo Keels


Copyright © 2015 Thomassine Ringo Keels
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-6408-3



Historical Ponderings

In memory of the man, "Martin"


    Sixteen year old James
    lay down to sleep.
    He began dreaming
    a scene so deep.
    Dreamed he was walking with
    a man along the river'ss edge.
    James looked up at him,
    he didn't hedge.

    "Who are you, and what's your name?"
    "Oh, they call me Martin Luther,
    sometimes they just say King."
    "King? Sort of sounds like royalty,
    ya' know, it's even got a familiar ring!"
    Martin smiled gently
    as their feet slowly sank
    in the soft wet sand
    of the riverbank.

    "Oh, I remember now ...
    It was back quite far.
    I think you probably
    played ball.
    Were you a football star?
    I best recall that you
    didn't play golf,
    or win a swim meet ...
    Perhaps you boxed,
    but I don't recall your defeat!"

    Martin shook his head,
    James continued on,
    "I'm trying to guess ...
    I think you played a horn!
    Now wait a minute, where
    do I know that name?
    Don't tell me,
    I've just got to guess it,
    else my life won't be the same!"

    The two stopped walking,
    and took a seat on a nearby rock.
    Martin said, "Have you guessed me yet?
    "No," said James, "My brain seems locked!"
    "Well," said Martin,
    "Since this won't stop,
    I'll give you a hint ...
    I've been to the mountain top!"

    "Man," said James,
    "That don't seem right,
    besides, black folks
    just don't like heights!
    Now lets see,
    just where did I see your face ...
    seems like I saw it
    all over the place!"

    "Say, my man, now,
    I think it's a fact ...
    Ain't you out there on my corner,
    out there selling crack?"
    Martin raised his eyes
    up to the sky.
    "Dear Lord," he prayed,
    "Why, oh why?"

    From behind him,
    there glowed a light.
    He rose from the rock.
    It began to shine bright!
    Martin asked, "Ever heard of a
    woman named ROSA PARKS?"
    "Nope," said James,
    "Ya' kind of got me in the dark!"

    "Does she have a video or a
    record that's a hit?
    If I missed her on MTV
    I'm just gonna have a fit!"
    "No!" said Martin, "To save
    you further strife young man,
    I'll tell you this,
    she's part of your everyday life!"

    "When Rosa refused to move
    out of that seat,
    it bought a whole nation
    to its feet!
    We locked arms and
    marched in the street.
    Understand, we had a goal,
    a goal to meet!"

    "They beat us with clubs,
    they beat us with bats.
    They turned out the dogs,
    and ordered "Attack!"
    Although some fell injured,
    and many died in the street,
    we stuck to our goal,
    and couldn't be beat!"

    "We fought for freedom and liberty.
    Everyone seemed to have them,
    but you and me.
    We wanted you children to have
    a better education,
    even if we had to turn out
    this whole darn nation!"

    "Seems you've forgotten your
    history somehow,
    for the rights and freedoms you've
    taken for granted right now,
    Son, I had to pay a high price,
    as I lay on that balcony,
    I gave up my life,
    leaving behind,
    my children and wife!"

    "I gave so we could all have
    our Civil Rights,
    whether you're black,
    brown, yellow or white!
    A right to sit
    anyplace on the bus,
    no matter how much
    the white folks might cuss."

    "The right to get an equal education
    from any institute in
    this great nation!
    The right to cast your ballot and vote,
    without someone trying to
    hang you from a rope!
    The right to apply for any job,
    it's just not necessary
    to steal and rob!"

    "I rest uneasy in my grave,
    when I see the price you've paid!
    A whole generation destroying each other!
    I see you killing your sisters and brothers,
    even harming your fathers and mothers!
    Don't you realize, you're being destroyed?
    Don't you realize you're causing such pain?
    Don't you realize you're being enslaved
    by something white again?"

    "Whether it's white ice, white
    rock or crack cocaine,
    it's simply enslavement,
    again and again!
    For the few thousand dollars
    the Drug Lord LETS you earn,
    you've sold your soul
    to the devil in turn!"

    "I rest uneasy in my grave
    when I see the price you've paid!
    So James, just get on up,
    and get out of that bed!
    I've cleared a WIDE path for you ahead!
    Although we're not completely free,
    you can still be
    whatever you want to be!"

    So James got up,
    he showered and dressed.
    You see, this morning,
    he was looking his best!
    He kissed his mom
    on his way out the door.
    "Son" mom said, "Thanks,
    but what did you do that for?"

    "James, what's this I see,
    you going to school?"
    "Sure am Mamma, I don't
    want to be a fool!
    Dreamed I talked to a man
    by a river last night.
    From behind him Mamma,
    I could see a bright light!
    I have to admit,
    it gave me a fright!"

    "Don't know if it means anything,
    but this guy said that
    his name was "King!"
    Said he had been to a mountain top!
    I gott'a keep move'n mom,
    I'd better not stop!"
    "Hurry James," waved his mom,
    "Ya' better get start'n!"
    Casting teary eyes to the heavens,
    that were now smart'n,
    she gently closed the door and said,
    "Thank you, Martin!"


    A rainbow of colors,
    that's what they say!
    She's strong and confident,
    in a different way.
    Society has tried to keep her down,
    but she bounces right back,
    she's still around!
    My son, the oldest,
    first born to me;
    He's sitt'n in jail,
    him, I seldom see.

    My girl, she's had two kids
    of her own,
    her husband walked out,
    her marriage is blown.
    But, God answered my prayers.
    You see, she's not a fool,
    she's picked herself up,
    and gone back to school.
    The black woman survives.
    Now, the youngest one,

    I'm bragg'n, I won't hesitate
    to let you know,
    I think she's great!
    Went to college and got her degree.
    Found out early,
    education is the key,
    that she can be all she wants to be.
    The black woman survives.
    Now, there's Great-Grand Ma,
    so aged and gray.

    We know it won't be long
    before God calls her his way.
    But my, oh my, in her younger days,
    she influenced us all,
    in so many ways.
    She had no education,
    couldn't read nor write,
    but the goals she set,
    gave her plenty of fight!

    She stood up to her masters,
    even took the whip!
    When she ran off and escaped,
    the masters had a fit!
    She had grabbed her kids
    in the dead of the night,
    and through the underground railroad,
    she began her flight!
    The black woman survives!
    She showed her children early,
    that education is the key.

    She said, "I'll work hard,
    so you won't have to be like me;
    A work'n for these white folk
    from early dawn till dusk,
    a pick'n up behind them an
    listen'n to 'em cuss."
    Some are mean and evil,
    some are very nice,
    but I want you to have a better life.
    Then God came to take Granny
    on a warm summers day,

    we wept, for we would miss her,
    each one, in their own way.
    Her strength is what
    gave us comfort, when
    she used to laugh and say,
    "Folks tell me, it's a fact,
    the cat is supposed to have nine lives.
    But the black woman,
    she's got more than that,
    because she still survives!"


Excerpted from Sensations of the Mind Volume I by Thomassine Ringo Keels. Copyright © 2015 Thomassine Ringo Keels. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introduction, v,
James, 3,
Black Woman Survives, 12,
Magnificent Warriors, 15,
The Unpainted Shanty, 21,
To The Rescue, 31,
Drums, 37,
The Quiet Scream, 40,
Nurturing, 42,
What Price Hate, 43,
It's Proof, 46,
Name Games, 47,
A Miracle Stealing Away, 52,
Immigrating, 53,
Section Two BEHAVIORS,
Discoveries, 57,
Gossip, 60,
Lending, 66,
Lessons Learned, 69,
Looking Good, 73,
Repeat Performance, 74,
Roaming, 77,
Save The Fetus, 81,
Secrets, 87,
Treat, 88,
The Jumper, 90,
Young And Old, 94,
Morning Cereal, 97,
Preparations, 100,
Brain Stuff, 102,
The Right Cut, 104,
The Best, 105,
Familiar Line, 106,
The Gang, 108,
Do Yourself A Favor, 109,
Life's Real Aggravations, 110,
The Shrink, 116,
What Would You Do?, 118,
Moments, 120,
Sleep, 121,
Just A Thought, 122,
Of Course, 123,
They Are, 124,
Seeing You, 125,
On Second Thought, 126,
Anger, 128,
The Older Generation, 132,
The Disappearance, 136,
Daydreams, 139,
A Treat, 141,
The Curse, 143,
Double Standards., 145,
Wealth, 147,
White, 149,
I'm Grown, 151,
Thoughts, 153,
Chores, 154,
Early Reflections, 157,
Pull The Plug, 159,
The Carrier, 161,
The Quiet Corner Of My Mind, 163,
Human Sensations, 165,
Advice, 166,
Tears, 169,
Section Three CHARACTERS,
Mysterious Man, 173,
Voiceless, 175,
Nate And Bo, 176,
White Mane Of Glory, 189,
Grandmother, 194,
Clara Mae, 196,
Nancy And Sarah, 206,
Dad, 219,
Miss Claudette Bodean Clay, 223,
The Pusher, 233,
Kids, 238,
Wife Number One, 239,
Wealthy Snit, 242,
The Baby, 245,
Try, 248,
Aunt Mamie's Window, 249,
Of The Night, 251,
Doggone, 253,
Where Are The Christians?, 254,
Bright White, 256,
Waiting To Die, 259,
I Wonder, 260,
The Surprise., 264,
Up Town, 266,
Colorful, 268,
Alright, 269,
Stone Throwers, 272,
Young And Old, 274,
The Designer, 277,
Wistfully, 280,
You People, 283,
Suddenly Still, 284,
Self-Made Man, 288,
Pains Of Fame, 289,
Who Will, 291,
The Burglar, 292,
Why Can't I Find A Decent Man?, 295,
Travelers, 298,
Heartbeats, 300,
Buzzie, 301,
Period, 303,
Miss Ida's Kitchen, 306,
Jake, 308,

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