Seth (Damage Control, #3)

Seth (Damage Control, #3)

by Jo Raven

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BN ID: 2940152660166
Publisher: Jo Raven
Publication date: 11/19/2015
Series: Damage Control , #3
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 278,910
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Seth (Damage Control, #3) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
cmspharmd More than 1 year ago
Jo Raven does an amazing job at telling this heartfelt story. Seth seems to have a habit of being accident prone which he states is the bad luck that constantly follows him around. But he never seems to give up and wallow away. He still pushes himself through all the bad times. She builds an amazing character who you can't help but love and root for. I wanted to wrap him up in my arms and show him what real love is. Manon is a quiet character with her own struggles, but her innocence is profound and doesn't come off in a bad way. We get to watch her grow and honestly take charge of her life. She has to make decisions that she never thought she'd face and we see that she is truly a caring and giving person. The connection between the two main characters takes us on a journey of the ups and downs and the emotions a real couple would have trying to figure out their lives and own emotions. The story is amazing! Seth is honestly my favorite now! In the third installment of the Damage Control Series, the book focuses on Seth. He's always the quiet one when we've seen him before and he seems to always have a run in with bad luck. In the last book, he ends up in a fight and gets a broken leg. He's tired of leaning on everyone in his life and he wants to take control of everything, but his life has been turned upside down it seems from the very beginning. With a past overwhelmed with bad influences and surrounded by people who were supposed to love you and raise you but only were out for themselves, he hasn't had the best luck in the past and he can't seem to overcome the nightmares that haunt him. He finally has the family he's always wanted but secrets keep him from fully investing in it. He knows that if they ever find out his secret that they will leave, just like everyone else in his life. And this secret doesn't just affect him - no, he's still protecting his cousin like he always did. Another bout of bad luck brings Seth face to face with Manon after a crazy collision. Manon seems to recognize him, but she can't place him right away. She's distraught after finding out some news from school and that her lifelong dream seems to be ripped from her grasp. A dream that her mother had and now is her own. She can't believe that she hurt Seth and decides to take care of the stranger. This starts out the beginning of their friendship where they start pushing each other in ways that force them to be honest with one another. Manon's life has always made her feel inadequate and like she's never good enough for anyone. From her mom leaving, her dad never being there, to her lifelong dream being taken away and now the guy that she thinks she belongs with doesn't seem to want to touch her, let alone kiss her. But there's something about Seth that she's drawn to. He's not the type of guy she would normally go for, but his honesty and how he makes her feel safe lures her in to find out more about him. She wants to be friends, but she begins having thoughts that aren't necessarily just friendly anymore. Seth knows his past is dark, but if he could have anything in life, it would be Manon. She's been the girl he's wanted for a while, but he knew she had a boyfriend. Until the night his luck kept bringing him a world of bad in the form of Manon, he didn't think he'd ever get a chance to spend time with her one on one. But maybe fate plays sadistic games because Manon takes him home to her place and the game of cat and mouse ensues. Read this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldnt put this down...great read. Cant wait for shanes story. Great series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read all of Ms Raven's books and this is definitely my favorite! Seth is a great guy and his relationship with Manon is amazing. I can't say enough about how awesome this book is. I highly recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read it in one sitting!
CybalHa More than 1 year ago
I was gifted this book by the author for and honest review. This was an amazing story. Jo Raven sure like to torture her characters. The book is well written and I didn’t want to put the book down once I started reading it. I enjoy the authors writing style and her way of enthralling the reader’s attention. Thank you Jo Raven for the wonderful book and I can’t wait to read Shane when it comes out.
Stacie93 More than 1 year ago
Seth is so S-E-X-Y!! Wow!! Just when you think Jo Raven can't write a better book... she goes and does it. Seth is so damaged and unlucky that he doesn't feel like he is good enough for anyone. Manon is just looking for someone to pay attention to her. When they meet the sparks fly!! Finding love is very healing for both of them. Find out how that love finally develops by reading the book. This is a fabulous 5 star read... You will not be disappointed!!
Gina_Rose1 More than 1 year ago
Once again Jo Raven has managed to capture every emotion the body can feel and tie it up in knots and then give you the HEA you want for the characters. Seth was very hard for me to read, his story, his life is filled with nothing but pain, and you feel it from reading the words on the page. Madeline aka Manon is a strong female which Jo always manages to give these guys strong women, given what the character normally goes through, they need someone strong. I love how these people go through and back, several times, but in the end, they are happy and in love. Great book, great series will be reading it again & again
DCREADS More than 1 year ago
Oh my poor sweet Seth. Another damaged boy to love. I knew Jo would break my heart with this one. I was pulled in from page one, I honestly sat and read this one cover to cover. I just couldn't stop I had to know Seth's story and Jo did not disappoint. I probably say this with every new installment but Seth and Manon are my favorites.
KD1 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Seth is Heartrendingly Broken Seth. Four letters that form a name of a man who will forever have a place in my heart. A man who when I read other novels and the hero of the story has a problem or a struggle I know I will think to myself, "Could Seth have survived this?" And the answer will always be a resounding "YES!", but not only could Seth have survived it, but thrived as well. He's already been there and done that. Manon is Seth's reward. Manon is actually Madeline, but for Seth, she is the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is his existence. So what if she has a boyfriend? So what if she thinks she is happy with her life as status quo? When she literally runs into Seth....both of their lives finally change: his for the better, and hers finally has meaning. They were always meant to be. That doesn't mean that there weren't struggles along the way: Seth's luck is/was too bad for that not to be, but when you have something to finally live for, something that puts color in your otherwise bleak world...Seth and Manon will find a way to be happy---and be together. Seth is book Three in the Damage Control Series. Each book before it (Micah book 1 and Jesse book 2) can be read as standalones, as there are no cliff hangers to any of the endings. I recommend reading them all however, to get a more comprehensive understanding of their world--for that matter you should definitely check out the Inked Brotherhood series as well! Jo Raven has created a world that is amazingly complete; there are no extraneous characters and issues lolling about--the books are worth every word written and every penny spent. Trust me. Read Seth. Invest in Jo Raven. You won't be sorry. **** I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review****
Heather_S7419 More than 1 year ago
Starting with the Inked Brotherhood and flowing into the Damage Control series, Jo builds characters to last. This latest book, Seth, centers around one of the Damage Boyz. Seth is young. He's had a hard life from the very start, from a drug addicted mother with abusive boyfriends to a prison stay to living on the streets. Like the other Damage Boyz, Seth was "rescued" by Zane and his crew, drawn into their circle of friends/family and given an apprenticeship at the tattoo shop. But Seth's whole life has been one piece of bad luck after another and, as much as he'd hope to believe in a happy ending, he isn't totally able to trust the good that life is finally handing him. Then there's Manon... He barely knows her, but he can't help being drawn to her, wanting her. Manon, aka Madeline, has had a pretty good life. Her relationship with her parents isn't perfect, but they love her. She's going to school in order to fulfill her dream of being a dancer. She's dating her crush, Fred... sort of. Their relationship seems to be moving slower than molasses in January and Manon can't figure out what's wrong with her. Then she literally runs into Seth... with her car... Gah, can Seth's luck get any worse? The hit girl he's been crushing on for months runs into him... with her car... LOL Okay, so she missed, but not by much. Seth has been watching Manon for months and now he has her full attention, but not the way he wants it. She already has a boyfriend, so what's a guy to do? Kicked out of the dance program, Manon tops off her day by nearly running over a man while driving in the rain. Seth is kind of familiar, a friend of a friend. She takes him back to her place to help clean him up and really looks at him. Seth... inked, muscled, and hot. So NOT her type. Fred, slick, perfect, and artistic is her type. But Seth does something to her, touches a place, makes her burn. This book is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone (I totally recommend the rest of the books). Jo Raven has done it again! Her stories are gritty and painful. Her heroes and heroines are young and damaged. The HEA are there, but they are not easily reached, so they are appreciated more. While each story can be read as a stand alone, Jo weaves her previous and future characters throughout the all of her series, so you get to keep following people through their happy endings and you keep meeting new heroes and heroines! I received this ARC for an honest review!