Setting up an Internet Site for Dummies

Setting up an Internet Site for Dummies


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ISBN-13: 9780764503580
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/1998
Series: For Dummies Series
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.28(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Should You Read This Internet Book?
How to Use This Book
Organization of This Book
Part I: Laying the Foundation of an Internet Site
Part II: Publishing Information on the Internet
Part III: Setting Up Basic Internet Services
Part IV: Site Builder Skills for Today's Internet
Part V: The Part of Tens
Icons Used in This Book
About the CD-ROM
Part I: Laying the Foundation of an Internet Site

Chapter 1: Setting the Tone of Your Site
Tuxedoes and T-Shirts
Man, That's Deep
Let It Flow
Keepin' Up with the Joneses

Chapter 2: Internetworking
Internetworking Is for Everyone
Which Way to Go?

Connecting with your inner gadget freak
Why own when you can rent?
The best of both worlds
Linking Computers

Chapter 3: What's in a Name?
The Domain Name System in a Nutshell
Registering Your Own Domain Name

Choosing a domain registry
Becoming a domain contact
You and your NIC handle
Registering as a contact
Applying to InterNIC
Preparing your application
The InterNIC Guardian
Paying for Your Domain Name
Where does the money go?
What happens if you don't pay
Accessing your account information
Sending in your payment
Making Changes to Your Domain
Registering a US domain
Applying for a US domain name
Paying for a US domain name
Registering a Canadian domain name
Applying for a CA domain name
Contacting the .CA Domain Registrar
Registering domain names around the world
Setting Up a DNS Server
What is a DNS server?
Configuring a DNS server
Adding a zone

Chapter 4: Using Virtual Servers
Service, Please!
Jump Right In
Size Isn't Everything
Don't Break the Piggy Bank
Playing Sherlock Holmes
If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Part II: Publishing Information on the Internet

Chapter 5: Creating Web Pages
Tag, You're It

Background color
Background images
Text color
Laying it on thick
Getting the word out
Text formatting
Text color, again
Image Is Everything
The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone
Using Page-Generation Programs
Using Netscape Composer
Using Microsoft FrontPage Express
Publishing Files on Your Web Site
Putting files in your server's Web-page folder
Using a Web-publishing service provider

Chapter 6: Web Page Layout
What's on the Menu?
A Thousand Words
Divide and Conquer
Setting the Table
Fill Out the Form, Please
Marshall, I Wuz Framed!

Chapter 7: Setting Up an Internet News Server
Using Internet News
Looking at Both Sides of the News

Where do little newsgroups come from?
Move over, Larry King and Art Bell: Moderated groups
Forming a Local Newsgroup
Running Your Own News Server
Getting started
Setting up an incoming feed
Getting active
Sending an outgoing feed
Sending local posts upstream
Posting with an IHAVE feed
Controlling the News Server
Creating Local Newsgroups
Internet News and the World Wide Web
Part III: Setting Up Basic Internet Services

Chapter 8: Using E-Mail Autoresponders and Mailboxes
Reasons for Using E-Mail
Getting the Most Out of E-Mail
Replying Automatically to Incoming E-Mail

Responding automatically through a service provider
Do-it-yourself automatic reply using a mail client
Replying automatically by using a large, winged horse
Setting e-mail rules in Pegasus
Do-it-yourself automatic reply using a UNIX shell account
Creating your reply locally
Modifying the vacation program
Changing the .FORWARD file in UNIX
Creating a new .FORWARD file
Starting Your Own E-Mail Information Service
Using an Internet e-mail information service provider
Making money using your e-mail information server
Setting Up mailto Links
Using Your Personal Computer as a Mail Server
Setting Up a Windows E-Mail Server
Configuring SLmail
Creating user accounts
User accounts
Alias accounts
Responder accounts
Forward accounts
Wrapping up
Enabling POP in SLmail
Using Your E-Mail Information Server
Send binary files through e-mail
Provide World Wide Web documents

Chapter 9: Exchanging Files on the Internet
Understanding How FTP Works

Using the FTP client
Using anonymous FTP
Deciding whether FTP is right for you
Providing Files by Using FTP
Using an Internet FTP service provider
Getting a UNIX shell account
Putting files in your FTP directory
Removing files from your anonymous FTP site
Receiving files from others
Checking the security of your incoming directory
Telling others how to access your anonymous FTP directory
Setting Up Your Own FTP Server
Using a Macintosh NetPresenz FTP server
Checking security
Installing NetPresenz
Configuring NetPresenz
Creating an anonymous FTP directory
Creating special files
Configuring security settings
Checking the setup
Using NetPresenz
Using a Windows FTP server
Getting started with Vermillion FTP
Setting up Vermillion FTP
The Windows FTP server WFTPD
Installing WFTPD
Setting up WFTPD security
Configuring other WFTPD settings
Figuring Out What to Do with Your FTP Server
Providing World Wide Web documents
Providing intracompany file transfer
Setting up a public file-exchange area

Chapter 10: Setting Up an Automated Electronic Mailing List
Creating Automated Mailing Lists for the Listless

Using an Internet automated-mailing-list service
Subscribing to your automated mailing list
Running Your Own Mailing List
Setting Up a Mailing List for Windows
Using SLmail to set up the list
Configuring the mailing list
Editing the mailing list
Using LISTSERV to set up a list server
LISTSERV advanced configuration
Creating an electronic mailing list by using LISTSERV
Using commands to control LISTSERV
Giving birth to the new list
Making changes to your list
Using a list server
Using Your Automated Mailing List
Sending World Wide Web documents to the mailing list
Distributing files using a mailing list
Making Money with Your Automated Mailing List
Part IV: Site Builder Skills for Today's Internet

Chapter 11: Electronic Commerce
Understanding Electronic Commerce

Using a digital signature
Authenticating a public key
World Wide Web Security
The online catalog and the Web order form
The secure World Wide Web server
Getting a digital ID and public-key certificate
Using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Electronic payment methods
Credit-card transaction systems
Electronic money

Chapter 12: Promoting Your Internet Site
What's It All About?
Whose Site Is This, Anyway?
The Little Search Engine That Could

Yippee! Hurray! Yahoo!
Directory assistance, please
Feeding the worms and spiders
Submitting your URL the easy way
Using an online ad agency
Aliweb, alakazam!
Promoting Yourself
Cool Site of the Day
Extra! Extra! Read All about It!
It's a Jungle out There -- How Does It
Promoting Your Electronic Mailing Lists
Advertising Your Anonymous FTP Site
Sending Electronic Postcards
Physical World Promotion Techniques
Word of mouth
Printed materials
The telephone
Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 13: Ten Trends in the Interactive Global Village
Science on the Internet
Interactive Shopping
Online Advertising

Network agents
Credit checks
Access to Government
Virtual Communities
Electronic villages
Internet coffee shops
Virtual Workplaces
Internet Programming

Chapter 14: Ten Internet Services Your Internet Site Can't Live Without
Link Exchange
Commonwealth Network
Webrings Keep Visitors Coming Back
The Associates Program
VeriFone Moves Money
Extra! Extra! Read All about It!
Keeping Track of Your Guests
Testing Your Web Pages
Beyond the Simple Counter
NetDelivery Service

Chapter 15: Ten Technology Add-ons for Your Site
The Internet Utopia
Digital Camera
Flatbed Scanner
Stereo Mixer and Microphone
Internet Broadcasting
Fax Servers
Network Modems
Citrix WinServer
PointCast I-Server
Macromedia Flash

Chapter 16: Ten Easy Ways to Enhance Your Site
Search Me
Just Leave a Message
Can We Talk?
Too Much Time on Your Hands
A-One an' A-Two
Disorganize Your Site
Minding the Store
Form Processing
Audience Participation
It's a Banner Day

Chapter 17: Ten More Easy Ways to Enhance Your Site
My Baby Sent Me a Letter
Surveys and Voting
Fake Autoresponder
Password Protection
File Upload
Caller ID
Animated GIFs

Chapter 18: Ten Tools for Web Development
GIF Animation Tools
3-D Font Creation
Image Managers
HTML Editors
Paint Programs
Image Map Creators
GIF Wizard
Dr. Jack's HTMLView
Hidden 3D

Appendix A: Preparing a Personal Computer for the Internet
Installing Data-Communications Hardware
Installing a modem or a network adapter
Using Windows 95 Plug and Play to install hardware
Installing hardware on a Macintosh
Configuring TCP/IP on Your Computer
Macintosh Open Transport TCP/IP
Windows 95 Windows Sockets 1.1
This Lan Is Your Lan, This Lan Is My Lan

Appendix B: About the CD



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