Sesaji Raja Suya

Sesaji Raja Suya

by Purbo Asmoro, Kathryn Emerson


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Sesaji Raja Suya - The Grand Offering of the Kings

A terrifying and evil king, Jarasandha, is terrorizing the world-taking over countries, imprisoning just and popular kings, and ravaging havoc on communities around the world. The heroic Pandhawa family of five brothers craft a plan together with Kresna to put on a very special ceremony of offerings that will help forge peace in the world. Jarasandha, meanwhile, has made his own pact with the evil forces in the underworld, to sacrifice one hundred kings in order to secure his power. He needs three more leaders, as he has already taken control over ninety-seven. As the three leaders Arjuna, Kresna, and Bima face off with Jarasandha in his kingdom of Giribajra, a grand debate begins on the nature of belief, religion, and rituals-Jarasandha insisting he is in the right, and Kresna debating his every point. The story comes to a climax when the Pandhawa actually do go through with their ceremony of offerings, and various challenges to their own peace of mind force them to examine their own beliefs.

This book contains the original Javanese transcripts of Purbo Asmoro's three live performances of Sesaji Raja Suya in classical, contemporary-interpretive, and condensed styles.

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Pages: 356
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