SERIOUS MONEY...: It's just sitting there!

SERIOUS MONEY...: It's just sitting there!

by Thomas Schilling, Roman Berehulka


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ISBN-13: 9781927710289
Publisher: Serious Money LLC
Publication date: 05/06/2017
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

The Team Network was developed by Tom Schilling. He developed this system over a 20-year period by implementing it at companies such as Lucas (now part of TRW), Framatome Connectors Inc. (100% owned by BAIN Capital), Lear Corporation as well as at non-automotive companies such as Plastic Packaging (a large privately held consumer products plastic container business). Schilling has successfully implemented this system throughout the parts of the organizations he controlled, resulting in significant improvement to their operational performance and financial results.
Early in his career while attending night school to earn a BA in Accounting he worked full time for DANA corp. He worked in every aspect of manufacturing including an operator on CNC machines, inspector, shipping clerk and foreman, production worker, production foreman and an engineering assistant. He earned his degree in accounting and management.
He went on to hold various positions from CFO to General Manager, VP and President of global companies and applied these principles in many countries. Since profitability and equity generate dividends and bonuses, and that is usually why a business exists, he knew he had to find serious money.
Ford Motor Company learned about how Tom was managing their major electronics supplier and saw the results in the products they were buying. They began visiting the supplier's manufacturing plants and were blown away by the dedication of the work force to quality and to customers. They had never experienced such a motivated work force before. They asked Tom to speak at their annual supplier conference on the subject of building teamwork and quality. He was the only supplier asked to speak and was in demand after that.
Berehulka and Schilling met when Schilling was hired by FCI as VP and GM of North American Operations. Schilling promoted Berehulka to his Director of Finance and they began their careers together. As a result they implemented the Team Network, Communication and Internal Control Monitoring for the organization. In approximately 13 months the North American Division was transformed from losing money and being one of the worst operations globally to being #1 in the world. That is #1 of 20-plus countries. All eyes were on North America to figure out what on earth could have possibly been responsible for such a positive turnaround! Even headquarters in France could not believe the transformation.
The collaboration between Berehulka and Schilling gave them the experience required to write this book.

Roman Berehulka, CGA, is a degreed accountant and a graduate from the Business Administration Program at Ryerson University, a leading Business school in Canada.
He and Schilling met when Schilling was hired by FCI as VP and GM of North American Operations. Schilling promoted Berehulka to his Director of Finance. They implemented the Team Network, Communication and Internal Control monitoring across the organization. In approximately 13 months their Division in North America was transformed from losing money and being one of the worst operations globally to being the #1 in the world of 20-plus countries.
In his role as the Corporate Global Vice President for Internal Audit, Berehulka oversaw all aspects of internal audit for FCI in all business areas globally, managing a remote team and guest auditors from the company. The Team Networking and Communication improvement between operations and finance, along with the operations efficiency improvements, were key to their success. Finally operations and finance spoke the same language, a small investment of effort with high returns!
Berehulka is intuitive, results oriented, disciplined, systematic, focused and a precise communicator. He has gained unique domestic and global experience and knowledge during his travels around the world by working in several Fortune 500 organizations, such as Coca Cola, plus a world leading electrical component manufacturer owned by Bain Capital.
Berehulka has a solid cost manufacturing and financial accounting background. He developed that skill set in Canada, USA and France. Those skills allowed him to speak fluently with financial personnel as well as with operational personnel. He was able to bridge the communication gap between finance and operations and between head office and global sites, in turn improving productivity and the bottom line.
He moved on to become Vice President of Finance with a major corporation where he developed corporate savvy, knowledge and expertise. He implemented a North American shared services for the administration and accounting functions in turn reducing administration costs by approximately $4 million annually. As Chairman of the Pension Committee he implemented a cross-functional team which developed corporate pension policies, ensured compliance with the policies and local regulations. This in turn reduced the financial volatility and liabilities as well as improved equity value by approximately $90 million over six years.
Understanding corporate governance, risk management and compliance was a key to his success because that knowledge, plus the cost accounting and communication, landed him a position as Corporate Vice President of Internal Audit. He was effective in creating the audit department and in turn improving global internal controls. As the leader of internal audit and as part of the audit committee he acted as a catalyst for change, helping change the company culture to one of corporate governance compliance. He was also a key player in assisting the organization with due diligence as it related to going public.
Having implemented Continuous Internal Control Monitoring (CICM), Continuous Performance Control Monitoring (CPCM) and in turn seeing the remarkable improvement in profitability, operational efficiency, internal control, governance and equity he teamed up with Schilling to we pass on knowledge to allow others have that same success.

Table of Contents


How this book can help you

Main Topics included in the book

Chapter 1: The Need for a New Way

Chapter 2: Team Network and Communication: The Basics of the Discipline

Chapter 3: What is the Team Network

Chapter 4: Getting the Team Network Started

Chapter 5: The Role of a Champion

Chapter 6: Continuous Internal Control Monitoring (CICM)

Chapter 7: Continuous Performance Control Monitoring (CPCM)

Chapter 8: What You Must Know about Off-Shoring. It may not be what You Expected

Chapter 9: The Authors’ Experiences

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