Serving God Not Babel

Serving God Not Babel

by David C. Blackman


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This book was started about five years ago, following a debate with a Jehovah Witness, and the words David said to that person. At the time, that person made excuses and left. David, realised he had received a revelation. It was the answer to questions he had asked, and prayed about.

If there is one God, then why did many nations, once believe in more than one God?

If all the ancient religions are false, then how can we be sure, that what we now believe is true, and not also false?

Why is religion, to some a dirty word, which can turn people away from God, rather than bring them to God?

In this book David provides answers to these questions: He examines the importance of belief, and language in our civilizations. How language, and belief is the essence of our culture.

He suggests that a certain event in our distant past lead to the creation of many different religions, and caused us to believe in many different Gods.

David explains; how God choose one individual whose descendents would become a nation of priests. A nation destined to be ruled by God via his son.

He examines what has gone wrong, and is wrong, with all religions since the birth of Jesus, and how we all continue to serve Babel and not God.

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/28/2005
Pages: 104
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