Seventeen Girlfriends: Your Total Guide to Friendships

Seventeen Girlfriends: Your Total Guide to Friendships

by Amy Fishbein


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Seventeen Girlfriends: Your Total Guide to Friendships by Amy Fishbein

Seventeen The Truth About Girlfriends is the all-you-need, totally honest guide to making and keeping friends. It's packed with real questions from real teens about jealousy, peer pressure, trust, and just being a good gal pal. Plus quizzes to test your friendship compatibility, cool activities, and hip, funny survival tips for friendship that last forever.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780064472432
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/01/2001
Series: Seventeen Series
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)
Age Range: 13 - 12 Years

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What do you call a cheerleader, an advice columnist, a personal stylist, a security blanket, a diary full of your deepest secrets, and all your favorite stuff rolled into one?

Your girlfriend, of course!

Girlfriends are all those things to you...and more. They're your own personal pep squad-rooting for you, whatever you happen to be doing. They give you the right advice when you need it most, and you can always count on them for the coolest suggestions about clothes and hair.

They also keep you calm in stressful situations, would rather die than dish the dirt on you, and are ready at a moment's notice to discuss the best parts of your favorite song, TV show, movie-whatever!

This book is all about celebrating the awesome relationship you have with each and every one of your girlfriends. It's a relationship that becomes more and more important as life gets increasingly complex.

Let's face it: When you were a kid, the biggest dilemma you had was whether or not to share your periwinkle blue crayon with the girl at the table next to yours. Now you're dealing with school, family, guys, and your own weird, sometimes unpredictable feelings about them all. Who other than your best friends could make that bearable — or even fun?

Okay, so sometimes you and your friends hit a snag. You could have a fight, or a misunderstanding, or someone's feelings could get hurt — but, really, that's all part of the process. And hey, we've been there, so we can help you get past the speed bumps and back on the road toeverlasting friendship.

Every month at seventeen we get hundreds of letters from readers who have questions about every aspect of friendship. We've included their letters in each chapter of this book. We also asked readers to share their amazing insight and weigh in with their own opinions and experiences throughout the book in sections labeled "Your Turn."

So, basically, what you've got in your hands is the uItimate friendship road map. This book will take you through it all, from how to grow even closer to your best gal pal, to how to fight fair over a guy. We'll also talk about everything from to how to deal with peer pressure to when to tell your friend what you really think.

So grab your gal pals, find a comfy spot, turn to page 1, and let's go, girlfriends!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1LYLAS (Love You Like a Sister)1
Chapter 2Circle of Friends9
Chapter 3The Clique Effect23
Chapter 4Friendship Roadblocks34
Chapter 5Friends Come First49
Chapter 6Fighting Words67
Chapter 7When the Fight is Finished78
Chapter 8Getting Friendly86
Chapter 9Friend 91199
Chapter 10Friends Forever113

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