Seven Day Fiance: A Love and Games Novel

Seven Day Fiance: A Love and Games Novel

by Rachel Harris
4.5 56

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Seven Day Fiance: A Love and Games Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 56 reviews.
Reading_Addiction More than 1 year ago
Ahhhhh. What can I say about this book other than absolutely breathtaking! I'm worried about giving too much away in this review and trust me, you want to read it for yourself! Angelle and Cane's story is full of anticipation and surprises. Not only does it have the romance factor, Rachel also deeply develops each character. Both Cane and Angelle have emotional pasts. Pasts that neither thought they could ever overcome. The things that set them apart from each other might just be the things that draw them together, if they can just give it a chance.
JezzaBelle More than 1 year ago
Thank you to the author for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was very excited to get my hands on Cane.  I knew that I was going to like him from just my few glimpses of him in Taste the Heat (Love and Games #1). The Story... Cane Robicheaux doesn't do relationships, but he has been pursuing Angelle Prejean since the first moment she tripped and stumbled into his life.  He just knows that a few nights with her in his bed would make him a very happy man.  To bad Angelle won't give him the time of day. Angelle seretly lusts after Cane, but she's about to make a very public proposition.  Angelle wins Cane in a charity bachelor auction and she plans to take him home to meet the family. Angelle left her home after turning down her long term boyfriend's proposal of marriage.  Attempting to escape the pity party from her family, Angelle asks Cane to play the role of her future husband.  Cane agrees to come to Angelle's aide and play her fake fiance for the week of Thanksgiving. Though neither are looking for love, Angelle and Cane enjoy the closeness and friendship that they find in each other.  Of course, by the end of the week they have grown a lot closer.  When Angelle and Cane cross that final line, Cane makes a game changing decision that he may not be able to recover from. What Works... The intensity makes this story for me.  I knew right away that anything involving Cane would be intense. He's a fierce protector, a loyal friend, and sensitive lover.  The relationship between Cane and Angelle is sexy, sweet, and fun.  The fake engagement allows them to flirt and tease in a way that they may have avoided otherwise. Angelle's big family works very well for me.  I loved the tentative protectiveness of her brothers and the intimidation factor from her father. I positively LOVE the way that Cane refers to Angelle as a hellcat. He grinned against her mouth and whispered, "There's my hellcat." And when he was talking about Angelle in front of the whole town. "So first I'll tell you a little about my hellcat." It becomes a source of strength for Angelle.  She draws on it when she needs courage.  She tells herself that she has an inner hellcat.  "I'm a hellcat."  Then with her shoulders back, she strode forward and tugged open the solid door. What Doesn't... Um... I cannot think of anything that didn't really work.  The idea of a fake engagement is not new, but this is written so well that it all seems fresh and it kept me interested. For those interested in the "steamy" side of romance, please know that this is Entagled Bliss, the tamer line of romance, but it's still good. This was an excellent read.  I look forward to hearing more about the people from Magnolia Springs.
JenLBW More than 1 year ago
What I love about Rachel is that she has great characters, strong family ties and clean romance but still slathers it with a heaping dose of sexy. The chemistry in this book blows you off the page in the first chapter. Holy Craklins. The opening scene was already one of my absolute favorite scenes and I felt like I could hardly hold my excitement in to get through the rest of the book.If you read Taste the Heat and you should, the book starts out with the same lovable and smoldering characters. Cane is unhappily convinced into participating in a Bachelor Auction organized by his baby sister Sherry. Angelle is unwittingly coaxed into coming to said auction. Quite a few drinks later and bam, Angelle now finds herself the owner of a date with Cane Robicheaux.  I love Angelle and I wasn’t sure that I would but that was left over from the first book. From the beginning of the book I loved that she was innocent and awkward, which made her so completely relatable. She has a strong bond with her family, even though she needs a fake fiancee. I love how close they are when she goes back to see them. She’s good hearted inside and out and I love that about her. Cane is just smoldering in the melt your panties kind of way. How can you not love the guy, sure he’s got his closet demons, yay he’s got a bad rep but the fact of the matter is he a gentleman. He is fiercely protective of the people he cares about and would bend over backwards for them. On a side note, I’m completely fascinated by Cracklin...I kind of want to try it.  I think I was grinning ear to ear the entire time I was reading the book. I couldn’t help myself, there were so many cute scenes and I loved Angelle’s reactions. Psst..the barn scene is also one of my favorites. As always Rachel’s writing is superb and the book flowed well. I could gush on and on but I rather you get started reading!
DJTP More than 1 year ago
I just loved Seven Day Fiance by Rachel Harris.  I just wanted more when I finished the book.  Loved the characters and storyline especially  the connection between Cane and Angelle.  The heartwarming moments and the sexual tension.  Would totally recommend this book to anyone  who enjoys a good romance.
KatsNook More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! Seven Day Fiance is the first book I have read from Rachel Harris.  I noticed on Twitter and on blogs that Rachel has a huge fan base, and now I know why!  Rachel is an incredible writer!!  From reading the first chapter of this book I knew I was going to love it. Rachel created a world with characters that I just had to know more about.  Angelle Prejean is finally taking a chance and has started a new and independent life away from her family.  Cane Robicheaux is a sexy bartender/restaurant owner who is commitment phobic.  But Seven Day Fiance isn't just another "good girl/bad boy" romance.  This book is about being true to yourself.  Angelle and Cane have been living their life based on mistakes that other people made. By doing this they both didn't allow anyone to get to know the "real" them and also kept them from taking chances (especially chances on love).  By coming together they both slowly break down that "wall" they built to keep people from getting too close and to knowing the truth. I also loved Rachel's attention to the details.  Angelle's loving (but crazy) cajun family makes me want to jump on the next plane to Louisiana.  And I literally can taste the cracklin (which are similar to the chicharrones I grew up eating) melt in my mouth and the corn maque choux, which I am going to make for Thanksgiving this year.  I also loved the sense of family in this book, not just blood relations but also the friendships.   Seven Day Fiance is the second book in Rachel's A Love and Games series but it is so well written that this can be read as a stand alone.  But of course now I have to read the first book, Taste the Heat, to get all the delicious details of Colby (Cane's sister) and Jason (Cane's best friend). I highly recommend Seven Day Fiance! (I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Though Seven Day Fiance is a part of a series,it can be read as a stand alone.For those who have read Taste the Heat,you may remember Angelle.She volunteers as a firefighter and is determined to live her life the way she wants.I loved Angelle and was charmed by her persona like Cane from the start.Though she left her home in Bon Terre to start a new life in New Orlens,she ended up in Magnolia Springs and I am so gald she did...!! Coming to Cane,well he ticks all the right boxes and is everything I love in a hero.He is good looking,handsome,loves his sisters and can do anything for them(charity bachelor auction),he writes songs,sings,plays a guitar,has tattoos,rides a bike and I can go on and on.How can you resist such a perfect hero ladies and especially the one who can sing...!!.He did annoy me when he broke Angie's heart but the way he sought redemption and declared his love for his girl blew me away. The story is set up in a small Cajun town where everyone knows each other,where traditions  and culture are deeply rooted.It was fun reading about all the Cajun celebrations and traditions.I loved the constant presence of Angelle's family and the love they all shared.The setting of the novel was perhaps my favourite part after the characters. The story is written in both Cane's and Angelle's perspective and it helps to understand both the characters better.Taste the Heat had set up some pretty high standards but Rachel has managed to out do herself in this one.Jason and Colby from Taste the Heat make an appearance too and its always a delight to read about them.I am hoping the next book is about Sherry finding love and given her bubbly persona I so looking forward to it..!! Overall Seven Day Fiance by Rachel Harris is a well written,light and fun romance novel which any romantic would love.Recommended for everyone..!!!
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Seven Day Fiance!!!!! It's A CanJun-In-The-Kitchen Sexy Story!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I loved the 1st book in this series, Taste of Heat, and it set such a high bar that I didn't see how Rachel could top it. That said... I was totally blown away by Seven Day Fiance! Rachel has done it again! This is one AMAZING book! We met Angelle Prejean and Cane Robicheaux in Taste of Heat. I'm glad Rachel has returned to Magnolia Springs and given them their own story full of surprising twists. We are treated to character updates since Taste of Heat and we get to meet "Angel's" family. Since I finished the book last Friday, I'm still obsessing about the characters. Cane is a perfect tortured hero, a Canjun-in-the-kitchen sexy all manly MAN (note all the capitals!). For those who dread a book's ending, don't! No worries with Rachel! Rachel's endings are just perfect, always-surprising, feel-good endings! I can hardly wait for the next book in this series! WooHoo! I Love Rachel's Books!!!!! 5 STARS!!!!!!
VBartles More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised by Taste the Heat, the first book in this series. And so I begged for an early review copy of Seven Day Fiancé. I have to admit, I was really hoping book two would be about Sherry, Cane and Colby's adorable younger sister (who was my favorite character in the first book). When I found out this would be Cane and Angelle's story, I was a bit hesitant. I liked Cane well enough in Taste the Heat, I guess, but it was only a "let's be friends" kind of attraction. And I didn't really like Angelle at all (I got totally jealous and overprotective of my "friend" Colby, when it looked like Angelle might have her sights set on Jason). A whole book about my two least favorite characters? Hmmm... But I loved Colby and Jason and Sherry. And the Robicheaux family is close-knit. I knew there couldn't be a book about Cane without a strong dose of his sisters. And that was enough for me to want to read the next chapter in their story. WOW!! I am so glad I gave these two a second chance! I fell in love with Angelle on page one. I realized that I hadn't really given her a fair chance in the first book. (I didn't know her well enough to judge.) Angelle is sweet, shy and unsure of herself - enough to invent a fake romance, just to prove to her family that she made the right choice when she broke up with her high school sweetheart. She's adorably awkward, and I wanted to jump right through the pages and give her a giant hug, to let her know that she had a friend. But the best part of this book? The tattooed bad-boy who I'd already decided totally wasn't my type. Yep. First impressions can be deceiving. Cane is absolutely amazing! (Who needs a sexy fireman, when you can have a delicious restaurant owner?) He's smart, sexy and sensitive underneath his rough exterior. *swoon* I started reading Seven Day Fiancé before bed, thinking I'd sample the first chapter, just to get a sense of what I could expect. The next thing I knew, it was 2am, and I had to force myself to turn off my Kindle to get some sleep before my alarm started buzzing at 4:30. - And yes, when that alarm rang, my first thought was "I have to see how this ends!" Butterflies and tingles from page one, clear 'til the end. (I can't wait for book three!!!)
AboutThatStory More than 1 year ago
This was such a fantastic story! I loved Cane and Angelle together! They had such an magnetic attraction and great chemistry and I really enjoyed the story line. Cane is so sexy, sweet, and such a caring man (and a new book boyfriend! love him!). Angie is shy but strong and determined to do things on her own terms. This story is told from both their POV’s and I enjoyed both their perspectives. I thought the beginning was great and from there everything unfolded nicely. There is a really good build and a nice pace with just the right amount of conflict, I couldn't put it down. There are some emotional moments, especially when they're sharing about their pasts. How they work through their feelings with one another provided the perfect bit of anticipation as well. Cane and Angelle are both such strong characters, watching them both grow and open up was so heartfelt. There were a lot of playful parts throughout the story too – I loved Cane meeting her family! I found myself smiling through most of the book.  This is book two in a series but can be read as a standalone. Half way through I decided I had to read the first book, Taste the Heat, because I was enjoying this one so much. I really liked all the other characters that were introduced and wanted to know more about them and their lives. It looks like there will be a book 3 in the series as well.  I thought the ending was wonderful and the epilogue was just icing on the cake – I might have actually clapped! This book left me feeling totally happy! Such a sweet love story! Gotta love a bad boy and a shy girl coming together! :-) ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book! The characters were great. I loved everything about this book. All of the stuff about Cajuns was true. My husband is Cajun and its so nice to see a book that truly shows them and doesn't make them look like they are stupid. I can't wait for the next book! !
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
This book sizzles hotter than the spiciest Cajun dish! WHEW! I loved Jason and Taste the Heat, but Cane just became the love of my life. No, seriously. I read this book in the span of a day- I absolutely couldn't put it down, it was that awesome. The characters were well developed and likeable, the storyline was fun, cute, and entertaining, and the setting was so rich with culture that I wanted to hop in my car and drive to Louisiana straight away! I really loved Angelle's character. She is sweet and kind, but so endearingly awkward! I loved that! After leaving her hometown behind, Angelle is determined to start a new life and do what SHE wants to do for once. She has been coddled and babied all of her life and it's time for her to stand on her own two feet. Angelle is also as real as they come. While fierce and strong, she is vulnerable too. She has known loss in her life, which has made her parents overprotective of her, thus putting her in the situation she is in. After ending things with her boyfriend of 8 years, she told her parents she was engaged to someone new to get them to back off her. And she may have told them he went by the name of Cane Robicheaux. Oh, Cane. He's been attracted to Angelle from the moment he first laid eyes on her. Yet, she's always kept him at a distance, never acknowledging his flirtatious nature. Cane is your bad boy. He's good-looking and oozes sex appeal. Angelle knows a man like him is pure danger for her heart, which is why she stays clear of him. Cane is no stranger to one-night stands and yet he finds himself drawn to Angelle, wanting to have one night with her so he can get her out of his system. Cane doesn't do relationships. He has seen firsthand how his father treated his mother and he vows he will never do the same thing to any woman. He feels so much self-guilt over the fact that his sister Colby found out about their dad and he refuses to let his sister Sherry become privy to this knowledge. Colby did leave town for a long while and never thought she would be able to find love, until Jason came into her life, reminding her that not all men treat their women that way. Cane agrees to help Angelle play the role of loving, doting fiancé and spend the week with her in Bon Terre with her family. He never in a million years planned on actually falling for the fiery red-head. Yet the more time they spend together, Cane and Angelle can't help but open up to one another and end up offering comfort like no one else can. "This tattoo perfectly reflects who I am. A woman striving to be bold, and transformed, but with hints of her past always shining through." (e-ARC 112) And ooooooh boy! Do they have chemistry?! I loved watching them pretend around each other, because both of them had so much trouble distinguishing what was all an act and what was real. Angelle is afraid of her feelings for Cane because she doesn't want to end up with a broken heart and Cane is beyond confused at the depth of his feelings for her. He tries convincing himself that once he's been with her, he can finally get back to normal- and yet that self-doubt creeps in and he wonders if things will ever be normal without Angelle Prejean in his life. As I said, Rachel has created a setting rich with Cajun culture and I loved seeing that firsthand while Cane and Angelle spent time with her family. I've always loved that small town setting, where everyone knows each other. Angelle's father is the Mayor of Bon Terre, so naturally everyone is up in their business. It's funny to watch Cane try and fit into this picture, because everyone believes Angelle and her ex, Brady are the golden couple. Yet because Cane, is such a strong, proud, GOOD man he slowly manages to win her family over bit by bit. If you're in the mood for a romance that sizzles and smolders- this is definitely the one to get! *Received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Wow. Are should I say, "Holy crap monkeys"? This is my first Rachel Harris book. Now I can't wait to go back and read the first book in this series. All of her characters are amazing people you can’t help but like and want to know. If you follow my blog, then you know that I'm an Entangled Bliss lover. They're simply comfort reads for me. What I didn't expect going in reading this book was to laugh out loud and have a smile on my face throughout the whole book. But, Rachel managed to do it. Angelle Prejean is a country Cajun girl from Bon Terre, Louisiana. At twenty-six-years-old, she’s the youngest of four children. After the death of her older sister, Angelle tried to ease everyone’s pain by doing what she was told to do or expected to do, act appropriately and not get into trouble. She ended up living a life she didn’t want to live. After breaking up with the guy her parents and town wanted her to marry, Angelle headed to the big city of New Orleans. Only she ended up settling down in a town called Magnolia Springs. In Magnolia Springs, Angelle made friends, became apart of a wonderful community, and developed a MAJOR crush on hunky bartender/restaurant owner, Cane Robicheaux. Cane Robicheaux is a love them and leave them kind of guy. He doesn’t do committed relationships after what his father did to the family. Cane is Angelle’s roommate Sherry’s older brother. He is also her best friend, Colby’s brother. Pretty much every since she’s moved to Magnolia Springs, Angelle has avoided going back home. She doesn’t want to be reminded of the heartache she’s caused her family and town by not marrying Brady Doucet. However, Thanksgiving is here and she has to show up for a week with her fiancé. Why oh why did she have to tell her mother she was engaged to Cane? Now this doe-eyed girl has to convince the man of her dreams, who goes against everything her parents approve of to pretend to be her fiancé for a week. Cane owes Angelle for saving him from a fate worse than death. With his sisters’ nudging, Cane agrees to pretend to be Angelle’s fiancé. Plus, he thinks this would be a great opportunity to explore his attraction for her. Cane just isn’t prepared for the feelings Angelle brings out in him. What ensues is what dreams are made of. You get a heroine who is finally willing to come to terms with her past; be strong and stand up for herself. You also get a hero who is kind, loving and protective. Together there’s no way you can’t see that they belong together. In the end, how can a girl possibly say no to a guy who writes you a song, plays a guitar for you, and is willing to put on a scratchy, itchy Santa suit, just to see a smile on your face? Source: Publisher
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Good Book! Seven Day Fiance by Rachel Harris is a sweet romance with likeable characters and an interesting storyline. Angelle Prejean grew up in Bon Terre, a very small town in Louisiana where everybody knows your name. She dated Brady for eight years and her family as well as the town expected her to marry him when he returned from medical school. Unfortunately, Brady was not Angelle's true love and she decided to move a few hours away to reinvent herself and start a new life. Angelle truly enjoys her new surroundings in Magnolia Springs. She has some wonderful friends, a job she enjoys and a crush on the hunkiest, inked bar owner in town. Cane Robicheaux is considered a bad-boy by some and a sensitive, caring man by others. He loves his family dearly and enjoys his playboy lifestyle that owning a restaurant/bar provides. Relationships have never been his thing, so when Angelle begins to get under his skin, he is dumbfounded. Angelle needs a favor and Cane is just the man for the job. She has to ensure her family that she is safe, happy and in love. To that end, she asks Cane to be her fake fiance for a week while visiting her family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Their sexual chemistry is so intense, there is no doubt they can pull off a fake engagement for a week. Naturally, a couple can only deal with so much sexual tension before they explode and give in to their mutual desires. This is a nicely-written, charming romance that heats up the pages with possessiveness, laughter, and emotion. Give this book a shout if you enjoy a contemporary story with a small town vibe, a Cajun style and a happily ever after.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this book and it was wonderful!! While the basic premise isn't new - taking home a fake fiance to prove to the family your doing well - the story itself is fresh, fun, and sexy! You will root for the H/H Angelle and Cane from beginning to end. Wonderful read with a Cajun flair. Grab this one for a fun read. Highly recommended
LolitaV More than 1 year ago
I got a copy in exchange for an honest review I really like rachel Harris her writing style, I basically read this book in 3 sittings, because as soon as I sat down with it I wanted to keep reading, but I also had a few issues with this book and actually the main plot is one of them. So 3.5 stars for this boook, I am rounding it up because of the writing style and the keep-reading-feel. My main issue with this book is the story, I absolutely hate lying and lying to a whole town about a fiancé is like a super big lie. I just can't understand how she could lie to her whole family about this and this is the one thing that made this book less enjoyable for me. I jsut couldn't wrap my around this and couldn't understand how she could lie about something this big to a whole town. Okay so now that's out of the way let's get to the better parts of this review. In Tasting the Heat I thought we learned too less about Cane, he is the brother of the main character, but there is very little we get to know about him. In this book he is the main character and I couldn't wait to read more about him and get to know him better. Angelle was a great character too which we already met in the first book and I also was curious about getting to know her better. And on those fronts this book certainly delivered. There is a lot more depth to both characters than what we got to see in the first book and I liked both characters. Although both character do something so stupid in this book, Angelle the part about making up a fake fiancé and Cane's big stupid mistake I am not going to mention. There where parts I really enjoyed and also some parts I didn't There are some scenes at like 3/4 of the book that I didn't like and I hate it that every romance book I read seem to contains something like this lately. I really liked the setting and it really makes me want to visit Cajun country and experience it for myself. I love the focus on food and the country people we get to meet in this book. There are some great side characters we meet in this book and I am already wondering who the next book will be about. To conclude: I really enjoyed this book, Rachel her writing style is really good and I wanted to keep reading this book. I have some issues with the main plit of this book, because I hate lying and lying about a fiancé is a really big lie. I did like getting to know Angelle and Cane better and I liked both charcters, beside their stupid mistakes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I tried so hard like this book. The ratings were so high, I thought I would eventually get into it. I just can't finish it. The cajun dialog makes my skin crawl. I can't connect with the characters. Maybe her other books are better. I wish I didn't start with this one.
AngelReads1 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of Seven Day Fiancé and in return a honest review. I am so glad I received this book as I adored it. It was a fun, entertaining read.  I had not read a Rachel Harris book going into reading Seven Day Fiancé including the first in the series but you don’t need to read the first book to be able to read this one. I really didn't get confused, and I didn't even realise it was the second in a series. But now that I know I have to pick the first book up.   The way that Rachel Harris writes in this book was very intriguing and the word choice was very advance which was pleasant refreshment from reading YA novels. Everything was very detailed and it made me visualize everything happening, where it was happening and what was happening so much more. I also found there were a fair few metaphors in the book and I quite enjoyed it. It made it quite different to what I have read before.    I really loved most of the characters. They were quite enjoyable to read about and see them slowly develop. I love that Angelle is not that annoying main character we sometimes get in books that always complain. She is like this innocent girl and it takes her ages to admit what she is really thinking, but once she does oh my. I like her I normally read characters that are very confident in themselves. Cane, Cane, Cane. What can I say about Cane, not is he hot and sexy, he is amazing and sweet.  The way he talks about Angelle about her is just so cute yet so hot. He talks to her so sweetly but then steamy. I love the contrast of both. That he can be this beautiful man that talks about his love like she is a queen but then talks like she is the sexiest human in the world.   They both have these barriers up, but once they get to know each other they let them down. I love the development of this in the book and how they slowly start to fall for each other even though it is only 7 days it seems so much more, I kind of forgot it’s was only 7 Days. The Chemistry between Angelle and Cane was so well done. Watching both of them slowly get to know each other and in due course have nearly everyone believing that there in a relationship expect themselves, was perfect. I wanted to scream so many times and tell them just to get together already. Pretty much, the whole book but a smile on my face. It was funny, and steamy and I loved it. The Scene where Cane meets Angelle’s family was hilarious, it remained me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding where he meets her family, I have no idea why but it did. And if you have not seen that movie Shame on you! But there were some moments when I felt like I wanted to cry, especially when Angelle tells Cane what happen to her sister, It was such a powerful scene and so emotional. Also when Cane realizes her loves Angelle, I just felt so bad for him, but then I didn't but my feelings. And the letter oh my, they letter.  I loved all the clique scene, I love romance so, they made me melt. The only thing I wanted more of was character development I just felt it lacked a little bit. Not alot, but I felt like I need more.  I really liked the story line, yes there is probably many of these type of stories around, but I don’t know why this book stands out to me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An amazing read. This book is well written and very enjoyable. I like light romance and this one had it all, its funny with just the right amount of drama involved. I had loved book 1 as well but this one was even better. Cane and Angelle are perfect and all the secondary characters are well developed which made me want to read more about them (hopefully in near future). I have read all of Rachel's books and she never disappoints me.
AshleyBodette More than 1 year ago
I know, everyone says the 'fake fiance' has been done before...but it's never been done like this!  If you've already read Taste the Heat, the first book in this series, then you may think you already know Angelle and Cane.  But I promise you, there is A LOT you don't know about either of them!  Angelle...first of all, I can TOTALLY relate to this young woman!  Growing up, Angelle was THAT child in her know, the one who ALWAYS does the right thing, what's expected of her, making the rest of us look like unholy terrors in comparison. :)  Well, I was THAT child too.  But now, Angelle is looking to start taking chances in life.  She's ready to give up being a Cajun princess, to find out who she really is, and what she really wants.  I can totally respect this about her.  And when you find out just exactly why Angelle left home, to move to Magnolia Springs, you will be SHOCKED!  But it's truly amazing watching Angelle grow as a person, from the girl who left her hometown in search of something else, to the woman she is by the end of the story. Seriously y'all, if Cane were a real person, he is EXACTLY the type of guy I would want to be with!  From the outside looking in, he is your typical tatted up playboy.  He tends the bar at the family restaurant on the weekends, and it's a pretty well known fact around town that he doesn't do actual relationships.  BUT, for those who know the real Cane, in all his nerdiness, it's easy to love him, even if he doesn't think he deserves it.  It's easy to see that he loves his sisters, and his godchild, which is totally endearing.  Plus, he's HOT!  And all his nerdy little quirks?  ADORABLE!  (Can I use that word when talking about Cane?  I don't know, but I'm going with it!)  Another thing I love about Cane?  He thinks he's a Cajun...but just wait until he pays a visit to Angelle's hometown, which is full of "Country Cajuns."  :)  This 'city boy' is about to get schooled! I wish I could tell you everything about this book, because I love EVERY SINGLE PART of it!  But it is something everyone should experience for themselves, and I don't want to ruin it!  Just know that it is hilarious, swoon-worthy, HOT, and will make you cry!  I certainly needed a few Kleenex while reading it!
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
A-MA-ZING. Rachel Harris has done it again and given us a fabulous book with a captivating storyline, amazing characters, romance, humour, flirting and a good dose of heartwarming beautiful moments combined with those that break your heart a little. I devoured it, I was glued to my kindle for four hours solid and my husband thought he had gone deaf. When you are visualising what you are reading in such detail that you are smiling, laughing, swooning, sighing in utter appreciation, despairing and welling up with your hand on your chest in that 'oh be still my beating heart' type of way, then you know that you have found gem. And believe me it is. If you haven't read 'Taste the Heat', then go read it now, because it introduces us to Cane and Angelle who were secondary characters. If you have, then you won't be disappointed; Cane is one of those literary men who will ruin you! Yes, ladies he is hot, off the scale hot and even though certain skills he possesses are kept behind closed doors, he has plenty of others for us to appreciate. This big brute of a boy may be tattooed, ride a motorbike and have a reputation with the ladies, but he has a huge heart, is protective, thoughtful and has a touch of geek going on. Angelle is a lady deserving of her name; sweet, clumsy and lacking confidence but with a quiet temerity, she is the type of lady you'd love as your friend. She saves him from the clutches of one of his past conquests, he owes her a favour and the title gives that away... This has to be one of my favourite Bliss books (and I have read many). Cane and Angie's chemistry was perfect, they were realistic and I was cheering them on from the off. With great secondary characters; those we loved from the first book as well as new, it was simply a pleasure to read. 2 Robicheaux siblings settled, surely it's Sherry's turn next...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do you like hot Cajun?  If so, you need to meet Cane.  If not, then you still need to meet Cane because he will change your mind.  From the very first page you are thrown into the action, fun and chemistry between Cane and Angelle!  The flow and writing just keeps the story riveting and going.  I couldn’t put it down! I wanted to know how her family was going to handle him – especially seeing as how they were a different kind of Cajun than Cane was.  Hilarity and family fun ensues as these two pretend to be engaged.  What I found refreshing was the author didn’t have the best cousin fall for the ruse.  She called Angelle out on her lying (in private, of course) and said she knew Angelle enough to know something wasn’t right.  That is awesome because in the real world, you would think a favorite cousin or best friend would know you better. Kudos to Rachel for that!  These characters are engaging and suck you in from the very first page.  It’s awesome to see them both “grow up” and realize opposites do attract! You can’t go wrong with a Rachel Harris book!
caucasian More than 1 year ago
Seven Day Fiance is the sequel to Taste The Heat, but it revolves around Cane, Colby’s brother. Remember Angelle? That sweet, innocent girl is about to take Cane on a wild, wild ride! After slipping a little white lie, Angelle has to produce a fiancé. One night of bidding on the man with best abs wins her Cane. Sexy and dangerous, Cane has been Angelle’s crush for months. Cane, in return, wants a taste of the sweet Angelle… Thus begins their seven day journey of finding romance, courage and love. Angelle and Cane’s story was sweeter than Colby and Jason’s. Cane will melt you…seriously. I loved this this Adult book because it’s filled with sweetness and swoony moments! So read it! NOW!
Anonymous 11 days ago
Again, again, again! I enjoyed this story so so much. It was sexy without being explicit. I don’t need to see them doing it in my head!! The characters were a blessing. Thank you for writing a great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was very good, very sweet but cute story, I found myself laughing many times; which i love in a story. Recomend you read this book, you won't be sorry!