Sex And The Single Beer Can

Sex And The Single Beer Can

by Walter M. Brasch


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ISBN-13: 9781451560992
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/19/2010
Pages: 442
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

Dr. Brasch is an award-winning syndicated columnist and former newspaper and magazine reporter and editor, with more than 30 years of experience in journalism and academics. He is also editor-in-chief of Spectrum Publishers (magazines and books) He was named the winner of the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanities Service Award, and was the first recipient of the Dean's Salute for Excellence at Bloomsburg University. He was president of both the Pennsylvania Press Club and the Keystone State prom chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and founding president of OPennsylvania Journalism Educators.

Table of Contents

Critical Acclaimii
Information and Society
The First Amendment
Suspending the First Amendment3
Throwing Out the First Amendment6
Killing Reason Itself:: The Argument Against Book Banning9
Stupid Decisions: Self-Censorship in America13
Free Speech on Death Row18
Assaulting Our Intelligence28
The Fiction Behind National Security30
Shredding Constitutional Guarantees35
Stealing the First Amendment38
Make Mine Media Rare40
Reporting Practices
Enquiring Minds and Space Aliens42
Fewer Words, Less Filling45
Editing the 12 Commandments48
The Case for Sensationalism50
Escalating an American Paranoia52
The Truth-Finders55
Withdrawing from an O.J. Overdose57
The Tired Media59
A Righteous Indignation60
An Unbalanced Media63
Sex, Lies, and Media Credibility65
The Press Meets the Afo-a-Kom67
War in the Gulf: Lessons of an Obsession70
Creating Historical Fiction75
Only a Part of the World79
Cockroach Hormones and Biblical Giants81
The Hollowed Halls of Ethics83
The Write Stuff85
Giving the Media a Fix87
Politically Incorrect Weather90
The Intruder93
A Major Conflict of Interest95
Compliments of a Thief97
Long Island Lolita Meets the Journalistic Low-Life103
For Sale: Justice--O.J. Style105
Broadcast Journalism
TV News 101: Intro to Makeup107
The Only Alternative for KFAD110
A Television Snow Job112
Commentaries About TV Journalism114
Anchoring Miss America115
'Local Reporter Cops Lexicon Story'118
Linguistic Larceny120
Down for the Count124
'Personages' of the Mind126
Driven by Ignorance128
Out of the Closet, and Into the Living Room131
All the Beautiful People138
Laying Off Marshbaum140
Government and Politics
Taking a Dose of Hemlock: The State's Right-to-No Law142
By a Sneeze, They Shall Be Known146
Responding to the Press148
A Dam(n) for the Home Folks150
Promises, Promises152
Electing the News154
A Columnist's Best Friend156
Dead Air at the Convention158
Gigolos on the Campaign Trail161
Rushes and Fixes in the Political Media163
Crime and Violence
Jackass: The People165
Labels of Violence169
Reel Violence171
Blood on Their Lenses174
Oh, Joy--O.J. Every Day176
Pornography in Congress178
Filtering Unconstitutional Filters179
An Obscene Story180
Of Matrons and Movies181
"R"ating the Movies183
A Scary Movie185
Liner Notes on an American Future187
'We're Management; We Don't Have to Tell You Anything'192
An Hour a Day197
An Unequal Competition199
Traded for Two Rookies, an Editorial Clerk, and a Future Draft Choice201
Patriotic Unemployment203
Productive Unemployment205
America's Ding-a-Lings208
Synergizing America210
Technology and Personal Media
The Impersonal Society213
People Who Don't Need People215
Windows Not of the Mind218
Curbing the Paperless Explosion220
Scanning an American Life223
The Beeper Cacophony225
A Nation of Polls and Predictions227
The Fine Art of University Grantsmanship230
Cellular Research232
Selling Out America By the Yard234
The $6 Million Journalist235
Reality Blights238
The Monday Night Football Game241
Title Inflation245
The Hustle247
A Classical Case of Dis-Honor249
Kernels of Truth251
Dickies at the Oscars253
Three Nights a Week255
Spearing a Tax Deduction257
Hard Rock on a Soft Platter258
General Recreation
Conventional Fund Spending260
Swifter, Higher, Stronger ... Greedier263
The Day the Circus Came to Town265
For Casinos, 'Six-Hour Visitors' Make a Full House268
Pandering for Profits at the Pageant274
Fantasy Week at Walt's276
Dysfunctional Thoughts279
Spin Doctors in the Lincoln Room282
Eyewitless Promotion284
'Step Right Up and Buy Into a Part of America!'286
'And Now a Word From Your Local Sponsor'288
Jeanetics and the Cool 'Wannabe'290
Sex and the Single Beer Can294
The Diminished Effects of Political Saturation301
Mixing a Bitter Pill for America's Drug Companies303
Overdosing on Drug Ads305
Trading Rights for Dollars309
Cramping Up for Health309
Tanness, Anyone?311
Death by Healthy Doses313
Missing in Atlanta316
Chicken Advertising319
A Medal for the Army321
Premature Evaluation323
Crocodile Tears on a Cash Register Patriotism325
Creating a Best-Seller329

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