Servicing TV/VCR Combo Units

Servicing TV/VCR Combo Units

by Homer L Davidson


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Servicing TV/VCR Combo Units by Homer L Davidson

Servicing TV/VCR Combo Units covers the servicing issues surrounding this popular electronic device. TV/VCR combo units have become smaller, more affordable, and functional. They are now used in new ways, including applications in autos, campers, kitchens, and other non-traditional locations. Homer Davidson uses his vast knowledge to cover this subject in a way no one else can.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780790612249
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 03/28/2001
Series: Howard W. Sams Servicing Series
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Part ITroubleshooting the TV Circuits3
Chapter 1Troubleshooting Low-Voltage Power Supply Circuits5
Required Test Equipment6
Chip Components7
Removing Chip Parts8
Removing the Chassis10
Low-Voltage Circuits10
Degaussing Problems12
Rectifier Circuits13
Troubleshooting the Low-Voltage Power Supply14
Filter Capacitor Problems15
Repairing Filter Capacitor Problems15
Switching Power Supply Circuits16
Switching Transformer Circuits17
Troubleshooting the Switching Power Supply18
Low-Voltage Regulators21
Line-Voltage Regulators22
Relay Problems23
DC Power Adjustment25
DC Power Circuits25
Troubleshooting the DC Power Supply26
TV Shutdown28
Start-up Problems30
Poor Raster Width31
Lightning Damage/Power Surge32
Isolation Transformer34
Chapter 2Servicing the TV Tuner IF Circuits35
The Varactor Tuner36
Tuner Problems38
SMD Tuner Components40
Locating a Defective Tuner40
Tuner Problems40
No Up or Down Action43
Defective IC in Tuner45
Unusual Tuner Problems47
Outside the Tuner47
Tuner or IF48
IF Problems49
SAW Filter Circuits50
Chapter 3Troubleshooting TV Horizontal Circuits53
Troubleshooting Horizontal Circuits53
Deflection IC55
Horizontal Circuit Problems58
Deflection IC Problems59
Driver Transistor Problems60
Horizontal Driver-Transformer Problems61
Horizontal Output Transistor Problems62
Horizontal Foldover64
Defective Safety Capacitors66
Poor Width69
Intermittent or No Startup/Shutdown70
Flyback Problems75
Storm Damage and Power Surges76
Chapter 4Troubleshooting the TV Vertical Section77
Vertical Problems77
Vertical Output IC79
Signal Tracing Vertical Circuits79
Vertical Waveforms80
Vertical IC Output Circuits81
No Vertical Sweep83
Improper Vertical Sweep87
Loss of Vertical Sweep at the Top88
Intermittent Vertical Sweep89
Vertical Foldover91
Poor Linearity91
Vertical Yoke Problems92
Rolling Pictures93
Vertical Crawling and Jitters94
ESR Meter Capacitor Tests94
Retrace Lines95
Vertical Pincushion Problems96
Unusual Vertical Problems97
Chapter 5Servicing High-Voltage and CRT Problems99
The Flyback99
High-Voltage Problems102
Different Screen Sizes104
Flyback Problems104
Arcing Flyback105
Removing and Replacing the Flyback107
Arcing Noises107
Scan-Derived Secondary Voltages109
CRT Heater Circuits110
High-Voltage Probe111
Signal Tracing High-Voltage Circuits111
CRT Circuits114
Symptoms of a Defective CRT115
CRT Retrace Line Problems116
Color Amp Problems117
Defective CRT117
Rejuvenating the Picture Tube119
Chapter 6Troubleshooting TV Video and Color Circuits121
Video Circuit Problems123
On-Screen Display Problems136
Troubleshooting the Video Circuits136
TV Chroma Circuits138
Color Circuit Problems139
Green Color Problems142
Blue Color Problems143
Chapter 7Servicing Control Functions, AGC, Sync, and Audio Circuits145
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and Sync Problems148
Sync Problems151
Troubleshooting Sync Circuits153
Audio Circuits153
Audio Output Circuits155
Intermittent Sound158
Weak or Low Sound159
Distorted Sound160
Troubleshooting Sound Circuits162
Speaker Problems163
Part IIReparing VCR Circuits and Mechanical Movements165
Chapter 8Servicing VCR Speed Problems167
Removing the VCR Chassis168
The Different Speeds170
Test Equipment and Hand Tools170
VCR Tape Path171
Cleaning the Audio Control173
Periodic Check and Lubrication173
Belt Replacement174
Poor Board Connections175
Speed Problems176
Loading Motor Problems177
Capstan Operation Problems180
Dead Unit with No Cylinder/Drum Rotation181
Fast Forward and Rewind Problems182
Rewind Mode Operation Problems184
Take-Up Reel Problems185
Wow (low-end) and Flutter (high-end)188
Chapter 9Solving Loading and Unloading Problems189
Tape Problems: Jams, Eats, Ejects at Shut Down202
Mode Motor and Switch Problems206
Cassette-In Switch Problems207
Chapter 10Dead VCR Power Circuits209
Electrolytic Problems210
Power Surge and Lightning Damage210
Dead Chassis210
Dead with No Power Up211
Dead with Fuse Problems212
Dead with Display Problems215
Intermittent or Erratic No Function Symptom219
Bad Tape-End Sensor and Sensor Lamps219
Power Supply Voltage220
Problems with Power Up221
Shuts Down - Shuts Off226
Voltage Regulator Problems229
Chapter 11Servicing VCR Shutdown and Noise Problems231
Chapter 12Troubleshooting VCR Motor Circuits251
The Loading Motor252
Loading Motor Circuits252
Troubleshooting Loading Motor Circuits255
The Capstan Motor257
Capstan Drive Circuits258
Cylinder or Drum Motor266
Drum and Cylinder Circuits267
Drum Motor Problems269
Chapter 13Repairing VCR Playback, Recording, Color, and Video Circuits271
The Various Tape Heads271
Video Record and Playback274
Audio Record and Playback274
Video Playback Symptoms275
Audio Playback Problems277
Color Problems279
Take-up Reel Problems282
Dew Light Problems284
Chapter 14Servicing VCR Fast-Forward and Rewind Problems287
Fast-Forward and Rewind Problems287
Take-up Reel Problems298
Chapter 15Servicing VCR Audio Problems301
The TV-Audio Record Circuits301
The Audio Playback Circuits303
The Bias Oscillator Circuits304
The Erase Heads306
Troubleshooting Audio Playback and Recording Circuits307
Audio Power Output Circuits308
Headphone Circuits309
Troubleshooting the Power Output Audio Circuits311
Distorted Audio317
Switching Transistor Problems320
Mechanical Drawings321
Glossary of Abbreviated Terms332

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