Seven Deadly Sins: Gula

Seven Deadly Sins: Gula

by Velvet Gray

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Seven Deadly Sins: Gula by Velvet Gray

Have you ever closed your eyes after biting into a particularly tasty morsel? Rolled it around on your tongue and savored the flavor? Have you every wanted more? Then you are guilty of gluttony. But step back for a moment and let these two lovely ladies show you how to really enjoy this particular sin. Their bodies are a feast and the hunger I just beginning.


Deciding that her meal needed garnish Gula stepped away for a moment and returned holding the grapes. She climbed onto the table, straddling Allison at the waist. Delicately, the demon lowered the bunch to the redhead’s mouth and let her take a couple with her teeth. Allison chewed on the grapes with a look of challenge on her face. As if to say, "what next?"

Gula showed her what came next. She laid the bunch on Allison's chest, just between her breasts. Lay them and pressed. Juice sprayed everywhere and pulp ran in all directions, covering the other woman's chest. The woman on top smiled as she tossed the stem onto the floor and began to rub the pulp around, spreading it further. Allison looked up with at her with a wondering expression, somewhere between laughter and lust.

When satisfied that she had well plastered the tall woman's chest Hisako leaned down and kissed her. Just a quick peck. Her mouth had other places to be. Hot lips met warm skin lubricated by cool grape juice as the black haired woman traced kisses down the body of her redheaded lover. She started at the neck but the taste fired her hunger further and she soon moved south.

Hungrily but deliberately the dark hair woman drank and ate all the juice and pulp around the other woman's large breasts. Sweetness danced on her tongue and slid down her throat. When Allison's chest was clean Hisako moved onto the breasts themselves making sure to clean each one thoroughly. She cupped them in turn in with both her small hands to hold it steady again the writhing of the woman beneath her. There was a lot of space to go over and some spots required that she go over them several times. When at last she was ready the Japanese woman swirled her tongue counterclockwise around the American's pink half-dollar nipples and latched on. At first she swirled suckled gently, then more insistently as appetite overcame her.

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BN ID: 2940015591583
Publisher: Sketchbook Publishing
Publication date: 10/07/2012
Series: Velvet Gray's Seven Deadly Sins Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

If there’s one thing Velvet Gray loves it’s getting in a box. Why? How else can you break out of one? Velvet is a gamer, a geek and a gourmet. The first time Velvet proposed to a woman it nearly ended in violence, the second time in being kidnapped to Japan. The marriage may not have worked out due to creative differences but they still keep in touch. There are several things within easy reach of Velvet’s bed, an iPad, a night stand full of sex toys and a very sharp sword. Draw your own conclusions. Velvet has written more than a dozen short stories in several different erotic genres including straight romance, BDSM, comic book superhero, lactation, noir detective, food play, urban fantasy, ménage, philosophical conjecture…remember that thing about that box? Yeah, Box destroyed.

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