Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot

Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot

by Mo Isom
4.9 24

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Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom

Sex. In a world overwhelmingly obsessed with it, why is the church so silent about it? While our secular culture twists, perverts, cheapens, and idolizes sex, there are gaping holes in the church's guidance of young people. The result is generations of sexually illiterate people drowning in the repercussions of overwhelming sin struggles.

Enough is enough, says Mo Isom. With raw vulnerability and a bold spirit, she shares her own sexual testimony, opening up the conversation about misguided rule-following, virginity, temptation, porn, promiscuity, false sex-pectations, sex in marriage, and more and calling readers back to God's original design for sex--a way to worship and glorify him. This book is for the young person tangled up in an addiction to pornography, for the girlfriend feeling pressured to go further, for the "good girl" who followed the rules and saved herself for marriage and then was confused and disappointed, for the married couple who use sex as a bargaining tool, for every person who casually watches sex play out in TV and movies and wonders why they're dissatisfied with the real thing, and for every confused or hurting person in-between.

Sex was God's idea. It's time we invited him back into the bedroom.

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ISBN-13: 9781493412709
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/06/2018
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About the Author

Mo Isom is the New York Times bestselling author of Wreck My Life. She maintains a thriving, nationwide speaking ministry and facilitates a faith-centered blog ( that has garnered millions of views to date. Isom is a former All-American goalkeeper for the Louisiana State University soccer team and holds the LSU all-time goalkeeper record, as well as the #3 SEC all-time shutout record. She trained with the US Women's National program, was honored as National Player of the Week, has been featured in Sports Illustrated, and has appeared on ESPN SportsCenter Top-10 Plays, Ellen, ESPN, CBS, The 700 Club, and countless other platforms. She, her husband, Jeremiah Aiken, and their two children live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
MeghanMeredith 19 days ago
This book is a must read for every person in every season of life- male, female, single, married., divorced, etc. We all do it, we all think it, but no one talks about it. Not anymore! This book redefines what sex is through the eyes of the Creator and the Gospel! We no longer need to be informed and conformed about sex from the world because Mo has stepped up to the plate and is encouraging, teaching, and correcting our thinking on sex from a truth-filled Biblical perspective. Mo is wise beyond her years and graciously shares her sexual testimony, the pains, disappointments, and mess with us readers in hopes that none of us would feel alone in our struggles or feel misguided, misled, confused or too far gone. Mo speaks incredible truth in this book that will lead ALL to finding true freedom, redemption, and restoration in Christ Jesus! And this book isn't just about sex and what it is. No, it gets to the heart, the core issues about our identity, our self-worth, our value, our perceptions, our deep wounds. This book is about stewarding our sexuality well for the glory of God! "Because God's gifts are perfect. And holy. And never so simple or vanilla as to only serve one purpose or be used for one thing. Sex is a tool for worship- a weapon against Satan's schemes. As the church, we've forgotten to talk about that sex. We've forgotten to celebrate and edify and exalt that gift God designed to weld us together in spirit and decimate the enemy's chance at any victory. That sex, that holy, covenant-bound sex is what's worth waiting for. That sex is what God always intended it to be- shame free, pleasure-drenched, and deeply unifying. That sex unmasks the one-night stands and the culture-crazed hookups and the promiscuity carried out in the darkness for what they really are- primitive, self-serving, impatient splurges that cheapen the value of the gift we've been given." - Mo Isom
Sydney Lockhart 19 days ago
Sex baby let’s talk about you and me... but really. Let’s talk about sex. Sex and Jesus for that matter. Coming from someone who grew up with wonderful parents who took her to church and sent her to a Christian school, sex was never the most talked about thing. It wasn’t even talked about other than the basics of what it was and that it was to be abstained from until marriage. That’s it. Sexual sin became such a part of my life and due to the lack of understanding about what God says about sex and purity, I was in for a world of hurt and brokenness. But that is not the end of the story. That is just the beginning. My girl Mo Isom Aiken has once again used her platform to address the topics that not many people talk about, but so many need to hear. Sex is ripping apart families, lives, marriages, and churches and we are all just standing by while that happens. This book is so eye opening for all ages (14+ in my opinion) men and women. In a sex saturated world, Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot is the light and the truth that invites Jesus into the dark places of our lives and offers so much redemption and healing. MUST READ!!!!! If you find yourself in the midst of sexual sin, searching for answers, or have children growing up in this ugly world, consider getting yourself a copy of this book. You will NOT be disappointed!
Anonymous 2 days ago
As a kid who grew up in church, I definitely thought I’d be equipped to handle the sexual temptations the world would throw at me from time to time, but boy was I wrong. The negative culture around sex in the church has, in my opinion, done far more harm than good, and the need for this book is SO REAL. In this candid, honest, Jesus-centered, testimony-driven book, Mo Isom opens the door for these forgotten conversations by addressing the reality of how sexual sin was pervasive in her life – something that so many of us can relate to – and how, at the foot of the cross, the redemptive love of Jesus changed her heart, bound her wounds, and freed her from the chains of sexual sin in her life. Our misunderstanding of God’s beautiful design, both of humankind and his wonderful plan for unity through sex, has led us to a place of misplaced identity and worth. We have turned everywhere but to Him in search of it, leading us down a painful path of destruction that in turn gives us deep wounds and sin-scars in need of healing that only Jesus can provide. In #SexandJesus, Mo so beautifully captures the necessity of these conversations, the reality of our condition, and the power of Jesus to save, change and heal. She reminds us that no matter how far you’ve gone, you’re never too far gone for God. His love is all-encompassing, and He loves us in our filth, sin, shame and desperation – He is the missing piece that assigns our worth, tells us we are enough, and reminds us of the unique, worthy, wonderful creation we are. Whether you’ve flown high the flag of virginity but let any and everything else in between slip, sinned with, and gave pieces of yourself away to more men than you can count, or simply felt the weight of the enemy and the guilt he often brings upon you as a young wife because marital sex didn’t meet your “sexpectations,” THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. If you’re looking for encouragement in this #MeToo world, if you’re wondering how you can truly impact the culture and change current conversations around sex, dating, relationships and so much more, then this book is for you. If you’re a mother, grandmother, sister, or friend who is looking for a great gift to encourage another young woman who might be struggling to see her worth in Christ, BUY THIS BOOK! I promise, you will not be disappointed! The Gospel message of hope and redemption permeates the pages of this book and meets us right where we are. I encourage you to be bold today; step outside of your comfort zone, outside of your purity rings and “Just Wait” conferences, beyond what you’ve heard (or not heard) preached from the pulpit, and allow the powerful message of #SexandJesus to intersect with all of the goodness that the Lord has in store for you.
Hannah Davis 3 days ago
This book is such a light in a dark conversation. Mo uses her testimony to shine light for those who have been kept in darkness from shame. God is glorified throughout this entire read. I have never heard sex be described in a way where I could understand how it is used as an act of worship inside a marriage. Your life will be changed from reading this book! It is about time that we had this conversation!
Madeleine_Przybyl 4 days ago
Mo speaks up in this powerful book about a topic the world desensitizes and the church often ignores. A topic debated from one extreme to another, between freedom of choice and a list of dos and don'ts that many times finds us sitting on the fence, paralyzed in to silence. A topic that has us wandering in the midst of wondering what God truly imagined when he created man and woman and invited them into a sexual relationship. A topic that affects so many in secret and binds a sin-struggled soul with loneliness and darkness. Mo refuses to be silent and provides a clear picture of God's intention for sex. She dives deeper in to the whys that have bound us and offers practical advice rooted in the Truth to begin to break those chains. She boldly shares her testimony in a raw and honest way that brings the sin-struggle out of the darkness and in to the light. To the foot of the cross, where God's redemption can be found. Where a wandering heart can find peace. Where a broken heart can find joy. Where a lonely heart can find love. Where sex isn't hushed into silence, but redefined through the eyes of the God who created it. Regardless of your relationship status or your own testimony, Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot will speak to you and guide you to a better understanding of your identity in Christ and the grace and mercy He offers us ever day.
summer_no9 4 days ago
This book was a beautiful writing and compelling to read with also inspires courage and challenging us to finding that in fact, we find the courage to surrender our sexual struggles to God and allow Him to transform our mess into a message and our tests into a testimony, to embarrassing and this time to begin reclaiming sex for the glory of God. It’s time to invite Jesus back into the bedroom and start conversation that the church forgot. This book will explain and give us to learn into the roots of why God cares so deeply about sex and be reminded that sex begins with the condition of our own hearts. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. “I received complimentary a copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers for this review”.
Katie Cordova 4 days ago
I feel at peace with my past, and closer to Christ... I truly wish I would have had this book years ago! It gets to the heart issues behind sex, and is bringing light to the fact that these conversations aren’t being had within or outside the church. There is plenty of scripture imbedded in this book to stand in truth. It is evident that these words are God-breathed words written through Mo Isom. It brought up points that speak to my past, present, and my future. Ultimately it made me pick up my bible and really study the word of God to bring him back into the conversation of sex. It truly is a MUST READ for teens, young adults, parents, grandparents, everyone!!
Anonymous 5 days ago
“You were fearfully and wonderfully made first.” In a world that is screaming at us to the way intimacy, sexuality, love and God should exists in our lives, Mo Isom screams her testimony and the truth right back. In a world that is hurt and spiritually bleeding, Mo shows us where her healing came from, and most importantly where our healing can come from. She preaches the teachings of Christ and how she came to her own testimony of Sex and Jesus all while guiding us in the same way. She equips us with the Word of how to scream back and gain our own testimony of the sacredness of sex, the importance of purity and the role of Christ in our lives. I am so changed by this book. It made me want to pick up my Bible and understand God better. It is a book for every age in ever circumstance. If you are looking for a start in a journey of better understanding your worth, in the middle of your journey to aligning your sexuality with God, or you just plain need more Jesus in your life, then pick up this book and get ready to have your mind enlightened and your heart full. God is real.
Hannah Kimbrough 13 days ago
THIS BOOK, YOU GUYS. I am so convicted. As someone who hasn't read a book that wasn't for college in a few years, I wanted my first "for fun" book to MEAN something. Mo Isom shares so much truth as she digs deeper into the "conversations the church forgot" - promiscuity, sexuality, and the perversion of something that was given to us as a GIFT from God. She answers the hard questions and calls out the church for skirting around a subject that needs to be talked about. If you struggle with sin addictions and ties, this is 100% the book for you. Read this to be convicted and to definitely ugly cry.
Anonymous 16 days ago
If I had this book 10 or 15 years ago, I cannot imagine how different things could have been. As one of many who grew up with the “True Love Waits” campaign, I am amazed at how this book goes so far beyond “wait until you are married” and gives you a glimpse at God’s heart for us. Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot opens to door to dialogue about a complex, and sometimes awkward topic through Mo’s honest and transparent testimony. This book is a must-read for young women, old women, single women, married women, women who struggle with sexual sin, women who have never struggled with sexual sin, athletic women, artsy women, women who love coffee…you get the picture. Not to mention, for all the men in the lives of all those women. This book is for EVERYONE. I pray that through this book, Mo’s words, and God’s truth, a generation of women would be saved from the mistakes and hurts so many have experienced.
Abraham Aldama 17 days ago
Mo Isom’s Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot is a powerful read. I find that it has three main strengths. First, it opens up the conversation on a topic that the church has long ignored. Within Christianity, sex has been long forgotten as something that should not be talked about. No! As God’s creation, Isom argues, we need to reclaim it for His worship. Sex is the most profound form of intimacy. It is a metaphor for how intimate God wants to be with His church. This insight is earth-shattering. Second, its raw honesty is deeply inspiring. Isom shares with no shame her sexual testimony. Whereas the church has traditionally tried to shush anything that may sound even remotely risqué, Isom boldly speaks up confessing her own sin for the world to see. She brings it all into the light, where the shadows lose all their power. It gives us all the feeling that we are not alone in our sin, whether present or past. It helps us remember that God has overcome all sin! This alone is worth the book! Third, Isom goes to the root of the problem of sin (sexual or otherwise): our focus on ourselves rather than on God. As we shift our heart’s focus towards Him, our desires will be aligned with His. The book is geared towards an audience of women that grew up in the church, but there is value in it if you’re a man too! Sexual sin is something that we all struggle with. Although I find that the book could expand on various topics, and what worked for Mo Isom may be somewhat different from what works for you, it’s definitely worth a read! At the very least, by the book definitely is a great conversation starter! If you’re looking for a long overdue fresh, raw, honest discussion about sex, go and buy a copy of Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations that the Church Forgot.
Reh Harvey 18 days ago
One of my family members asked me who should read this book. My response was simple. It is for everyone. It is for the teenage guy struggling with pornography. It is for the teenage girl who feels like she needs to put herself out there to find worth. It is for the college age students who are looking for their identity from one bedroom to the next. It is for the families, with and without children. No matter where you are in life, this book applies. Mo’s words and wisdom from the Holy Spirit reach deep inside the hurt parts of our souls. The parts that say we’ve messed up too much and that the Lord can’t use us. The parts that love to bring up our past every time we think about our future. Simply and frankly put, sexuality and things of intimacy can be complicated but that’s not how the Lord created it. Mo reminds readers through her own story of struggle that their story isn’t over. She reminds readers that they loved unconditionally by a God who created intimacy to be so much more than what this world has cheapened it to be. If you’re in high school, buy this book. If you’re in college, buy this book. If you’re a parent, buy this book. If you’re a grandparent, buy this book. If you’re married, buy this book. If you’re single, buy this book. It is for everyone. We don’t need to struggle with these issues alone. Favorite quote from the book:” Someone once told me, in layman’s terms, that in response to an enemy whose sole goal is to drive a husband and wife apart, sex is actually the ultimate middle finger to sin. A pleasurable, formidable, and confident act that reminds Satan of his place. An act that God actually commands us to in marriage, because he know the power of sex has in our bodies, minds and hearts to unify us and strengthen us for days that lie ahead. Sex is a reminder to the enemy that you are not soon divided. That he doesn’t get to win.”
rmpbird 18 days ago
As the mother of one young adult and two teens, I have spent a decade fighting for the hearts and minds of my children; waging a war against the cultural and social sexual norms they’re being inundated with on a daily basis and coerced into believing as true. Finally, a book has been written that is so compelling, so honest, so authentic, and real that I find myself screaming YES on almost every page as I read truth filled dialogue regarding sex and purity. I finally feel like I have an arrow in my quiver that accurately counters every lie the enemy is feeding this generation. Culturally, sex has been reduced to nothing more than a cheap way to find personal satisfaction. There are no limits and no bounds to what our society finds acceptable. Because of this ‘anything goes mentality’, we have a generation of men and women who are living their lives in the shadow of deception and shame. But God! In Sex, Jesus, and the Conversation the Church Forgot, Mo Isom outlines the radically beautiful plan that God intended when He designed the sexual relationship between a man and a woman. So much more than just a physical act, Mo explains that sex is “an act of worship”, and helps the reader understand the “Holy premise behind the pleasure”. But, she doesn’t stop there. This book opens the door for those who have struggled in the past with sexual sin, as well as those who are currently struggling to navigate the do’s and don’ts of legalistic righteousness, to find redemption, restoration, and an understanding of purity based upon the immeasurable grace of the cross. Her words, penned in vulnerability, offer hope to the hurting and an opportunity to exchange the identity of shame and broken for forgiven and free.
A_Hart 18 days ago
It's about damn time. The church that I loved, then hated, and now call home but expect more of, forgot to have some significant conversations. I can only begin to imagine the courage it took for Mo to write this and to continue to promote and proclaim these conversations. Mo is honest and humble which allows you to rejoice with her in her in the Holy Truths she knows to be true (but still struggles with). I do not agree with all of her opinions and interpretations of scripture, which I fear will be difficult for some to see past in order to agree with her at all, but it is high time the church stopped hiding from these conversations (or even worse- shouting avoidance or death-by-fire). I find it poetic and true to God's track record that this conversation be provoked by a beautiful, raw human story such as this. This is a story of defining and seeking purity, wholeness, confidence in self, and joy in unity. This is a story about our greatest act of worship as a great and known creation of God- this is a conversation about SEX. If you are tired of the church's silence, rule-, and half had conversations about sex, then Mo's account could be just the conversation starter you need to be reminded that you are known, loved, and redeemed by God, creator of sex.
chrgrfn 18 days ago
Whether you are a young single or an "old" married person. This book is relevant!! There are so many ways an individual is teased and deceived in today's world. Mo beautifully shares her personal testimony and speaks to breaking the silence and redefining what's good and best in the world of sex and the need for acceptance. It's hard hitting and gentle at the same time. Everyone who's had heartbreaking moments with porn, promiscuity or even intimacy at home would benefit greatly from this loving perspective and valuable insight on this sensitive subject.
LGHudson 19 days ago
FORGOTTEN CONVERSATIONS!! Finally someone has been obedient and bold enough to step forward and write a book on the conversations churches have long neglected to have with young people. Unfortunately, it seems so have most of their parents. The conversations are about SEX. Just saying the word out loud will raise the eyebrows of everyone around you! As the church we’ve forgotten to talk about the whys. Mo Aiken tackles this task in a soul bearing book that proves she’s paid her dues in the area of dealing with sexual temptations and pornography. More importantly she knows there’s a way out of the bondage that comes from being a slave to that temptation. She writes that we should strive for purity above all because it is a condition of the heart. Nothing is sugarcoated in this book! The good news is that she reveals the answer to your soul’s deepest longings, desires and needs. It’s not an easy path but it’s the only path to true freedom and redemption. We’ve forgotten to start from the beginning and share why and what should frame and guide our sexual understanding. She writes, “We need to hear more than ‘do this, don’t do that.’ We need to know why it matters to listen and obey in the first place. Because most of our sexual sin struggles grow out of our lack of a deep-rooted understanding of what sex is, how God sees us, why God calls us to what He does, and why obedience to that calling is worth the sacrifice.” Aiken points out that most people see the holy and hope-filled Word of God as a rule book rather than a love letter written to our hearts. As you peruse this book, Aiken will leave you with no doubt that the Bible is a layered and wisdom-soaked love letter gently explaining the deep-rooted whys that compel us to live differently from the start. I was provided an ARC of this book by the Publisher and NetGalley. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own and without influence.
kcreech 19 days ago
Mo writes with such an open heart that you can't help but be drawn into this story. You'll find your own heart being opened to the ideas she presents because she writes like a friend gently nudging you to the Truth. I was raised during the purity culture craze, when "True Love Waits" rings were all the rage and trying my best to abide by the ideals set forth in I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Joshua Harris, 2003). None of these worked on me, and I still put a lot of stock in the feelings I got when boys valued my body. Thank God I'm happily married now, to a man who never saw my choices as the problem that I did… but the bigger thanks to my God who only sees Jesus when he looks at me, and who tenderly sewed shut these wounds on my heart (mostly of guilt!). Oh Mo, you have written the words that drew me back to my God, where I desperately needed to be. Thank you for obeying God so that I can know Him like I never knew I could.
HeidiMooreDasinger 19 days ago
Emma Jarrett 19 days ago
The chapter about fighting for unity and recognizing Satan's special interest in dividing husband and wife was encouraging, convicting, and action-producing. Even in the context of marriage, when sex is viewed as the skeleton of a pleasurable experience it loses its deeper purpose and can become a selfish activity. This book brought the reminder that yes it's a pleasurable physical act, but it's also an act of worship, a pursuit of unity, and a tool for spiritual warfare. When we can look at sex in the right context and with the correct purpose, it becomes more of a blessing that could have been imagined before. Inviting God into the bedroom (which He created anyways) brings fulfillment, joy, peace, and love. This book isn't just for those with a rocky past or kids who want to avoid a rocky future. It's for Christians who want to understand how God can use sex in a world that has perverted it, disguised it, and traded it for a cheap counterfeit.
Anonymous 19 days ago
This book goes above and beyond every expectation. It isn't your cookie cutter "True Love Waits" conversation that leaves adolescents and adults alike with a Christian obligation but no practical solutions to the daily struggle of the flesh. Mo's testimony is full of resounding "me too" moments that will dispel shame and simultaneously give you the truth you need to see yourself and respect yourself as the Lord does. Regardless of your age or relational situation this book will speak to your heart and help you understand your identity in Christ and how His grace can totally shift our mindset - if we will just let Him into the conversation.
J Kelley 19 days ago
Growing up I was exposed to sex and pornography at a very young age. As a young child I grew up believing that the things that I had seen were the way it was supposed to be. I was taught about the things we do and don’t do, but never the “why” behind it. Through reading “Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot” I was reminded of the truth of why sex came to be in the first place. Mo spoke beautifully about purity. As a single mom in her mid-30's, my eyes and heart were opened to the truth that sex was a beautiful act of worship, a gift to God, when entered into for the right reasons. Mo also gave such insight to the sex industry and the damage that it’s doing to individuals, couples, communities and the world. Whether we know it or not, we could very well be contributing to the statistics that are wrecking millions of lives. After reading this book, I was given new eyes to see relationships, marriage, sex - in a new way. The darkness that I once viewed it as was now covered with light and love. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in your past and the decisions that you’ve made, this book is for you. If you are the single person that is fumbling around, confused and unsure what to believe in regards to love, security, and worth - this book is for you. If you’re newly engaged and questioning some feelings that you’re having - this book is for you. If you are married and struggling to find the “romance” in the relationship - this book is for you. If you are the parent, unsure of how to teach your child about not only surviving, but thriving in and living a truly beautiful life, despite being surrounded by this sex-crazed world. If you are someone who is just overcome with feelings when exposed to the sexual references at every turn, every click, every page turn, every billboard…this book is for you. Let this be a choice that you make that will radically change your life for the best! Trusting and believing big things for all of us armed with this resource!
Anonymous 19 days ago
In a world saturated with a distorted view of sex, Mo Isom Aiken tells a personal tale of discovering identity in Christ and pursuing sexual purity. Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot is relatable for all believers struggling to understand the point of virginity and the answer to the ever present question: "How far is too far?". This book is for the virgin wondering why she should wait, the young woman feeling pressured to give it all away, the one who has gone too far to begin saying no now, and the married woman let down by her unfulfilled sexpectations. Mo gives a practical guide for pursuing purity in every season of life. This book will not only convict you but will also equip you to live an abundant life.
Kelsey Berry 24 days ago
This book is going to help so many people lift their eyes to the King of Kings. It is going to help them find freedom and redemption in Christ. It is going to bring conversations in various relationships that wouldnt have happened otherwise. I was stoked to read this book because I read Mos first book and loved it to pieces. And when I saw the title of this book, I didnt really know what to think ... it takes you aback a little, right? Thats exactly why this book is so important! The Church is often silent on the topics of sex, purity, promiscuity, and more. And this book opens that dialogue while looking a Scripture along the way. This book would be so valuable in the hands of so many: a young teen wandering for worth and seeking the purpose in purity, a single adult, a young adult in a serious relationship, a newlywed, a mother, etc. etc. etc. In the book, Mo does a beautiful job weaving in Scripture and continuing to always put Christ at the forefront of this conversation. Unfortunately, that gets lost in translation in books like these at times. Not in this book. She continually points to Scripture for the Truth. She continually points to Jesus work on the cross. My heart was truly transformed after reading this in so many ways. I highly recommend you pick up a copy ...
AlyssaRossBlog 24 days ago
This book was really interesting and I am glad I read it. This topic is so important, especially in our society where people are made to feel less than if they are a virgin, even as young as middle school. I remember being in 9th grade, and a classmate made me feel embarrassed and self-conscious that I hadn’t had sex yet! She even went so far as to tell me to just pick any guy friend and get it over with. I really wish I would have been able to read a book like this when I was younger and struggling with these temptations. I am married now, and though I am still trying to be better, the struggles aren’t as strong as they used to be. Reading this book made me feel less alone with some of the things that I did when I was young, and gave me some good advice on how to overcome the guilt and shame of them. After reading Mo’s story, I have a better idea of what I need to share with my children when the time comes for the sex talk. Nobody wants to have to have that conversation with their child, but it’s so important that they get the correct information, and I want my children to have some of this information shared in this book. I plan to save this book and share it with my children after the sex talk. I feel that every young person should read this book to feel less alone, to see the consequences of their decisions a little better, and from someone other than a parent. Recommendation: I would recommend this book to any young person, preteen and up, and/or to any adult who is currently or has struggled with sexual sin. *I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.*
Mamasitaof2 26 days ago
We all will have a sexual past, regardless of the path you take. We all struggle with choices we have made and will make. God wants us to talk about what matters to Him and one of the first things he said to do was procreate and fill the earth. Mo tackles this taboo subject head on and works to make it not taboo. The Lord has blessed her with amazing insight and boldness to speak to the masses. “We’ve forgotten to celebrate sex as an incredible gift given to us by God and instead have solely preached against the symptoms, forgetting to address the root of it all.” To me, this book is about this quote straight out of the book. It is healing, cathartic, and God breathed. Mo takes something difficult and makes it simple. If you are someone who struggles with knowing how to talk to the younger generation about God’s plan for sex, or if you are someone who struggles with knowing how to break the chains or pornography or sexual impurity, or if you just know someone who is and need to be able to relate to them, this book is for you. This book is for everyone who loves God and the world he created.