Sex and Transcendence: Enhance Your Relationships Through Meditations, Chakra & Energy Work

Sex and Transcendence: Enhance Your Relationships Through Meditations, Chakra & Energy Work

by Keith Sherwood


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ISBN-13: 9780738713403
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 06/08/2011
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 1,229,783
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Keith Sherwood is an internationally known teacher and healer. He founded the American Psychic Association and served as its director and editor of its magazine, Psychic . He has appeared on many radio and television programs throughout the United States and Europe, and currently teaches chakra therapy, a synthesis of Western therapeutic techniques, Taoist Yoga, and Tantra. He resides in Portland, Oregon.

Table of Contents

List of Figures 000
Introduction 000

Chapter 1: The Universe Is in Orgasmic Bliss—So Are You
The Tantric View of Relationship
Shakti and Sexual Energy
Importance of Sexual Energy
Importance of Trust
Attitude Is Everything
You Are in Orgasmic Bliss
Even if You Don’t Realize It
If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
Taking Personal Responsibility and Becoming Present
Exercise: Becoming Present (Standard Method Exercise)
Exercise: Orgasmic Bliss Mudra
A Final Note

Chapter 2: Get What You Want Most From Your Sexual Relationship
Not All Desires are the Same
Inauthentic Desires
External Projections
Karmic Baggage and External Projections
The Importance of Saying Yes and No
Exercise: The No Mudra
Exercise: Overcoming Inauthentic Desires
Exercise: The Pleasure Meditation

Chapter 3: The Importance of Self-Love
Where Love Does Not Exist: The Individual Mind and Ego
Where Love Truly Exists: Universal Consciousness
The Authentic Mind
The Human Energy System

Chapter 6: Get Real—Expressing What You Really Feel
Being a Surrogate
Authentic and Inauthentic Emotions
Authentic Emotions
Inauthentic Emotions
Why Do Inauthentic Emotions Rule
Polarity and Authentic Emotions
Exercise: Expressing and Resolving Authentic Emotions
Exercise: The Authentic Anger Meditation
Exercise: The Authentic Fear Meditation
Exercise: The Authentic Pain Meditation
Exercise: The Authentic Joy Meditation
Authentic Emotions and Sexual Ecstasy
Exercise: Activating the Seven Traditional Chakras
Exercise: Activating the First Through Thirteen Chakras

Chapter 7: Sex Is an Inter-Dimensional Sport
Structure of the Human Energy System
The Seven Traditional Chakras
Etheric and Physical Chakras
The Chakras’ Sexual Potential
Exercise: Enhancing Your Chakras’ Sexual Potential
Exercise: Chakra Clensing
Companion Chakras
Exercise: First-Pair Meditation
Exercise: Second-Pair Meditation
Exercise: Third-Pair Meditation
Exercise: Fourth-Pair Meditation

Chapter 8: Your Energy Field Is a Love Machine
Structure of Your Subtle Bodies and Sheaths
Function of Your Subtle Bodies
Exercise: The Body Integration Mudra
The Truth About Feelings and Sensations
Your Etheric and Physical Chakras
Exercise: Activating Your Etheric Chakras
Exercise: Activating Your Physical Chakras
Prepare to Get Grounded
Exercise: Reintegrating a Subtle Vehicle
Exercise: Getting Grounded the Right Way
The Importance of Touch, Taste and Smell
Chakras Above and Below Body Space
Exercise: Awakening Your Sense of Touch
Exercise: Awakening Your Senses of Smell and Taste
Exercise: Awakening Your Senses of Sight and Hearing

Chapter 9: The Problem of Past-Life Lovers
The Principle of Field Dominance
Energetic Interactions with Dead People
Cords, Controlling Waves, and Attachment Fields
Past-Life Lovers
Overcoming Past-Life Attachments
Exercise: Severing a Past-Life Connection
Exercise: Ending Relationships the Right Way
Exercise: Strengthening Your Boundaries

Chapter 10: Gender Is in Everything
Yin and Yang
Enhancing the Flow
The Quest for More Desire—(Sexual Energy
Sweet Surrender
Exercise: Creating Flexibility
Exercise: The Pelvic Thrust
Exercise: The Running Cat
Exercise: The Snake Push
Exercise: Becoming Honest
Exercise: Expressing Sexual Energy Through Your Hands
Activating the Energy Centers in Your Hands
Exercise: Expressing Sexual Energy Through Your Feet

Chapter 11: Spiritual Foreplay
Setting the External Conditions
How Flexible Are You?
Traditional Sexual Foreplay
Spiritual Foreplay
Transcending Duality
The Kundalini-Shakti
The Problem of Qualified Energy
Exercise: The Five-Step Method—Arousing the Serpent Energy
Exercise: Step One—Scanning Your Energy Field
Exercise: Step Two—Releasing Blockages from the Serpent Energy
Exercise: Step Three—An Appropriate Apology
Exercise: Step Four—Activating the Front and Back of the Seven
Traditional Chakras Exercise
Exercise: Step Five—The Root Lock
After the Kundalini–Shakti Has Been Aroused
Exercise: Enhancing Your Gaze
Exercise: Mutual Gazing
Exercise: Gazing From Your Chakras

Chapter 12: Celebrating the Goddess
Exercise: The Yoni Mudra
Exercise: The Ohm Technique
Exercise: Celebrating the Yoni
Exercise: Empowering the Goddess
Exercise: The Maithuna Rite

Chapter 13: Your Three Hearts
The Human Heart
The Second Heart
The Third Heart
The Yearning of the Third Heart
The Yearning for Truth
The Yearning for Freedom 000 The Yearning for Unconditional Love
Exercise: Finding the Yearning of the Third Heart
Exercise: Enhancing the Yearning of the Third Heart

Chapter 14: Full-Body, Multiple, and Endless Orgasms
Orgasm and Relationship
What We Know About Orgasm
Physical Changes During Orgasm
Genital Orgasm
Exercise: The Love Mudra
Full-Body Orgasm
Exercise: Full-Body Orgasm
Exercise: Full-Body Multiple Orgasm
Endless Orgasm
Exercise: Endless Orgasm
Beyond Spiritual Foreplay
Exercise: Putting on the Sock
Exercise: The Blacksmith’s Posture
Exercise: The Ostrich’s Tail
Exercise: The Yawning Position
Exercise: Afterglow
Exercise: The Cradle

Chapter 15: Say Yes to Transcendent Relationship
Traditional Relationship
Transcendent Relationship
Transcendent Relationship and Polarity
Transcendent Relationship
Exercise: Transcending Up-Down Polarity

Chapter 16: Make the Commitment to Transcendence Now
The Turth About Individuality
Transcendence Is for Everyone
From Friendship to Union


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