Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond: A Worktext with Readings

Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond: A Worktext with Readings

by Lee Brandon, Kelly Brandon


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Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond: A Worktext with Readings by Lee Brandon, Kelly Brandon

This sentence-to-paragraph-level worktext with readings highlights the complete writing process in relation to key rhetorical modes. Students learn the three stages of exploring, experimenting, and gathering information; writing the controlling idea, developing supporting details, and organizing content; and writing, revising, and editing. Comprehensive coverage of the basics enables students to develop sentences and paragraphs that are both well-structured and grammatically correct. The authors juxtapose sentence-level work with freewriting so that students gradually advance to writing full paragraphs and essays.

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ISBN-13: 9780618042630
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Pages: 453

About the Author

Lee Brandon is the author of twelve college English textbooks with Cengage Learning, including the best-selling series, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Beyond with Integrated Readings, and Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings and the highly successful At a Glance series. He has served as chair of the English Department at Mt. San Antonio College, where he taught for more than thirty years and occasionally still teaches. Few authors are as active in the promotion of their books as Lee Brandon, who regularly visits schools across the country and presents at professional conferences. Lee also has to his credit poems and short stories in magazines; songs recorded and in sheet music; a best-selling musical play for elementary school students (in print with Lorenz Music); a play produced by a college drama department; a published Ford Foundation grant project; a chapbook of ballads about his youth, Oklahoma, My Sweet Sorrow; a chapbook of ballads about his experience teaching for ten years in a high-security California women's prison, Butterflies on Barbwire; and newspaper articles about travel, adventures, and whimsical experiences.

Kelly Brandon is a partner in the father-son writing team for two best-selling series, SENTENCES, PARAGRAPHS, AND BEYOND WITH INTEGRATED READINGS and PARAGRAPHS AND ESSAYS WITH INTEGRATED READINGS, as well as the AT A GLANCE books. He is a tenured professor of English at Santa Ana College, where he has taught for twenty-four years. His B.A. is from the University of California at Los Angeles and his M.A. is from the University of California at Santa Barbara. For recreation he does bodybuilding, backpacks, plays the clarinet, drives his fully restored 1953 yellow and white Chevrolet Bel Air, listens to music, and reads eclectically and voraciously.

Table of Contents

Student Overview I. Reading Leading to Writing 1. From Reading to Writing Reading to Write Reading Techniques Written Responses to Reading Hadley McGraw, "Everyone Pays the Price" Yi-Fu Tuan, "American Space, Chinese Place" Writer's Guidelines II. Writing Sentences 2. Subjects and Verbs Subjects Verbs Location of Subjects and Verbs Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 3. Kinds of Sentences Clauses Writing Sentences Procedure for Sentence Analysis Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 4. Combining Sentences Coordination: The Compound Sentence Subordination: The Complex Sentence Coordination and Subordination: The Compound-Complex Sentence Other Ways to Combine Ideas Omissions: When Parts Are Missing Variety in Sentences: Types, Order, Length, Beginnings Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 5. Correcting Fragments, Comma Splices, and Run-Ons Fragments Comma Splices and Run-Ons Techniques for Spotting Problem Sentences Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 6. Verbs Regular and Irregular Verbs "Problem" Verbs The Twelve Verb Tenses Subject-Verb Agreement Consistency in Tense Active and Passive Voice Strong Verbs Subjunctive Mood Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 7. Pronouns Pronoun Case Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Pronoun Reference Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 8. Adjectives and Adverbs Selecting Adjectives and Adverbs Comparative and Superlative Forms Using Adjectives and Adverbs Correctly Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 9. Balancing Sentence Parts Basic Principles of Parallelism Signal Words Combination Signal Words Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 10. Punctuation and Capitalization End Punctuation Commas Semicolons Quotation Marks Punctuation with Quotation Marks Italics Dashes Colons Parentheses Brackets Apostrophes Hyphens Capitalization Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises 11. Spelling and Phrasing Steps to Efficient Spelling Your Spell Checker Spelling Tips Frequently Misspelled Words Confused Spelling and Confusing Words Wordy Phrases Chapter Review Chapter Review Exercises III. Using the Writing Process 12. The Writing Process: Prewriting the Paragraph The Paragraph Defined Basic Paragraph Patterns The Writing Process Stage One Strategies Writer's Guidelines 13. The Writing Process: Developing and Organizing Support Writing the Controlling Idea as a Topic Sentence Writing an Outline Writer's Guidelines 14. The Writing Process: Writing, Revising, and Editing the Paragraph Writing Your First Draft Revising Your Writing Editing Your Writing The Writing Process Worksheet Writer's Guidelines 15. Moving from Paragraphs to Essays Writing the Short Essay Examining a Paragraph and an Essay Topics for Short Essays Writer's Guidelines IV. Writing Paragraphs and Essays: Instruction, with Reading Selections 16. Narration: Moving Through Time Writing Narration The Basic Pattern Techniques Purpose and Time Frame Practicing Patterns of Narration Connecting Reading and Writing: Growing Pains and Pleasures Joel Bailey, "King of Klutziness" (demonstration with stages) Tyson M. Burns, "My First Real Fire," Tzu-Yin Wang, "Unforgettable Crying" Rick Bragg, "100 Miles per Hour, Upside Down and Sideways," Topics for Writing Narration Writer's Guidelines 17. Description: Moving Through Space and Time Writing Description Practicing Patterns of Description Connecting Reading and Writing: Prized and Despised Possessions Julie Lee, "My Burning Scarf" (demonstration with stages) Herman Velasco, "Magical, Stinky Gloves" Gary Soto, "The Jacket" Topics for Writing Description Writer's Guidelines 18. Exemplification: Writing with Examples Writing Exemplification Practicing Patterns of Exemplification Connecting Reading and Writing: Living in the Age of Irritations Sarah Betrue, "Sweet and Sour Workplace" (demonstration with stages) Roy Rivenburg, "The Mean Season" Leo N. Miletich, "Sleepless in El Paso" Topics for Writing Exemplification Writer's Guidelines 19. Process Analysis: Writing About Doing Writing Process Analysis Working with Stages Basic Forms Combined Forms Patty Serano, "Pupusas, Salvadoran Delight" Useful Prewriting Procedure Practicing Patterns of Process Analysis Connecting Reading and Writing: The Joy and Grief of Work Seham Hammat, "Making Faces" (demonstration with stages) J. Kim Birdine, "The Skinny on Working for a Dermatologist" Roy M. Wallack, "Workin' at the Car Wash" Eric Schlosser, "Fast-Track French Fries" Topics for Writing Process Analysis Writer's Guidelines 20. Analysis by Division: Examining the Parts Writing Analysis by Division Practicing Patterns of Analysis by Division Connecting Reading and Writing: Heroes--Who, Where, and Why Nancy Samuels, "More Than Ordinary" (demonstration with stages) Susan Miller, "Susan B. Anthony: Hero in Bloomers" Clarance H. Neyes and John E. Steinbring, "Heroes Everywhere" Dave Tianen, "A Music Legend Fades to Black" Topics for Writing Analysis by Division Writer's Guidelines 21. Comparison and Contrast: Showing Similarities and Differences Writing Comparison and Contrast Generating Topics and Working with the 4 P's Practicing Patterns of Comparison and Contrast Connecting Reading and Writing: Cultural Blends and Clashes Thung Tran, "Wives and Mothers in Vietnam and in America" (demonstrations with stages) Michael Reed, "The Long and Short of Saying Hello and Good-bye" Judy Urbina, "Superman and Batman" Jose Antonio Burciaga, "A Mixed Tex-Cal Marriage" Topics for Writing Comparison and Contrast Writer's Guidelines 22. Argument: Writing to Persuade Writing Argument Practicing Patterns of Argument Connecting Reading and Writing: To Regulate or Not Eric Miller, "A New Wind Blowing" (demonstration with stages) Joyce Gallagher, "A Modest Proposal: Guys Shouldn't Drive Till 25" Suzanne Fields, "Let Granny Drive If She Can" Claude Lewis, "Is It Time for Cameras in the Classroom?" Topics for Writing Argument Writer's Guidelines 23. Celebrations More Similar Than Different Terisita Castellanos, "Festival of the Dead" Sheila Ferguson, "Soul Food at a Black American Family Reunion" Linda Hogan, "Thanksgiving" Patricia Hampl, "Grandmother's Sunday Dinner" Grace Paley, "The Loudest Voice" Topics for Writing about Celebrations Writer's Guidelines Appendixes Appendix A: Parts of Speech Appendix B: Taking Tests Appendix C: Writing a Job Application Letter and a Resume Appendix D: Brief Guide for ESL Students Answer Key Author and Title Index Subject Index

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