Seven Ghostly Spins: A Brush with the Supernatural

Seven Ghostly Spins: A Brush with the Supernatural

by Patricia Bossano, Kelsey E. Gerard


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A mind-bending collection of paranormal tales based on harrowing legends and nightmares come true. These Seven Ghostly Spins will creep under your skin and stay with you long after you have read them.

Alison—The adage goes “no self-respecting theater house is without its ghost”

Peery's Egyptian Theater; Ogden’s historic movie palace, joined the ranks in 1924.

By the Iron Gate—A flight of fancy; triggered by a real nightmare, and a real walk in the moonlight.

She Caught a Ride—Gone but not Forgotten

Night after night, young Florence awaits a secret signal.

Abiku—In this paranormal thriller, a seventeen-year-old boy unwittingly summons a demon from across the sea, setting off a heart-stopping countdown into madness.

A Curse Lifted—Experience the power of a parting gift.

205 ½ 25th Street—A haunting encounter featuring the legendary Rosetta Duccini Davie; seductive madam of the most elegant brothel on Two-Bit Street in the mid 1940's: The Rose Rooms.

Carolina Blue—Hundreds have heard the anguished scream or have seen the wisp of blue on the railroad tracks… only a precious few will overcome experiencing the lady’s haunting cries.

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ISBN-13: 9781732509313
Publisher: WaterBearer Press
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 186
Sales rank: 1,186,328
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Award-winning author of the philosophical fantasy novels, Faery Sight, Cradle Gift, Nahia, and other supernatural tales. She lives in California with her family.

Featured author: She Caught A Ride
Fiction writer, distinguished contributor to her alma mater's Metaphor Undergraduate Literary Journal, aspiring professional scribbler, currently residing in Northern Utah.

Table of Contents



By the Iron Gate

She Caught a Ride


A Curse Lifted

205 ½ 25th Street

Carolina Blue

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Seven Ghostly Spins: A Brush with the Supernatural 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Amy Elizabeth More than 1 year ago
Seven Ghostly Spins by Patricia Bossano is a compilation of short stories with alternate endings. As the title suggests they all involve the supernatural and are based on folklore heard through the ages. Each short story is based on different characters and tales heard through time. Some of the stories are true tragedies that break your heart, while others are tales so old and foreign you question the frightening reality of, ‘What if'. There is a lot of detail going into some of these ghost stories. If you love a new ghost tail read away. Seven Ghostly Spins was amazing! As the title states its many ghost stories in one. I didn't quite catch that when I started reading the book. Honestly, there were no bad aspects really. It was cute, sad, and scary all rolled into one book. Some of the stories are super short while another in particular was incredibly long. I enjoyed every single harrowing spin each story had to offer. It's hard to give am accurate review without giving away the stories. From what I can gauge some of these stories came from local myths, which make them all the better. You have everything in this mix of shorts from a sweet innocent girl to a deadly evil spirit. My favorite is clearly the story of the little girl who fell accidentally to her death. It's sad and bittersweet. My least favorite I'd say, while an interesting read was the story of Abiku. While I enjoyed learning about this fascinating spirit, the ending left me feeling unfinished. I just didn’t like the end to that one. You might, but that doesn't set the tone for the book in anyway because immediately after that one ends, a new tale begins. I definitely give this book a 5 star rating. I normally don't come across these types of books but I am glad I did. It was interesting to read and to learn some of the stories were based on real tragedies that happened. The author simply goes in and adds a story line giving an insight to just exactly how it might have occurred. Definitely recommend as a quick read. Would make a great travel book.
typicallydia More than 1 year ago
In tales of true hauntings that have been reworked, Seven Ghostly Spins offers something fresh in a genre known for familiarity. Tales of the supernatural that we may know well, are spun here into an even more interesting cloth. The author Patricia Bossano, with featured writer Kelsey E. Gerard, have built respectfully on six rich tales of the other side crossing over to our own. In the midst of these reanimated ghosts is a novella so this makes a well-rounded collection to curl up with on your commute or a long night of reading. The first three stories set a perfect tone set up by the brief note from the author in the acknowledgement section. Suited to telling around a fire, I am sure the original stories were once narrated just the same. In particular, there is something so visible about the theatre described in one story where a young girl died. With some research and the notes provided, this story could be retold a hundred ways and this take on it is touching. All three of the main subjects here come from very different walks of life and the voice of the authors blends well with enough variety to keep from sounding like the same story told over - something that can happen with even the spookiest ghost story. Abiku is the novella at centre stage. The book as a whole is suitable for a young adult audience, and this one even moreso. There is violence, drug use and some tense scenes, but nothing that is not out of the halls of any modern school setting. The myth of the Abiku is tantalizing and to see it told in another guise would be a treat. It serves as backdrop for Matthew and his real-world manifestations of what was supposed to be only a story of a demon. The setting is unique and well wrought, just lacking the splendour of the shorter stories - perhaps since it’s painting is as a prop and not enough of a character itself. Short stories begin again with one that has no factual ties noted, but could certainly be a story relayed from the author or a friend. The next is a wonderfully rich story based on a brothel with a very fascinating backstory and images to round out the reading with a little sleuthing online. Much like the theatre featured earlier in the book, this Two-Bit Street house is easily conjured in the reader's mind. It may be the cream of the crop although the final tale pushes those same buttons too, with another historical tie and thought provoking photos. The collection Seven Ghostly Spins is a quick and dreamy read for those that like to see these little worlds of ghost stories expanded. Where the word ‘spin’ in the title is fitting as most of the stories offer a lot more poetry to the machinations of life leading up to death and a little more hope for what is left of these hungry ghosts.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
Patricia Bossano and Kelsey Gerard’s Seven Ghostly Spins is an amazing collection of paranormal stories, some based on true events. Each of Bossano’s stories takes on a life of its own and features vivid characters engrossed in intricate story lines with the perfect blend of suspense and mystique. Featuring varying story lengths, Seven Ghostly Spins contains seven stories ranging from the story of a little girl who dies tragically in a theater during its construction phase to the more lengthy tale of a young man torn between helping a friend beat a drug induced mania and the fear of further enraging him. Each with its own unique set of characters, Bossano’s stories never fail to engross readers and transport them directly into the setting. Perhaps the most touching tale in Bossano’s collection is that of “Alison.” Bossano tenderly relates the story of Alison’s fall from the scaffolding where her father is working to build the Egyptian Movie Palace in 1924. The first-person account is moving while at the same time beautifully tragic. Alison sees her own death, and readers are offered a look at the events leading up to her final moments through the little girl’s eyes. Bossano’s conclusion to the short story is especially lovely considering the present-day accounts of sightings of the little girl’s by theater patrons. The short story entitled “Abiku” is the longest in Bossano’s collection of ghostly tales and is woven from an entirely different fabric than the others. Featuring more of a paranormal vibe, the status of main character seems to fluctuate between Matthew and Sophie. Matthew is a tragic figure who is not strong enough to stand up to the friend who is slowly but surely losing control of his morals. Sophie, the ultimate heroine in the tale, is burdened by the gift of visions. Bossano succeeds in making both Matthew and Sophie highly relatable characters despite their unique situations. Gerard’s “She Caught a Ride,” is frightening in many aspects. The idea of initiating freshmen members of a volleyball team by forcing them into facing the ghost of a fifteen-year-old girl is one that chills readers to the bone. The fear of each one of the girls is palpable as each is eliminated from the task and a single girl is left standing to face the grave in the headlights. Gerard taps into that overwhelming sense of terror and manages artfully to grab the reader by hand and jerk them headlong into that dark and ominous graveyard scene. Patricia Bossano has done it again. Her writing always takes hold of the reader and forces them into realms from the first paragraph. Gerard, an author previously unknown to me, has definitely captured my attention. The team of Bossano and Gerard cannot be beaten; their works tap into the dark side of one’s imagination and leave the reader hungry for more. I highly recommend Seven Ghostly Spins to any fan of the paranormal and, especially, readers looking for tidbits of ghostly truths.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If one really likes ghost stories “Seven Ghostly Spins” is the book for you. The first story Alison is a perfect start for this very fun read. The stories were all very different and I was never bored with any of them. Patricia Bossano and Kelsey Gerard have a wonderful writing style and a great imagination. I look forward to reading the next book. I most highly recommend “Seven Ghostly Spins”; it is a real page turner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's amazing how every time I read this author’s work I am taken directly into the worlds she creates, this book is no different, sometimes I look up from it and am surprised to be in my room or office reading and not looking through an Iron gate, staring at a headstone, walking through an old brothel or camping in the desert. A suspenseful page turner where the endings reminded me of one my favorite 80's shows The Hitchhiker...I would always get chills and wonder...hmmm.
luvfantasy More than 1 year ago
Heart-rending and suspenseful Because the book has this subtitle “a brush with the supernatural” I let myself get deep into the seven stories. Now I don’t know if their lingering effect is worse than the outright fear a full-blown horror story can bring on. At the end of the first story, the author says this about “Alison” “I hope I’ve done right by her and that you let her tag along—in your imagination.” Well, it either set the tone or it was a curse, because it’s not just Alison tagging along, it’s the other six too! Can’t stop seeing and hearing them in my head.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Seven Ghostly Spins by Patricia Bossano is a collection of brushes with the supernatural. With their basis in truth and legend, these are your worst nightmares realized. A theater with a ghost; a moonlit walk that leads to a nightmare; the legend of Flo and an unsuspecting cheerleader; Abiku, called across the oceans to cause complete and utter bloody mayhem, and more. Seven tales to bring chills to your spine and haunt your sleep long after you finish reading them. Seven Ghostly Spins: A Brush With the Supernatural by Patricia Bossano is a chilling read. Seven tales, some short, some long, that delve deep into the paranormal world. I enjoyed this collection of stories, my favorite being She Caught a Ride. It is a well-written collection, each story with its own basis in legend, and each one written succinctly and to the point but with plenty of suspense built up along the way. The characters in each story were likable and easy to relate to and there was enough of a plot in each one, even the shortest ones, to make them worth the read. I enjoy stories of the paranormal and these were no exception. Patricia Bossano has drawn on personal experience and old legends, adding in her own imagination to bring each story fully to life. They were easy to get hooked on from the word 'go' and thrilling to read. A good book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has a couple of hours to kill with a short story or two.
MarkODwyer34 24 days ago
‘When isolated from the bustle of civilisation, the mind slips unfettered.’ 'Seven Ghostly Spins' contains six paranormal tales that are short enough to read during a commuter ride to work. (But will you then feel a bit too disturbed to carry on as usual that day?) One tale, ‘Abiku’, is a creepy novella perhaps best read when safely at home. ‘Amelia’s mouth opened and an infinite, desolate scream escaped.’ I am not a frequent reader of ghost or horror tales. Although the author offers tantalising notes on the inspirations for this collection, for instance, that one of the stories is based on “a real walk in the moonlight”, I still began by thinking, “All right then, so let’s just see if you can get to me.” Fellow Baffled Ones, these stories got to me. We get crumbling houses and overgrown paths in abandoned gardens, dark basements, cemeteries, fortune tellers, and birds ominously pecking at the window. Yet, as the book’s subtitle suggests, the stories are more about ‘brushes’ with the supernatural than with horror. We are offered different levels of the mind and of sight, portals that open unexpectedly, places that seemingly tug at the mind, objects that influence actions. ‘I close my eyes and I float for a while, not in my room but in a dream. I think I should go home but I don’t know how. I’m not worried though.' ‘Alison’ is the sweetest ghost story I’ve encountered although very sad. It’s based on the legend of a girl who died in a real theatre in San Francisco. ‘By The Iron Gate’ is as much about the pathos of a woman’s tightly restricted life as about the supernatural. ‘I would grab the iron bars and stare into the moonlit garden, like a prisoner longing to return to her cell.’ In ‘She Caught A Ride’, a hazing goes wrong, and in ‘Carolina Blue’ a chiffon dress leads to a fateful encounter of the heart. The dully named story called ‘205 1/2, 25th Street’ is anything but as a man’s viewing of a real estate purchase turns into a chilling time slip through to the actions of his forebears. I enjoyed these stories both for the brushes with supernatural elements and also for the well written glimpses of the characters' lives wherein time and again a carefully added word or phrase by the author turns the ordinary into something else. Why not let your own mind slip unfettered for a while. I think you may close the book, as I did, feeling thoughtful about particular ‘odd’ events in your own lives