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Seven Spiders Spinning (Hamlet Chronicles Series #1)

Seven Spiders Spinning (Hamlet Chronicles Series #1)

by Gregory Maguire, Zimmer Dirk (Illustrator), Dirk Zimmer (Illustrator), Dirk Zimmer (Illustrator)

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What happens when seven deadly Siberian Snow Spiders from before the dawn of time invade a contemporary classroom in rural Vermont? Bedlam, and one of the funniest, creepiest, ickiest middle-grade Halloween books ever written! 'Demon spiders, lover spiders, greedy spiders, sensitive spiders—they all go on heroic quests that get entangled in classroom rivalries


What happens when seven deadly Siberian Snow Spiders from before the dawn of time invade a contemporary classroom in rural Vermont? Bedlam, and one of the funniest, creepiest, ickiest middle-grade Halloween books ever written! 'Demon spiders, lover spiders, greedy spiders, sensitive spiders—they all go on heroic quests that get entangled in classroom rivalries and local soap operas. . . . Everything is part of the comic brew, from the nightly news and Spidergate to Dracula, The Wizard of Oz, Charlotte's Web and Little Miss Muffet.'—BL. 'A fast, delightfully entertaining romp.'—K.

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Author Biography: Gregory Maguire's debut novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West—the story of a little green girl who grows up to become the Wicked Witch of the West—earned the author rave reviews and a dedicated literary following. Maguire received his doctorate at Tufts University and has served as artist-in-residence at the Blue Mountain Center, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Hambidge Center. He lives in Concord, Massachusetts.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This high-camp fantasy-mystery uses farcical elements to embellish a tale of spider intrigue. En route to a lab at Harvard, seven Siberian snow spiders escape from the frozen blocks of ice that held them captive for thousands of years. The hapless spiders scuttle their way into Hamlet, Vt., where they witness a meeting of the Tattletales, a club of seven elementary school girls. Besotted by the Tattletales, the spiders set out one by one to meet the girl of their choice-with fatal results. As the spiders' numbers decline, the spurned survivors lose their ardor and begin to seek revenge. Fit into this a subplot involving a romance between the truck driver who transported the spiders and the nurse who lulls him out of a coma by reading love stories and bestowing kisses. Add a meddlesome reporter named Meg Snoople, who is determined to uncover the missing spiders, and the plot only thickens. Though the story moves along at a brisk pace, the humor risks being precious and, sometimes, arch. The compassion of Maguire's more serious and wittier Missing Sisters is absent. Ages 8-12. (Aug.)
School Library Journal
Gr 3-6-Seven tarantulas preserved in a glacier since prehistoric times are discovered, fall out of their refrigerated crate on their way to Harvard scientists, and thaw in rural, present-day Vermont. Given this premise, readers follow the rather intelligent creatures' trail of poisonous love and revenge. The objects of their affection (and later their hate) are The Tattletales, a group of girls whose school rivals are the Copycats (boys). The two groups finally call a truce and combine forces to rescue their beloved teacher, Miss Earth, when she receives a deadly bite. As the tale progresses and each of the arachnids approaches its potential victim, the suspense builds. However, there is quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor here, as well. Characters are almost caricatures-the standard bossy girl, studious boy, motherly school aide, and too-good-to-be-true pretty teacher. Yet, somehow it all comes together to create a funny, shivery story of ancient Siberian snow spiders and the problems they cause in a peaceful New England village. The book is a bit long, but would make a great read-aloud and a satisfying choice for fans of humorous horror.- Beth Tegart, Oneida City Schools, NY
From the Publisher

"A fast, delightfully entertaining romp." Kirkus Reviews

Product Details

HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
Hamlet Chronicles Series , #1
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
5.18(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.34(d)
830L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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Chapter One

Fallingin Love Again

"The meeting of the Tattletales will come to order!"

Seven girls sat up straight on their sleeping bags. Six of them looked still and anxious. The Vermont woods bristled at the far edge of the backyard. Hamlet was a small town, and the woods came close. The seventh girl, the one speaking, glanced around in the firelight.

"My name is Thekla Mustard," the speaker began.

"We know who you are, we've all been in school together since kindergarten," pointed out Lois.

"I'm running this meeting," said Thekla Mustard. "Permission to interrupt and complain and carp and be annoying is not awarded, Lois. Fermez la bouche." This meant Shut up, but politely, in French. Lois clamped her mouth shut.

"As you all know, I have been elected Empress of our club for another season. At this our first meeting of the school year, I want to outline the goals and objectives of our club once again. Objections?"

No one spoke. Lois had wanted to be Empress this year, and she popped her gum defiantly, but Thekla chose to pretend it was simply a log snapping in the campfire. The light was golden, the shadows behind them purple and gloomy. As Thekla stood to address the Tattletales, she admitted she cut a magnificent figure in her safari togs complete with pith helmet swathed in muslin. She swayed around the fire to produce a more impressive effect. The tails of her muslin netting trailed poetically behind her.

"School begins next Tuesday," said Thekla Mustard. "The seven of us will find ourselves once again next to our archenemies, our rivals, thebane of our existence: the Copycats."

Thekla fiddled with her veils while the Tattletales spit and fumed and cried, "Boo! Yuck! Scuzz-bombs! Boys stink!"

"Some," said Thekla, "will ask: Why do Copycats exist?"

There was a pause. No one was sure of the rhetorical pattern. "Well, ask," Thekla urged, in a whisper.

"Why do the Copycats exist?" cried Fawn.

"And well you might ask," said Thekla. "You might as well ask why do spiders exist, and rats, and pond scum, and chicken pox — "

"Why do spiders exist, and rats, and — " cried Fawn.

"It's a question of the Natural Order," Thekla explained. "In order to be superior, you have to have lower life forms to be superior to. A cat is superior to a mouse. A dog is superior to a cat. A girl is superior to a boy. "

The girls nodded in righteous agreement and pride, and huddled closer.

"Now, one may wonder what is the goal and objective of our — "

"What is the goal and objective of our club anyway?" shrieked Fawn, getting carried away. Thekla delivered a withering frown with her usual effectiveness. Fawn began to bite her fingernails.

Thekla recounted the history of the Copycats and the Tattletales. How the rivalclubs were founded several years back. How the name of the Tattletales, applied originally by the boys as an insult, had been taken up by the girls. "Defuse the powers Of opposition!" cried Thekla. "We own the language, and we transform it! Does the word tattletales suggest a clot of simpering namby-pambies, idiotic goody-goody two-shoes, authority-bound mushbrains? "

"Does the word tattletales —" began Fawn, but she was drowned out by the other girls shouting, "No!"

"Not anymore," Thekla concluded. "The tales we Tattletales tell are the new legends of dominance and power! The tattling we do is to ourselves! Only by self-criticism will we arise to take our rightful place in the corridors of power!

By this she meant the corridors of the Josiah Fawcett Elementary School.

"Specifically," continued Thekla, "our goal for the next month is to compete against the Copycats in the annual Josiah Fawcett Elementary School Halloween Pageant of Horrors. And we're going to win."

She reviewed how the Tattletales had won first prize for horror the year before. The six girls sat agog in pleasurable glory: Lois, Fawn, Carly, Nina, Sharday, and Anna Maria.

What the girls didn't know was that the seven baby Siberian snow spiders, attracted by the warmth of the campfire, had scrabbled through the underbrush of the forest toward them.

Like all babies, the spiders were impressionable. They wanted warmth and affection. Each one of the seven spiders, crouching in the weeds, warmed by the heat of the campfire, opened its eyes at last. Each one cast its eyes on the seven girls. Each spider picked out a girl to be its mother. This is called imprinting. Baby ducklings can think a farm dog is their mother. Sheepdogs can form filial bonds with shepherds. Each of these tarantulas, left over from the Ice Age, fell in love with its own Tattletale.

Meet the Author

Gregory Maguire is the New York Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister; Lost; Mirror Mirror; and the Wicked Years, a series that includes Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men, and Out of Oz. Now a beloved classic, Wicked is the basis for a blockbuster Tony Award–winning Broadway musical. Maguire has lectured on art, literature, and culture both at home and abroad. He lives with his family near Boston, Massachusetts.

Brief Biography

Boston, Massachusetts
Date of Birth:
June 9, 1954
Place of Birth:
Albany, New York
B.A., SUNY at Albany, 1976; M.A., Simmons College, 1978; Ph.D., Tufts University, 1990

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