Servant Leadership for Church Renewal: Shepherds by the Living Spring

Servant Leadership for Church Renewal: Shepherds by the Living Spring

by David S. Young


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ISBN-13: 9781620324202
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 12/01/2012
Pages: 176
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About the Author

Rev. David S. Young, DMin, is a pastor, church renewal servant, professor, and friend. He has served congregations in regular and interim pastorates. He heads up Springs of Living Water, an initiative in church renewal in both his own and other denominations. In Springs there are long-term initiatives in renewal of local congregations and short-term events on renewal in the Springs Institute.

Table of Contents

Foreword Scott Rodin 10

Preface 13

Introduction 17

1 A Vision for Leadership 23

Leadership and Servanthood 25

The Servant of Second Isaiah 30

Servants and Servant Leaders 32

The Lift of the Servant Leader 37

2 Leading for Spiritual Growth 38

The Upward Call 41

The Inward Movement 44

The Outward Path 48

The Biblical Text 52

3 Shepherds by the Living Springs 53

Worship: Praising and Adoring God 56

Transformation in the Lamb 58

Servant Leader: Lamb Becomes Shepherd 62

Sharing at the Living Springs 66

4 Servant Leadership and Approaching Renewal 71

Listening to God 72

Motivating the People 75

Carrying the Vision 79

Calling Forth Leaders 83

5 Servant Leadership and Organizing for Renewal 88

The Spiritual Work of Organizing 89

Establishing a Plan for Renewal 91

Anticipating, Initiating, Timing 98

Implementing Renewal Ministries 100

6 Servant Leadership and Servant Structures 104

Praying for the Structures One by One 106

Creating a Team 110

Working as a Team 113

Funding Servant Structures 115

7 Servant Leadership and Handling Hardship 119

Being in Hardship 120

Sustaining the Vision 122

Serving and Manner 127

Unlikely Candidates for Servant Leaders 129

8 Servant Leadership and Faith Transformation 133

Being Served 134

Serving 138

Empowering Servant Leaders 140

Refreshing at the Springs 146


1 A Deeper Spiritual Walk 150

2 Moving Toward a Biblical Vision 151

3 Developing a Team 153

4 Assessment of Strengths 155

5 Assessment of Needs 156

6 Servant Leadership 157

7 Envisioning a Plan of Renewal 159

8 Implementing a Plan of Renewal 160

Notes 161

Bibliography 167

Further Resources 171

Scripture Index 173

The Author 175

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