Sex Hell

Sex Hell

by Joe Canzano

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When Debbie de La Fontaine tries to spice up her love life by supernaturally tampering with her sex life, she is cursed to spend every future encounter in a magical place called "Sex Hell," where the sex is ludicrous and amazing but the romance is scarce.

Her only chance for escape is through the stingy clues supplied by an obnoxious demon, and the only way to obtain the clues is by returning to Sex Hell again and again to have outrageous sexcapades with the man she most wants to avoid--or does she?

Sex Hell is an absurd comic fantasy about the confusion of relationships. How is love related to sex, and how is sex related to love--and do love and sex need to be related at all?

If you're a fan of authors like Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams, Tom Robbins, Robert Rankin, or Terry Pratchett, give Sex Hell a try!

*This book contains profanity and adult situations*

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BN ID: 2940157892821
Publisher: Joe Canzano
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 746 KB

About the Author

Joe Canzano is a writer and musician. He likes loud guitars and food that screams. His wacky debut novel, "Magno Girl," received large amounts of love and hate - because that's the kind of thing he does. Please visit for more information.

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Sex Hell 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
xonkism More than 1 year ago
This is the second book I've had the extreme pleasure of being able to review for Joe Canzano. Sex Hell is a wild, funny, dark, complex and erotic romp through the love life of our key character Debbie, as she tries to figure a way out of the supernatural mess she has created for herself. I can't say enough great things about Mr. Canzano's newest spellbinder, other than he has definitely became one of my favorite writers! Not for the timid, this is a book that you better be wearing your big people pants for. But do yourself a solid and grab this book, quick! you'll be happy that you did. I certainly am. FIVE BIG BRIGHT SHINING STARS.
SageA More than 1 year ago
Joe Canzano is known to write a funny book, but Sex Hell has jumped passed funny and into the hilarious realm. From page one I was cracking up. We meet Debbie who is as uninterested in sex as any one human can be. I love her best friend Cynthia. I need a Cynthia in my life. Their dialogue is realistic, snarky, and perfect. A haggard witch enters the picture who wants to do some shady dealings with Debbie, promising her a better sex life. This is when all hell breaks loose. Readers also have the pleasure of meeting beefcake Juan Carlo, loyal (and mysterious) boyfriend, Mike, and the evil forces from the other side. If you need to laugh about sex, life, and the absurdity of it all, then you need Sex Hell. It will not disappoint unless you don't laugh often, but otherwise, you'll love it! 5 stars!
TheHungryMonster More than 1 year ago
Sex Hell is a madcap, bizarro romp through the sex lives of four people caught up in a witch’s spell. Debbie has a boyfriend, a hunk of a man named Mike. Debbie’s problem is that she’s more turned on by the idea of popcorn and a book than she is by her muscle-bound boyfriend. When a witch shows up in the diner where Debbie works as a waitress, the old woman makes her an offer. Debbie can trade in the last three years of her life and get great sex in return. Anxious that Mike will see through her excuses for not having sex, she agonizes over the offer. Her friend and co-worker Cynthia is all for it, and after Mike leaves town for work, much agonizing and a bit of shady bargaining, the deal is done. Before the night is over, Debbie finds herself in a car crash—and then in bed—with Juan, a handsome guitar player. She feels terrible, Mike seems to know that she cheated on him, and she wants to find a way to get out of the deal. This setup topples the dominoes in a hilarious chain of events involving demons, bizarre sex, a Love Goddess, magical bongos, bad German accents, true love, and a road trip from hell. If you’re looking for something wildly out of the ordinary, Sex Hell is right up your alley. The book reads like a 1930’s screwball comedy gone horribly awry in a so-wrong-it’s-right way, and if you’ve read anything described as “bizarro”, you’ll find plenty to like here. It’s definitely not for readers who are put off by graphic sex and language and you have to completely suspend your disbelief in order to enjoy the delightful absurdity of the whole thing. Debbie de La Fontaine is a geeky, overly-anxious woman who takes “overthinking” to a whole new level. She’s the kind of hot mess who wonders if she should rush to change her clothes as soon as her boyfriend knocks on the door. Mike adores her, but Debbie goes to extreme lengths to keep from having sex with him. Cynthia is a good friend, but as a wing man, she’s terrible, and prone to leaving Debbie hanging. Her boyfriend Mike is a caricature, superhero-like in his quest to save Debbie from the “evil witch” but equally tone deaf to the realities of the situation. Juan is handsome and cocky and desperate to avoid any kind of commitment, but since the demon sentenced him and Debbie to Sex Hell, he can’t get away from her, no matter how hard he tries. Their quest to get out of Sex Hell is the best part of the book. The situations they get into, and out of, and back into, are utterly cartoonish, but what else would you expect of a woman who keeps a portrait of Wile E. Coyote on her wall? I’d recommend this as a great vacation read. It’s a fun, totally illogical but ultimately satisfying romantic adventure. Take it to the beach where you won’t be afraid to laugh out loud.