Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, and How To Defeat Each One of Them

Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships, and How To Defeat Each One of Them

by John Shore

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Since its publication thousands of women have used John Shore's revelatory "Seven Reasons Women Find Themselves in Abusive Relationships" to completely and permanently turn around their lives. Penetratingly clear and breathtakingly insightful, "Seven Reasons" is a must-read for any woman ensnared in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship. Such a relationship is like a frighteningly dark cave; "Seven Reasons" carefully, directly, and lovingly walks any women trapped in such a cave back out into the light. As surely as any abused woman will recognize herself in the seven reasons Shore gives for why people first get attracted to and then stuck in such relationships, she will find salvation in his prescription for defeating each one. A women in an abusive relationship has lost something core to herself; "Seven Reasons" restores it to her.

"Whether this is a problem for you now, or for someone you know, it impacts people too often. There are many reasons we stay in abusive relationships. John, your insights and understanding, wit and humor, can help all of us---male and female." -- Dr. Jed Diamond,

"This is a very detailed and extremely supportive article about the reasons women tell themselves they need to stay put in abusive relationships…and you need to read it all." -- Neil Warner,

"An excellent piece of writing that speaks very practically about the reasons someone stays in a bad relationship. Worth looking at, even if you are not someone, nor do you know someone who is abusive.  The answers John gives helps us understand how it is that we may do things that do not seem like it’s in our best interest. It is a wonderfully well written, easy to understand and non-clinical approach to answering the question, “Why do some women stay in abusive relationships?” -- Marc Sadoff,

From readers:

"Thank you…your post has helped me finally leave a emotionally abusive relationship with a man. Thanks for describing this dynamic. I’ve never heard it done so eloquently."--- Heather.

"I credit 'Seven Reasons' with changing & saving my life" --- Lisa E

“Really empowering. Life changing. Something I’ll come back to again and again.” --- Anonymous

"John, as someone who works with DV (domestic violence) victims I’d like to thank you for this great resource. There is an amazing amount of good, solid information out there on emotional/physical abuse. But your short blogs go right to the heart. Thank you so much for caring about women, encouraging us, and sharing your ideas. You’re right on." --- Anonymous

"Bless you, John Shore" --- Mindy

"John Shore – what comes through the most in these writings is your love and tender-hearted care for women. Wow. It’s amazing. Thank you."--- Rkerstetter1

“I sit here with my mouth wide open in amazement at the way John describes to a ‘T’ the reason why I cannot move “him” out of my life … I don’t really know if I am glad that I have read this or if I am in shock …” --- Anonymous

"This is fantastic. Thank you. Mr. Shore, please keep up your beautiful, empowering, compassionate, thoughtful and passionate advocacy of women!" --- Lara

“Thank you so much. You deserve an award for writing this! Great info indeed.” --- Anonymous

"I have really, really appreciated finding this." --- christinej

"BRILLIANT! Oh bravo, bravo!!!" --- Freda

"Thank you John, for opening your heart to take in some of the pain of we who carry such vile memories deep inside our still struggling and shaking psyches and emotions. You're a true brother." --- Anonymous

"Are you really a woman? LOL You nail abusive relationships. Thanks for getting it."--- Strong.

"This article is just what I needed to read, just when I needed it! Thank you." --- TS

“Most helpful, strong stuff I have read in a long time. Very sobering.” --- Anonymous

"BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!! Just had to shout it." --- Laura W.

"This is an amazing article that I have to view as an answer to prayer. I've never before seen your blog or articles and was amazed at the clarity of the truths you've written about so well." --- Anonymous

“I posted the link to this wonderful article on my Facebook page, and my son (20) sarcastically commented … ‘I think you should listen to that dude, Mom.’” --- Anonymous

"I wish I had discovered your article years ago." --- Sylvie.

"John – Thank you so much for this! It is extraordinarily helpful and I will recommend to my friends dealing with the same issues. Thanks so much!!!" --- Maren S.

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About the Author

The Huffington Post's Religion section are among its most popular. His blog,, is one of the most read and commented upon in the blogosphere. He is the founder of the growing movement known as Unfundamentalist Christians.
Rob Bell ("Love Wins," "Sex God," "Velvet Elvis,") has declared Mr. Shore "awesome," and "a brilliant writer." Dan Savage ("It Gets Better") has called him "a wonderful writer," and written of his desire for all Christians to read his work.

Additional praise for Mr. Shore:

"John Shore is one of those rare writers who can make people laugh and think at the same time. He's one of the most talented, funny, and deeply thoughtful writers I know. He’s a sincere pleasure to read."— Richard Louv, author of the international bestseller, "Last Child in the Woods," "Fly Fishing for Sharks," and "The Nature Principle."

"John Shore is a remarkably gifted writer who knows exactly what he is doing." — Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of "The Deep End of the Ocean" (an Oprah’s Book Club selection), "Twelve Times Blessed" and "The Breakdown Lane."

"John Shore, the legitimate son of Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Barry, writes with a freaky energy and humor and imagination that illuminate his characters’ and readers’ hearts. He’s the real thing.”— Richard Lederer, author of more than thirty books on the English language, including the bestselling "Anguished English" series and "The Miracle of Language."

"Shore is a humorist whose work is more comedic than Donald Miller, and his appeal to Christians is more direct."---Michael Spencer, a.k.a. The Internet Monk, and author of the bestseller, "Mere Churchianity."

"Shore is a madman and a genius."— Eric Metaxas, author of bestsellers "Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery," and, "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy."

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