Sex in Antiquity: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

Sex in Antiquity: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

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ISBN-13: 9781317602767
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/05/2018
Series: Rewriting Antiquity
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 588
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About the Author

Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz is Professor of Comparative Literature at Hamilton College. Author of Anxiety Veiled: Euripides and the Traffic in Women (1993) and Greek Tragedy (2008), she has co-edited Vision and Viewing in Ancient Greece, with Sue Blundell and Douglas Cairns (2013), Feminist Theory and the Classics, with Amy Richlin (Routledge, 1993), Among Women: From the Homosocial to the Homoerotic in the Ancient World, with Lisa Auanger (2002), as well as From Abortion to Pederasty:Addressing Difficult Topics in the Classics Classroom, with Fiona McHardy (2014). She is one of the co-editors and translators of Women on the Edge: Four Plays by Euripides (Routledge, 1999).

James Robson is Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies at the Open University (UK). His previous publications include Humour, Obscenity and Aristophanes (2006); Aristophanes: An Introduction (shortlisted for the Anglo-Hellenic League’s Runciman Award; 2009); Ctesias’ History of Persia: Tales of the Orient (jointly with Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones; Routledge, 2010) and Sex and Sexuality in Classical Athens (2013).

Mark Masterson is Senior Lecturer of Classics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has published articles and book chapters on Statius, Vitruvius, the Historia Monachorum, Eugene O’Neill, Emperor Julian, St. Augustine and Current New Zealand health policy, and the state of masculinity studies in Classics. His monograph, Man to Man: Desire, Homosociality, and Authority in Late-Roman Manhood is forthcoming.


Table of Contents

Introduction  Part 1: Ancient Near East  1. Susan Ackerman ‘I Have Hired You with My Son’s Mandrakes’: Women’s Reproductive Magic in Ancient Israel  2. Roland Boer From Horse Kissing to Beastly Emissions: Paraphilias in the Ancient Near East  3. Stephanie L. Budin Fertility and Gender in the Ancient Near East  4. Gwendolyn Leick Too Young - Too Old? Sex and Age in Mesopotamian Literature  5. Elna K. Solvang Guarding the House: Conflict, Rape, and David’s Concubines  Part 2: Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Greece  6. Alastair J.L. Blanshard Fantasy and the Homosexual Orgy: Unearthing the Sexual Scripts of Ancient Athens  7. Claude Calame Relations of Sex and Gender in Greek Melic Poetry: Helen Object and Subject of Desire  8. Monica S. Cyrino Of Love and Bondage in Euripides’ Hippolytus  9. Dorota Dutsch Dog-Love-Dog: Kynogamia and Cynic Sexual Ethics  10. Kathy L. Gaca Ancient Warfare and the Ravaging Martial Rape of Girls and Women: Evidence from Homeric Epic and Greek Drama  11. Allison Glazebrook ‘Sex Ed’ at the Archaic Symposium: Prostitutes, Boys and Paideia  12. Simon Goldhill Is There a History of Prostitution?  13. Edward M. Harris ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in Women’s Desire  14. Andrew Lear Was Pederasty Problematized? A Diachronic View  15. Sheila Murnaghan Naming Names, Telling Tales: Sexual Secrets and Greek Narrative  16. Walter Penrose Before Queerness? Visions of a Homoerotic Heaven in Ancient Greco-Italic Tomb Paintings  17. Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz Melancholy Becomes Electra  18. James Robson Fantastic Sex: Fantasies of Sexual Assault in Aristophanes  Part 3: Republican, Imperial and Late Ancient Rome  19. Sandra Boehringer What is Philaenis the name of? The Identity, Function and Authority of an Unnamed Figure  20. Daniel Boyarin Friends without Benefits; or, Academic Love  21. Matthew Fox The Bisexuality of Orpheus  22. Hunter H.Gardner Curiositas, Horror, and the Monstrous-Feminine in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses  23. Barbara Gold The Remaking of Perpetua: A Female Martyr Reconstructed  24. Judith P. Hallett Making Manhood Hard: Tiberius and Latin Literary Representations of Erectile Dysfunction  25. Deborah Kamen and Sarah Levin-Richardson Revisiting Roman Sexuality: Agency and the Conceptualization of Penetrated Males  26. Mark Masterson Toward a Late-Ancient Physiognomy  27. Kelly Olson Toga and Pallium: Status, Sexuality, Identity  28. Amy Richlin Reading Boy-Love and Child-Love in the Greco-Roman World  29. Steven D. Smith Agathias and Paul the Silentiary: Erotic Epigram and the Sublimation of Same-Sex Desire in the Age of Justinian  30. Craig Williams The Language of Gender: Lexical Semantics and the Latin Vocabulary of Unmanly Men  Index

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