Seven Questions About The Greater Reality

Seven Questions About The Greater Reality

by Cynthia Spring, Frances Vaughan

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Seven Questions about the Greater Reality: We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience is Book Two of The Greater Reality Series. It continues the journey begun in Book One by giving us a larger frame within which to hold the precious contents of our human lifetimes. 

In this second volume of the trilogy, co-authors Frances Vaughan (discarnate / speaking from her vantage point in a greater reality) and Cynthia Spring (incarnate / speaking from the familiar space/time dimension) offer seven new questions to spur our realization that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Each question goes into a deeper place of exploration. So the question in Book One, "Am I more than my physical body?" becomes "What Is Aliveness?" in Book Two. 

The dialogue engaged in by these two souls provides insight on how to hold onto your life purpose when the infrastructure around you is crumbling. Opening to this consciousness helps us answer the questions that are most urgent for our upheaval-filled times and persevere during the third decade of the 21st century. 

Here are the questions raised: (1) What is aliveness? (2) How do we let go of the fear of death? (3) How do we participate as co-creators of reality? (4) How can we contact the other side? (5) What are we here to learn? (6) How do we live our purpose during the upheavals? (7) What is time-bound? What is eternal?

Because the kind of transition we are currently experiencing involves a letting go of old forms, it is vital to remember that our existence extends beyond our physical body. By finding our unique purpose for this incarnation and carrying it out to the best of our ability, we can maintain our balance and clarity, and co-create our future on this planet. The overarching mandate is to be love now, preserving the values of harmony and service within our families and our communities. 

Knowing that there is life after life, we can courageously confront the forces that would tear us apart. Knowing that our consciousness can tap limitless wisdom and compassion from the collective reservoir gives us strength and perseverance. Being in communication with loved ones "on the other side" demonstrates that we are not alone. 

Question 3 asks: How do we participate as co-creators of reality? The answer reinforces the main theme of the book: We are conscious beings first, and we are co-creating our physical space/time world together. This recognition is the task at hand. We can discover that so much of our reality can be remade to fit a more loving, more balanced world.

This book also provides an approach to a direct experience of "the other side" by means of automatic writing. Where Book One offered a variety of portals, Book Two concentrates on developing the portal of automatic writing, or channeling. As the reader, you are gently encouraged to try your hand at it, to see if you can contact a loved one who has passed or a discarnate mentor. The practice of automatic writing allows you to have your own direct experience.

To know "there is a greater reality" puts you on the threshold to explore. 

To know that "Love is the answer" can give comfort while traversing unknown territory. 

To suggest that you open a dialogue with a loved one on the other side offers you confidence in the truths of this book from your own direct experience. 

To realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience means you grasp the essential message of this book. 

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About the Author

Cynthia Spring is an author, social activist, and explorer of the unconventional. Since the mid 1990s, she has been active in local ecology in the San Francisco area. Her explorations have been in the fields of spirituality, transpersonal psychology and personal growth. She lives in Northern California with her husband, psychologist Charles Garfield, and two cats, Bella and Layla.
Frances Vaughan made her transition to a greater reality in 2017. She was a psychologist and teacher who inspired everyone she met to be his or her higher self. She wrote books and papers that carried on the wisdom and compassion that she has gathered from many lifetimes. She served as a trustee for 19 years at the Fetzer Institute, which helps build a spiritual foundation for a loving world. As a transpersonal psychotherapist she helped guide her clients to find the source of their healing. She continues her work through this book collaboration. "Frances was a respected 'Wise Woman' and a true elder. She embodied the strong feminine and was a model of an extraordinarily bright mind meeting an ever expanding heart." - Frank Ostaseski, Founder of Metta Institute, author of "The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully"

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